Conserving Biodiversity in Northern Cities

Sep 29


Dr. Ross Wein, Renewable Resources, UofA

Mr. Grant Pearsell, Office of Conservation Coordination, City of Edmonton

Building a Conservation Net for the Edmonton Region

Oct 6

Dr. Arnold van der Valk, Iowa State University

Restoring Northern Prairie Wetlands

Oct 13

Dr. David Schindler, Biological Sciences, UofA

Eutrophication: a major problem for northern cities and water ways

Oct 20

Dr. Lyndon Gyurek,  & Douwe Vanderwel P.Eng., CPESC,  Drainage Services, City of Edmonton

Natural and Constructed Wetland Case Studies in Edmonton

Oct 27

Dr. Richard Forman, Harvard University

Using Principles of Landscape Ecology in Solutions for Road Systems and Urban Regions

Nov 3

Dr. Colleen Cassady St. Clair, Biological Sciences, UofA

Measuring the suitability and permeability of urban habitat for wildlife

No Lecture November 10 2005

Nov 17

Dr. Michael Sullivan

Fishes as Models of Conservation Connectivity in the Edmonton Region


2005 --2006 Under the Northern Lights: The Boreal Forest

Winter Term 2005

Date 2005

Jan 20

Dr. Stan Boutin, 
Biological Sciences, UofA
Are Alberta's woodland caribou doomed?
Jan 27
Dr. Susan Hannon, 
Biological Sciences UofA
Multi-scale responses to forest fragmentation: are boreal birds doomed? 
Feb 3
Dr. John Innes, 
Cumulative Impacts of Development on Forests in Northeast British Columbia
Feb 10
Dr. Mark Boyce, Biological Sciences, UofA Landscapes of death: a requiem for Alberta's grizzly bears
Feb 17
Dr. Naomi Krogman, 
Renewable Resources, UofA
The shaky role of public involvement in Alberta

Reading Week February 2125

Mar 3
Dr. Jim Fyles, SFMN Program Leader


Sustainable Forest Management in Canada: What are we sustaining?

Mar 10
Dr. Fiona Schmiegelow, Renewable Resources, UofA Conservation beyond crisis management: a new model for boreal forests of Canada
Mar 17
Dr. Shashi Kant, 
University of Toronto
Economics of Sustainable Forest Management


Sept 23

Mr. Peter Lee,
Global Forest Watch Canada

Trouble in the Woods: Canada's Boreal Forest
Sept 30

Dr. Lee Foote, 
Renewable Resources, UofA

Do wildlife influences shape the Boreal Forest?
Oct 7

Dr. Richard Howitt, 
Dept of Human Geography
Macquarie University 

Rethinking Resource Management: seeing, thinking and doing things as if justice matters

Oct 14

Dr. David Schindler, 
Biological Sciences, UofA

Lakes and Rivers: Sewers of the Boreal Landscape
Oct 21
Dr. Rick Schneider, Executive Director, Alberta Centre for Boreal Studies Biopolitics: The interface between science and forestry policy in Alberta
Oct 28

Dr. Vic Lieffers, 
Renewable Resources, UofA

Predicting mixedwood succession--Exploring the boundaries between science and forest management
Nov 4

FILS Lecture - Dr. Stephen Strauss, Oregon  State University

Beyond myths and Miracles: Biological potentials and social obstacles to use of gene modified trees in plantation forestry

3:00 pm Myer Horowitz Theatre

Contact: Dr. Phil Comeau

November 11 2004, Remembrance Day Holiday



Interdisciplinary Environmental Lecture Series

Climate Change: Adaptation, Impacts and Vulnerabilities

Jan 22

Dr. Suzanne Bayley, Biological Sciences, UofA

"Alberta Wetlands Under Threat"
Jan 29

Dr. Ian Stirling, Canadian Wildlife Service

"Polar bears, seals, and climate in Hudson Bay and the High Arctic"
Feb 5
Dr. John England, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences "Environmental Change in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago"
Feb 12

Dr. Simon Abourizk, Engineering
Mr. Craig Clydesdale, E-Energy Inc

"Greenhouse gas emissions reduction—pilot study in the construction industry"
February 16-20 Reading Week
Feb 26
Dr. William Patterson, Geological Sciences, U of Saskatchewan “The record of climate change and life history stored in fish otoliths: a new "black box" data recorder of environmental change”
Mar 4

Dr. Michael Apps, Senior Scientist,
Canadian Forest Service

"Canadian Forests, the Global Carbon Cycle and Climate Change"
Mar 11
Dr. Kathy Martin,
Forest Management, UBC
"Persistence on the peaks: Impacts of climate change on mountain ecosystems and alpine wildlife"
Mar 18

Dr. Werner Kurz, Senior Scientist,
Canadian Forest Service

" The Kyoto Protocol: Challenges and Opportunities for Forest Management in Canada"
Mar 25
Dr. David Sauchyn, Research Coordinator, Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative, UofRegina "Recent and forecasted changes in prairie hydroclimate"


Fall Term
Oct 2
Dr. Andrew Bush, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, UofA "Living Under One Sky: An Earth System Perspective on Climate Change, Adaptation, and Evolution."
Oct 9
Dr. Hans Schreier, Institute for Resources and Environmental Sustainability, UBC "Water for Food: Are we heading for a crisis?"
Oct 16
Dr. David Schindler, Biological Sciences, UofA "The Vulnerability of Alberta's Water in the 21st century"

October 20-24 Mid Term Week

Oct 30
Dr. Vivian Manasc, Manasc Isaac Architects Ltd. "Sustainable Architecture-Changing the Environmental Impact of the Built Environment"
Nov 6
Dr. Martin Sharp, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, UofA "Arctic climate: is the canary in trouble?"
Nov 13
Dr. Alexander Wolfe, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, UofA "Anthropogenic impacts in remote ecosystems: is anywhere on Earth still pristine?"
Nov 20
Dr. Peter Leavitt, Uof Regina "The Past, Present and Future of Prairie Droughts and Its Impacts"

Organized by the Water Resources Centre and ERSC


4:30 P.M.
Engineering Teaching Learning Centre 1 013
, University of Alberta

Contact: Beverly.Levis@ualberta.ca

Watersheds, Wetlands and Oceans

Winter Term
Jan 23
Dr. Lee Foote, Renewable Resources, UofA Alberta Wetlands: The joke is on us
Jan 30
Dr. David Lavigne, International Fund for Animal Welfare Marine Mammals and Fisheries, Science and Politics
Feb 6
Dr. Uldis Silins, Renewable Resources, UofA Wildland water in Alberta: Road ahead through the rear view mirror
Feb 13
Ms. Arelene Kwasniak, Barrister and Solicitor Wetlands: How Laws and Policies Protect Them and Fail to Protect Them.
Feb 27
Kathryn Harrison, Dept Political Science, UBC Globalization and Environmental Regulation: The Case of the Pulp and Paper Industry
Mar 6
Dr. David Percy, Law, UofA Allocating Rights to Consume Water in an Era of Scarcity: The Potential of the Alberta Water Act
Mar 13
Dr. John Smol, Queen's University Water Quality, Climate Change, and Pacific Salmon Stocks: It's as Clear as
Dr. Martin Sharp, Earth and Atmoshperic Sciences, UofA What's going on on Canada's Arctic glaciers?


Sept 12

Dr. David Schindler, Biological Sciences, UofA

Drought on the prairies: a warning for unsustainable development?
Sept 19

Dr. Carl Mendoza, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, UofA

Carbon dioxide gas production in the field, laboratory and waste rock piles
Sept 26
Dr. Steve Hrudey, Environmental Health Sciences, Public Health Sciences, UofA Comparison of Walkerton: lessons learned in comparison with waterborne outbreaks in the developed world
Oct 10
Dr. Randall Eaton, U. Washington Orca, Rulers of the Sea
Oct 24
Dr. Bill Donahue, Biological Sciences, UofA Divining change: using science to investigate the impending disappearance of Alberta lakes
Oct 31
Dr. Vincent St. Louis, Biological Sciences, UofA Mercury Rising
Nov 7
Dr. David Malcolm, Canadian Circumpolar Institute, UofA Climate variability in Canada's North: Walking on thin ice!
Nov 14
Dr. Steven Stanley, EPCOR Issues and advances in drinking water treatment in Alberta
Nov 21
Mr. Stan Klassen, Alberta Irrigation Projects Association Irrigation and Water Management on the Alberta Prairie



The Last Great Forest ( 2001-2002)
Dr. Ted Hogg, Canadian Forest Services Our northern forests under climate change:
It's not just about carbon!

Dr. Stan Boutin, UofA Can we truly manage cumulative effects in Alberta? 
Dr. Nigel Roulet, McGill Peatlands: their role in the global carbon cycle and their link to climate
Panel Can Certification Help Achieve Sustainable Forests?
Dr. Peter Murphy Forests, Fire and People - A History of the Boreal Forest
Dr. Grant Hauer (UofA) The TRIAD Approach to Forest Landscape Management: Does it Make Economic Sense
Dr. Stephen Sheppard (UBC) The Transparent Forest: Visualizing Sustainable Forestry
Mr. Ed Struzik, Edmonton Journal Unsolved Mysteries of the Arctic

Dr. Peter Duinker, Director, School for Resource and Environmental Studies Whither the Forests of Canada? Issues and Outlooks for the Future
Dr. Cliff Hickey,
Dept Anthropology, UofA
Aboriginal Issues and the Boreal Forest
Dr. Susan Hannon, Dept. Biological Sciences, UofA Conserving the Last Great Forest: has scientific research on biodiversity given us the foundation?


Dr. David Schindler, UofA
Dr. Glen Armstrong, UofA
Dr. Bob Fessenden, AB Gov
Mr. John Thompson, AB Gov
Mr. Peter Lee, Global Forest Watch


Is Forestry in Alberta Sustainable?

Dr. Brad Stelfox, Environmental Consultant

The Industrial Transformation of Alberta Boreal Forest

Dr. David Layzell, Queen's U., and Queen's Canada Foundation Using Canada's biosphere to manage greenhouse gases: 'COP'-out or a global responsibility?

Dr. Marty Luckert,
Dept Rural Economy, UofA
In Search of Policies for Pursuing Sustainable Forest Management
Dr. John Spence, Dept Renewable Resources, UofA What is biodiversity, why should we care and what should we do about it?
Dr. Vince St. Louis, Dept Biological Sciences, UofA Do Boreal hydroelectric reservoirs provide carbon-free energy?

2000 - 2001
Ecosystem Management Along the Eastern Slopes


Dr. David Schindler,University of Alberta
" A Freshwater Crisis? In Canada?"

Dr. Ian Urquhart, University of Alberta
" Livelihood and the Cheviot Mine Debate: Some Observations"

International Week
Dr. Bill Rees, University of British Columbia
" Coming to Consciousness: Confronting Failed Economics, Ecological Reality, and Eco-Injustice in a Growth-Addicted World"

Dr. Richard Thomas, Consultant
" Alberta's foothills: If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!"

Dr. Eric Higgs, University of Alberta
" Does History Matter? The Challenge of Ecological Restoration in Jasper National Park"

EcoHealth Series
Dr. Donald Cole, U of Cape Town, South Africa
Dr Leslie London, Institute for Work and Health, Ontario
"Pesticides, Women and International Development: an ecosystem approach to human health"

Distinguished Visitor
Dr. John Priscu, University of Montana
" Permanent Antarctic Ice: Oasis for life in a Polar Desert"
Dr. Thomas Power, University of Montana
Lost Landscapes and Failed Economies 
Dr. Cliff Wallis,Environmental Consultant
" Protecting Wildlands through the Power of the Marketplace"
Dr. Jim Butler University of Alberta
" Returning to Nature: The allure, romanticism, search for joy, connectedness, alternative life style; underlying theories and manifesting trends in a turbulent world which marginalizes human spirit and wild nature. Practical solutions for the lost and searching."


Rick Searle,
The Struggle to Save Canada's National Parks
Canada's National Parks; Bellwethers of Ecosystem Health and a Vital Test for Ecosystem Management
Mr. Harvey Locke, Founder of the Yukon to Yellowstone Conservation PlanThe Yukon to Yellowstone Conservation Initiative
Dr. Wally Broecker,
Video Conference
Dr. Paul Paquet Central Rockies Wolf Project

The sky IS falling- saving the last of the last

Dr. Suzanne Bayley, UofA and Mr. Archie Landals, System Planner, Parks and Protection, Alberta Environment,
Protected Areas Creation in the Foothills: The Special Places Process, Problems and Progress

Dr. Steve Herrero, University of Calgary
Managing People: Maintaining Grizzly Bears

Mr. Gareth Thomson,
Canadian Parks Wilderness Society
Biodiversity and the struggle to protect it
Dr. Alan Newsome, Australia
Ecology and mythology of the red kangaroo in central Australia

Mr. Ben Gadd, Author and Naturalist
Gadd's Believe It or Not: Government Officials Claim to Protect Ecological Integrity in Jasper National Park


Seminars, Fall 1999 - Spring 2000

Jan 20, 2000, Dr. David Schindler, University of Alberta
Biodiversity Problems in Freshwaters of the Rocky Mountains

Jan 27, 2000, Dr. Ross Wein, University of Alberta
Conservation Nets: A Vision for Alberta and the World

Feb 3, 2000, Dr. Jim Butler, University of Alberta
The North American Awakening to its Biodiversity: The Neglect, Celebration and the Scientific Search for Discovery

Feb 10, 2000, Dr. Fiona Schmiegelow, University of Alberta
Critical Thresholds in Habitat Conservation and Species Loss: A Useful Concept for Biodiversity Management"

Mar 2, 2000, Dr. Dan Simberloff, University of Tennessee
Global Homogenization: A Megathreat to Biodiversity

Mar 9, 2000, Dr. Mark Boyce, University of Alberta
Anticipating Extinctions: How to Know What the Future Portends for Biodiversity

Mar 16, 2000, Dr. Robert Costanza, Chesapeake Biological Lab
Ecological Economics: Reintegrating the Study of Humans and the Rest of Nature

Mar 23, 2000, Dr. Nancy Turner, University of Victoria
"Just Like a Garden": Traditional Management of Plant Resources by First Peoples of Southern British Columbia

Mar 23, 2000, Ms. Beatrice Labonne, Senior Advisor, Technical Cooperation, United Nations
Cleaning Up Our Mining At: A North- South Dialogue

Mar 30, 2000, Dr. Alan Basist, National Climate Data Centre, USA
The Facts Surrounding the Controversy of Global Warming

Sept 28, 1999, Professor Sugden, University of Edinburgh
The landscape of the transantarctic mountains and its implications for Antarctic Ice Sheet Evolution

October 7, 1999, Dr. Elaine Wheaton, Saskatchewan Research Council,
  Agricultural Adaptations in a Changing Climate

Oct 14, 1999, Dr. Ted BoadwayOntario Medical Association
Health Effects of Ground-level Ozone, Acid Aerosols and Particulate Matter

Oct 21, 1999 Dr. Colin Soskolne, UofA, Public Health Sciences
Toward Measuring Whether Ecological Disintegrity Impacts Human Health
Paper for World Health Organization: Global Ecological Integrity and 'Sustainable Development': Cornerstones of Public Health

Nov 4, 1999, Dr. Dale Vitt, UofA, Biological Sciences Permafrost in the Boreal Forest: an Important Case Study in Climatic Change

Nov. 18, 1999 Dr. Robert Page,
V-P TransAlta,
International Politics of Global Climate Change Science

1998-1999 ERSC Seminars

Panel discussion Kyoto: Alberta's Reaction

Dr. Dennis Gignac, Faculte Saint-Jean
Projected effects of global warming on ecosystems in the Mackenzie River Basin

Ms. Elisabeth Beaubien, Devonian Gardens
Planetwatch: Is Spring getting earlier?

Dr. Karen Smoyer, Earth&Atmospheric Sciences
The Human Health Implications of Climate Change and Variability

Dr. Charles Schweger, Anthropology
Climate Change and Society: What Can We Learn from Archaeology

Mr. Bob Mckeon, St Joseph's College
Climate Change and Greenhouse Warming Technological Problem or Spiritual Crisis?

Dr. Wolfgang Sachs, Wuppertal Institute for Climate Change, Energy and the Environment

Dr. Michael Apps, Canadian Forest Services
"Carbon Storage in Boreal Forests: Ageless, Timeless or Transitory? Can human activities make a difference?"

Dr. Martin Sharp, Dept Earth & Atmospheric Science
"Terrestrial ice and its role in global climate change"

Dr. Ian Campbell, Canadian Forest Services
"Fire, Trees, and Climate Change: questions from the mud"

Dr. Andrew Bush, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Climate change: what we can learn from the past

Dr. Kel Wieder, Dept Biological Sciences, Visiting Professor,
"Carbon Cycling, Peat and Globally Changing Climate: Good News, Bad News or No News?"

Dr. Rick Hyndman, Faculty of Business
"Greenhouse gas emission trading: loophole for industry or reducing GHGs efficiently?"

Dr. David Schindler, Dept Biological Sciences
"Effects of climate warming on Canadian and world lakes and rivers"

Dr. David Schindler
Glacial Waters Polluted with Banned Toxins, Edmonton Journal, Sept 25, 1998

Dr. Dennis Gignac
Projected effects of global warming on ecosystems in the Mackenzie River Basin, northern Canada
Folio, February 26, 1999

1997 - 1998 ERSC Seminars

Mr. Peter Sherrington, Rocky Mountain Eagle Foundation
The Golden Eagle Story

Dr. Ray Rasmussen, Dept Organizational Analysis
Politics of the Environment (Slide show) and Panel Discussion - Grizzly Hunt in Alberta

Dr. Jim Butler, Dept. Renewable Resources
National Parks in the Next Century: Changing Trends and Challenges for the New Millennium. Sept. 18 1997
Slide show with text
Keeping the spirit of John Muir alive. Mar. 10, 1998

Dr. Vic Adamowicz, Dept Renewable Resources
"Economics and the Environment: Myths and Reality." Sept 25, 1997

Dr. Robert Grant, Dept Renewable Resources
" What Does Global Climate Change Mean for Ecosystems in Western Canada?" Oct. 2, 1997

Dr. David Marples , Dept. History and Classics
" The Environmental and Health Impact of the Chernobyl disaster in the Former Soviet Union". Oct. 9, 1997

Dr. Eric Higgs, Dept Anthropology
" Culture and Restoration: Grappling with the Future of Jasper National Park." Oct. 16, 1997

Dr. John Spence, Dept Renewable Resources
"The 'Natural Disturbance Paradigm' and Forest Management: Magic Bullet or Biodiversity Bingo?" Oct. 30, 1997

Dr. David Schindler, Dept. Biological Sciences.
"Effects of Climate Warming, Ultra Violet Radiation and Acid Deposition on the Boreal Region." Nov. 6, 1997

Dr. Anne Naeth, Dept. Renewable Resources.
"Environmental Restoration: Can We Reclaim What We Have Disturbed?" Nov. 13, 1997

Dr. Suzanne Bayley, Dept of Biological Sciences.
"Managing Ecological Integrity in Banff National Park: How Can We Maintain Wildlife, Development and Visitor in Banff?" Nov. 20, 1997

Dr. Guy Swinnterton, Physical Education and Recreation
"Protected Landscapes - An Alternative to Traditional National Parks: the British Experience", Mar. 4, 1998

Dr. Noorallah Juma, Dept of Renewable Resources.
"How Far Can We Push the Ecological Functions of the Soil?" Nov. 27, 1997