The purpose of this brief chronology is to provide a timeline for key datable events, mostly from e-mails and the reporter's phone log (TelephoneLog.htm); the information provided here is thus very limited.


Fall, 1998: Ferrel Christensen becomes very active in ECMAS in attempt to build up the struggling organization.


Sept., 2000: Louise Malenfant is brought to Edmonton by FC for research/writing project with MERGE contacts.


Dec., 2000: Serious conflicts between them result in FC failing to extend contract with LM, the two breaking ties.


Jan., 2001: Reports that LM will attempt to get on ECMAS Board at the annual meeting; FC warns a few against it.


Feb. 13, 15, 16: Email from LM attacking FC to a list of ECMAS contacts; FC and ECMAS-Edmonton president Bouvier reply. LM reply to Bouvier libels FC; Bouvier asks LM not to broadcast such attacks, doesn't inform FC.


Thu., Feb. 22: LM forwards to the Post reporter ("PR" hereafter) a compilation of the emails of Feb. 13, 15 and 16.


Early March: At FC's suggestion of the need to keep LM from seeking ECMAS vice presidency, Bouvier asks an ECMAS regular attender if she will run for that office at the Annual General Meeting. Unknown to him, she and her boyfriend ("Source A") were making secret plans with LM regarding the election.


Mon., Mar. 12: ECMAS AGM; attempt by LM to elect these two covert allies as president and vice president, by bringing people rarely or never attendant at ECMAS member-meetings. Not knowing Bouvier had asked the latter to run and fearing she is part of LM's plot, [Tim] Adams nominates himself for VP and is elected by one-vote margin.


Wed., Mar. 14: PR phones LM; LM sends emails to PR, including discussion by LM of FC's book, forwarded emails from "the girlfriend" and from writer for The Report newsmagazine; also an email about a grandmother who will be interviewed and subsequently quoted anonymously by PR.


Fri., Mar. 16- Mon., Mar. 19: Phone calls and emails between LM and PR, the emails involving FC's book; forwarded emails from more potential interviewees against FC.


Wed., Mar. 21: PR phones "Source A" (later quoted anonymously) and former vice president and former president of ECMAS; returns [Tim] Adams' call; leaves message at ECMAS message-line; attempts to phone two who will later be anonymous informants; attempts to phone the president of ECMAS-Calgary. ECMAS-Edmonton board meets in the evening, discussing PR's threatened article about TA and telephoning her office in desperation.


Thu., Mar. 22: PR phones remaining three later to be quoted anonymously, phones president of ECMAS-Calgary, Bouvier and finally LM. The former president of ECMAS-Edmonton emails PR and LM protesting their actions and cc'ing a long list of ECMAS contacts previously emailed by LM. Not knowing that PR is finally talking on phone to the Edmonton president, FC emails PR asking her to put article against TA on hold to investigate ECMAS' side. FC then phones the president and is told that PR has just slandered FC; FC begins frantic search for Toronto defamation lawyer. LM replies to former president's email, cc'ing same list as the latter had. Calgary president emails Edmonton president and PR, threatening secession from ECMAS over TA's election and insinuating (PR's) accusation re FC.


Fri., Mar. 23: The president emails PR in follow-up to phone conversation, she responds in an email with a list of accusatory questions for him. (He never answers it.) FC locates a Toronto lawyer, having him send The Post a libel warning re PR's slander of FC. LM emails PR re reactions from ECMAS people, again forwards emails of Feb. 13-16. PR emails list of questions to FC after getting his email. Various contacts between LM and PR, including LM's comments re (items clearly sent her by PR): the president's email to PR, FC's email to PR and PR's questions to FC.


Sat., Mar. 24: FC answers PR briefly, cc'ing ECMAS people, two lawyers, and others who might possibly know how to deal with threat from PR; later FC sends a bit more information to the two of them (both in US) who replied.


Sun., Mar. 25: FC emails and faxes letter and proposed article to editor-in-chief of Post; later forwards these items to same cc-list of FC's Saturday email. PR emails TA asking if he has resigned, emails president reminding of her deadline. ECMAS Board meets re FC and TA, accepting TA resignation but keeping his membership. Final vote on FC delayed till Tuesday by actions of the two covert LM allies in the meeting. President emails PR re results so far.


Mon., Mar. 26: FC copies his editor-email to PR "FYI". PR twice tries to call Calgary president, sends him email saying article may run tomorrow, wants his decision re separating from Edmonton group. FC forwards emails he sent PR and the editor to the list LM used earlier. Phone calls between PR and LM; more PR-Calgary president phone attempts, email by him to her questioning whether she really should follow through with her harmful plan.


Tues., Mar. 27: PR emails testy reply to Calgary president; Edmonton president emails him too, telling FC's denial re PR slander, complaining not allowed time to investigate. The vote left hanging on Sunday is completed by phone during the day, upholding FC's membership. "Source A" and LM phone PR. The Calgary president exchanges more email with PR, alluding to a telephone conversation (its existence not otherwise recorded); tries to phone very late.


Wed., Mar. 28: Calgary president emails PR apologizing for criticism; ECMAS-Calgary emails Edmonton president and PR late in the day, announcing disbanding of Calgary branch.


Thu., Mar. 29: Two phone calls between PR and LM, PR phones "Source A"; PR emails ECMAS-Calgary saying article on TA to appear tomorrow, one on FC to come; Board member Rick Fowler emails PR defending FC, TA.


Fri., Mar. 30: First Post article published, FC not mentioned. LM emails certain activists saying that "part two" is expected next day. Journal reporter Pedersen calls ECMAS people re TA, briefly calls FC, does not mention FC's book. PR phones LM and Source A. Support-group attendee Brenda Colmer emails PR, defends FC. Calgary Herald reporter Tetley calls and interviews FC re coming Post attack on his book. PR emails ECMAS-Calgary saying part 2 edited and lawyered but will not appear on Saturday. FC phones Calgary president asking explanation of his actions.


Sat., Mar. 31: Edmonton Journal article on ECMAS and TA appears; nothing on FC is in it.


Sun., April 1: Calgary Herald article on ECMAS appears; mentions claims re FC's book by ECMAS-Calgary leaders. Its author phones FC apologizing for his denials not being included, promises second article correcting that.


Mon., April 2: Second Herald article appears, presenting FC's denials regarding contents of book. Radio talk-show out of Calgary (also broadcast in Edmonton) interviews Bob Bouvier and others regarding ECMAS, TA and FC.


Tues., April 3: FC faxes press release to National Post, Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal in afternoon, hoping to stop Post article on him. Told in evening by an LM contact that the Post article on him is to appear next morning, FC emails the press release to email-list leader in Calgary. FC has some discussion on list over it in days to come.


Thu., April 5: FC emails press release, and somewhat revised version of essay he had requested Post to publish, to editor of Calgary Sun asking coverage. FC emails same revised article to Herald asking for publication.


Wed., April 11: FC's Toronto lawyer faxes the Post's Toronto lawyer re distress caused by ongoing "part 2" rumors.


Thur., April 12: PR emails ECMAS president asking for final decision on FC, which president still didn't send her.


Tue., April 17: Post publishes article maligning FC and maligning TA again.


Wed., April 18: FC's Toronto lawyer faxes libel notice to Post's Toronto lawyer.


Thu., April 19: PR emails Ontario activist telling him FC "preyed on" support-group attendees. 


Fri., April 20: FC's Toronto lawyer faxes Post's Toronto lawyer requesting printed retraction.


Tue., May 1: ECMAS faxes and emails complaint to Ontario Press Council and press release to major Canadian news media; FC faxes release to major Canadian media announcing intended lawsuit against Post. No response.


Fri., May 4: PR emails Bouvier demanding retraction of various ECMAS news-release claims, threatening lawsuit.


Thu., May 17: Post Toronto lawyer sends FC's Toronto lawyer cease-&-desist letter re FC efforts to tell his side.


Wed., June 27: Bouvier emails rebuttal to PR's email, asking for replies to key questions. No answer ever received.