From: Louise

Date: Friday, March 23, 2001 8:37 AM

To: donna laframboise




Hi Donna,


Another day in the salt mines, and I'm totally losing my balls for this

story. I'm in court this morning, as the world turns, the work must go on.

Mike La Berge cancelled the forum they were planning next month.  And Bob

Bouvier keeps writing to say he doesn't want to hear from me, on the public

list, as has Carolyn VanEe and Brian St. Germaine (the last one especially

hurt). [For the record, the "public list" was mostly a list of email addresses, given to ECMAS in confidence

by sometime support-group attendees, that was illegitimately shared with Ms. Malenfant by "Source A".]

I know you have already put a lot of time into this story, but if they make

a decision this week that resolves this problem, are you still prepared to

kill it?  I've lost my courage and my faith that I am doing the right thing.