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Subject: Fw: National Post"story"

Date:Thu, 22 Mar 2001 17:27:31 -0400 [Note the date: the day afterthe reporter launched the assault on Mr. Adams, and on ECMAS, through hertelephone calls. (Many more details of her actions are yet to come.)]


for your info.  Hatred is overflowing in thecity, and they hate me for

exposingthe problem more than they hate the problem. This is a weird town.



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Keep sticking your head in the sand, bob, you do thatwell.  I won't be

sending you any more messages, after this one




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Asper Carolyn VanEe, [Alluding to an e-mail just sent by Ms. VanEe (the formerpresident, in which she cut

offcommunication with Ms. Malenfant over what she and the reporter were doing),the current president said this:]


Pleasedo not copy me on any further correspondence.


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