To:  Donna Laframboise <>                                                                                         

From:  Ferrel Christensen <>


Date:  10:54 AM, 3/22/01

Cc: Anne Cools <ACOOLS2@SEN.PARL.GC.CA>      [I hoped Senator Cools, respected in the divorce-

Bcc:                                                        reform movement and knowing us both, might influence the reporter.]



Ms. Laframboise:


You have no idea of the harm you are about to do.


[Tim] Adams had no real interest in being vice president of ECMAS; he made the decision suddenly, at the AGM, in an attempt to thwart a bid for power by Louise. (There was really no danger, but he didn't know the full story at the time.) Having alienated nearly all of the regular ECMAS activists, she took a few non-regulars and a couple of never-were-members and a couple of alienated members with her hoping to grab some power. In large part, what she is doing now is revenge over her rejection by the main body of activists here.                                                                                                                                                                               [Back]


You don't know Louise. From a distance, one only sees her good work, not her dark side; I learned that the hard way when I dug into my old-age savings to bring her here last fall.


If you care anything about journalistic integrity, if you care anything about whether the movement in Edmonton is destroyed, you will hold off until you hear the other side of the story.