Laframboise, Donna


From:              Laframboise, Donna

Sent:               Thursday, April 12, 2001 15:09

To:                  Walmsley, David

Subject:          Alberta fathers’ rights piece                                                               



Sorry to hear you’re working Good Friday. [name deleted] says you’ll be shepherding my piece into Saturday’s paper.


Just wanted to make you aware this piece has been a nightmare. Three different parties have threatened to sue. One of these gentlemen has retained two different lawyers who’ve contacted us on his behalf. He has also issued press releases  disparaging my journalistic integrity and ranted about me on the Internet to people here and abroad.


Although the piece received final approval from [lawyer] Stuart Robertson more than two weeks ago, it later disappeared into a black hole. [A week later, the reporter's only expressed concern about the delay was still over her loyalty to Ms. Malenfant--and her own distress at not having yet gotten what she wanted:]                                                            As a result of this delay, the story’s whistleblower (a long term, reliable Western Canada news source for the Post) says she regrets ever giving us the story and feels we’ve hung her out to dry.


In other words, I’m only partly joking when I say I’ll be just short of suicidal if the piece doesn’t make it in this weekend. I implore you, please, to do what you can.


My home number is: [deleted].


My cell is: [deleted].


Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns,




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