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Alberta's Wetlands

This map shows the proportion of land in Alberta that is considered wetland. The prairie potholes in the southern area of the province were formed during the last glaciation on the Great Plains of south-central Canada and north-central United States. They are generally small, less than 50ha, but are abundant. Greater than 50% of these have been lost, with the largest contributor to their demise being agriculture.

The distribution of wetlands in Alberta as a percentage of total land area
Scale for Alberta Map
Percentage of Land as Wetland
< 5%
5 - 10%
10 - 25%
25 - 40%
40 - 65%
> 65%
Water Area
RAMSAR Sites (Sites listed under RAMSAR Treaty for Wetland Protection)
Migratory Bird Sanctuary

This information is provided courtesy of the Atlas of Canada, a Natural Resources Canada Site.

For more information about wetlands within Alberta, visit the Alberta, Naturally web site.

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