From:  Louise

Sent:   Monday,March 26, 2001 1:21 AM

To:      donna laframboise



Hello D

One of the board members has now told me what the allusions to my bad rep in
winnipeg are.When I was first hired by Ferrel, I provided him with 7
references written by government and child welfare officials, and another 3
references written by my former happy clients. Ferrel claims that he called
one of those clients, and that they told him they wanted nothing to do with me.
Well, if you knew that all three of these clients wrote their letters
is support of nominating me for an award that recognizes special individuals
who fight against child abuse, then you would find this hard to believe.
[For the record, this tale of what I had said isanother completely false one.]

Two of these good families are friends that I speak toregularly, even now,
but the third is a family that I helped nearly two years ago, and haven't
stayed in touch with. Well, I called them today, and they were so
desperately happy to hear from me as they worried that they would not be
able to find me should their case heat up again, which they expect. I asked
if they had received any calls regarding my reference from them, and they
said if they had, they would have called our mutual friend and their lawyer,
Regan Thatcher, to let me know. They have not, nor have the other two
families. This was just an effort by Ferrel to impugn me, but once my
friend on the board asked him specifically what he was referring to, I
checked it out. As for government and child welfare officials, I hardly
think FC would have the balls to call them, but their comments are a matter
of public record.

Ihad a greatweekend, had to enforce three orders and got em all with the
kids to dad. Also met a mom I would like to represent
  [This is clearlyadvocacy and

legal advice, not just giving legalinformation]   [Next] who is onthe
receiving end of a lousy investigation where it seems she is the target of
sex abuse allegations, though it is all vague and rife with innuendo. I
hope she signs up because I can't wait to get my hands on the"experts" and
playtherapist involved in the case. Saw your reader's digest article. You
sure know how to peg these issues down to the ground. I'll have an article
in the EdmontonSun tomorrow about the mom led away in handcuffs this
weekend; will clip and send.