Brief Description


As the name suggests, this reading group focuses on animal learning, memory and behaviour. However, our interest covers many diverse fields including, but not limited to, behavioural ecology, evolution, reinforcement learning, neurobiology, neuroethology and linguistics.


In this group, recent empirical, theoretical and review articles will be used as readings and will be presented as the basis for group discussion. During the Winter term of 2012, meetings will take place every second week at 2pm on Fridays.


Meetings are intended to be informal and members are not requried to attend every meeting, however members are encouraged to suggest articles for meetings that center around their own research interests.


This group is open to interested faculty members, graduate students, honors students, lab RAs and select undergraduate students (e.g., summer NSERC students, students who are working in a lab, etc.). If you have questions regarding membership, or would like to be placed on the group mailing list, please contact group admin.