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Subject: FW: A Message to Ecmas, Merge and GIEF

Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 11:00:01 -0700


Hi Ferrel,


Elsie called to tell me about this e-mail below that we received from Louise today and I'd like to talk to you about it.  (Maybe tonight, if you are available.)  I have no idea what Louise is talking about I can attest that we have not even mentioned Louise in our conversations in the last few months.  Also, I am not happy at all that she CC's Mike Laberge, Gerald Gauthier, and I don't even know who S.A. Green is.  I think it sounds quite disruptive to our movement if she responds "in kind and with the full force of my own research on his own dubious history". [I answered by phone that I had no idea what she meant by this--FC]


[The president is responding here to my second-support-meeting concerns, just raised at the Feb. meeting:]

Regarding the meeting on Monday, I am going to call Jiggs and ask that he provide me with a promise to run the meetings in St. Albert and that if he is going to get [Source A] to chair meetings that he do so when [Tim] is present.  Hopefully, that will save us from wrong legal advice being given out.  In addition, I agree that we should schedule Education meetings when it is impossible to have Jiggs in St. Albert and we should also look into a more central location to move to eventually.                                                                           [Back]    


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Cc: Ferrel Christensen

Subject: A Message to Ecmas, Merge and GIEF


A Message to Ecmas, Merge and Geif, from Parents Helping Parents

February 13, 2001



Once again, today, I was reminded of the fact that my former employer, Ferrel Christensen, is finding any opportunity to disparage me since our total disassociation of November, 2000.  I am well aware of Mr. Christensen's activities as I am told about them on a regular basis.  And while it is no secret that we despise each other, I have for three months ignored these provocations in the hope that Mr. Christensen would eventually cease his behaviour in a natural way as most of us would do.  Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Christensen is not like ordinairy folk, and is unable to let go of his rage.


I therefore wish to state for the record that I view an attack upon my reputation and my character as no different then a physical attach upon my person.  I further wish to advise, in all seriousness, that should this libelous behaviour continue, I shall be left with no choice but to bring our dispute to full public light.  In addition, I have drafted a formal complaint to the Human Rights Commission concerning Mr. Christensen's behaviour as an employer, who invited me here under the false pretense that he represented a legitimate organization run by a board of directors.  Though this has not been filed, it will be if this behaviour does not cease and desist immediately.  I hope this will convince the above-noted family rights organizations that I am no longer prepared to turn the other cheek, and will no longer abide any aspersions to my reputation.  With all due respect to the collective organizations here, Parents Helping Parents has every right to be very proud of the work and the reputation we have developed over nearly a decade of dedication to gender equality issues in family law.  I trust that no one will take my effort to be patient with Ferrel Christensen as a sign of weakness, for the day is over when I accept his behavior without responding to it.


PHP will be taking a moratorium on our activities for at least a month, to reflect on this disturbing situation and come to a decision regarding our next course of action.  Should I receive any additional feedback indicating that Ferrel Christensen is continuing with his adolescent activities, I will not hesitate to respond in kind and with the full force of my own research on his own dubious history.  We will see whose reputation withstands that kind of scrutiny.


Louise Malenfant

Family Advocate

Parents Helping Parents, Edmonton