Published and Forthcoming Papers:

"Teach a Man to Fish? Education vs. Optimal Taxation ''
-A theoretical analysis of optimal education policy when subsequent cash transfers are available. Contrasts policies designed to equalize human capital outcomes with standard cash redistributions. Canadian Journal of Economics 45 (4), November 2012.

Working Papers and Work in Progress:

"CDS as Insurance: Leaky Lifeboats in Stormy Seas"(with James Thompson), September 2011.
-A theoretical analysis of the differences between the market for credit default swaps and traditional insurance, with a focus on the implications for financial stability.

"From Housing Bust to Credit Crunch: Evidence from Small Business Loans" (with Haifang Huang), March 2011.
-An empirical analysis which provides evidence that the recent US housing bust precipitated a "credit crunch" for small businesses. 

"Separation Without Mutual Exclusion in Financial Insurance" (with James Thompson), April 2012.         
-Considers how separation of insured party risk types can be obtained when insurers cannot preclude purchases from other sellers in the presence of counterparty risk. 

"Who Participates in Risk Transfer Markets?  The Role of Transaction Costs and Counterparty Risk"
(with James Thompson), June 2012.    
-Theoretical analysis of how transaction costs affect who participates in risk transfer markets in multiple informational environments.