From:  Louise

Date: Wednesday, April 04, 2001 7:09 PM

To:       donna laframboise



Dear Donna,

I don't mind telling you that I certainly regret bringing this story

forward; it feels like I have been left out to dry while the Post dithers
about publishing the next piece. Meanwhile, there are only bits and pieces
of the story out, and the locals have neither the time nor inclination to
explore the issue further
.    [To continue this thread, skip over the next paragraph]---->#

What horrifies me most of all is that the emails I am getting are still
defending the position that it is ok to have these views about sex in
childhood and operate as a leader in the family rights movement. I had no
idea I was associating with people who think this way, but it is coming from
right across the country. I'm the bad guy, and the whole story isn't even

out there. Meanwhile, I feel guilty as hell that  Adams has taken the
full brunt of the heat, when he at least acted honourably and resigned once

the controversy boiled over. Christensen admits that Adams only ran in

 order to prevent the candidate I supported from winning the seat on the

 board ([the girlfriend]). I have no doubt he was actively encouraged to do so

by Christensen, who has been promoting Adams and actively finding new

business for him for several years.                   [Back]


Christensen has sent out yet another press release, his fourth, [Sent to The Post, The Journal and The Herald (the only one I sent until May 1). Because Ms. Malenfant had gone repeatedly to local media making accusations about me, and had continued to tell them and people who knew me that there would soon be a Post article attacking me, I sent it (just before this e-mail's date) to tell a bit about my side in another attempt to deter the Post's attack.] ----->


your journalistic integrity and implying that he will be suing me as well,
though I certainly haven't received anything formal in that regard. If he
wasn't an egomaniac before, he must surely feel good that he has found the
power to intimidate the press from covering his activities in the movement,
and his shitty little book. Ferrel told me one that he wrote two books; I
wonder what the other one was about.

In any event, this has been the most unpleasant media experience I have ever
had; though my name is frequently sited as being the person responsible for
uncovering this controversy, those media will not speak to me to get my side
of the story
. [Her name hadn't yet been cited publicly in Alberta; this assertion must refer to unpublished discussions she was involved with. (They certainly did speak to her--they just declined to interview her for publication.)]  [Back]  

       This story may just end my days as a family advocate, because

I have now made enemies across the country over my half assed reported

stance, and feel very debilitated by the idea that no one is concerned that

men who view sex with kids as a good thing are running the movement for us.

I say again, no wonder we are so damned ineffective at the political level.

I would ignore us, too, if I had the power.                                             [Back]