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Environmental Research and Studies Centre.  




This environmental resource and links site is designed for:
  • Scientists seeking information on environmental research programs and researchers;
  • Students seeking information about environmental studies programs, courses, and careers;
  • Teachers seeking science-based resource materials for their classrooms;
  • Citizens seeking information about current environmental issues in Alberta, Canada and the World.

The activities of the ERSC are made possible through a generous donation from TransAlta Corporation. The ERSC board is composed of academic scientists from the University of Alberta and TransAlta exercises no control over the policies and activities of the ERSC.

Directory of researchers and environmental research conducted at the University of Alberta. Links to research and researchers elsewhere.
Profiles of environmental researchers form different disciplines and their research programs. Information about how environmental research informs government policy and business and household practices.
Directory of environmental studies degree programs and courses in the Faculties of Agriculture-Forestry, Arts, Engineering, Medicine and Science at the University of Alberta. Links to programs at other Universities.
Career Information for Students interested in or taking Environmental Studies Programs. Links to other employment sites.
A set of science-based educational materials on current environmental issues in Alberta, Canada, and the World for use by K-13 and university teachers.
In The News.
News media reports and commentary by scientists on current environmental issues such as global warming.
Listing of discussion groups, list servers and links to environmental newspapers and journals.
A seminar series at the University of Alberta about the applications of scientific research to public policy and business practices in Alberta and Canada. Videotapes of many of these Seminar are available at cost.
Green Links.
Comprehensive links to North American environmental organizations and government agencies concerned with the environment. The ERSC takes no responsibility for the positions espoused on these links.

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