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· A listing of web pages for journals in statistics and probability. These are generally the home pages of the journals. To get electronic access to articles, it is often easier to merely cut and paste the journal name into the Neos or Science Direct window - but omit 'The' at the beginning of a journal name, when doing this.  You might also need to replace '&' by 'and'.


· Advances in Applied Probability

· Advances in Data Analysis and Classification

· The American Statistician

· Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré : Probabilités et Statistiques

· The Annals of Applied Probability

· The Annals of Applied Statistics

· The Annals of Mathematical Statistics

· The Annals of Probability

· The Annals of Statistics

· Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics

· Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application

· Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry

· AStA Advances in Statistical Analysis

· Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics

· Austrian Journal of Statistics


· Bayesian Analysis

· Bernoulli

· Bioinformatics

· Biometrical Journal

· Biometrics

· Biometrika

· Biostatistics

· Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics

· British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology


· The Canadian Journal of Statistics / La revue canadienne de statistique

· Chance

· Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems

· Combinatorics, Probability and Computing

· Communications in Statistics

· Computational Optimization and Applications

· Computational Statistics

· Computational Statistics & Data Analysis


· Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery


· Econometric Reviews

· Econometrica

· The Econometrics Journal

· Econometric Theory

· Electronic Communications in Probability

· Electronic Journal of Probability

· Electronic Journal of Statistics

· Environmental and Ecological Statistics

· Environmetrics

· ESAIM: Probability and Statistics

· Extremes

· Finance and Stochastics

· Fuzzy Sets and Systems


· Hacettepe Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

· IEEE-ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

· IMS Bulletin

· Infinite Dimensional Analysis, Quantum Probability and Related Topic

· Insurance: Mathematics and Economics

· International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences

· International Journal of Biostatistics 

· International Journal of Forecasting

· International Journal of Game Theory

· International Journal of Statistics and Management Systems

· International Statistical Review

· InterStat


· Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics

· Journal of the American Statistical Association

· Journal of Applied Probability

· Journal of Applied Statistics

· Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics

· Journal of Business and Economic Statistics

· Journal of Chemometrics

· Journal of Classification

· Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics

· Journal of Computational Biology


· Journal of Data Science

· Journal of Econometrics

· Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics

· Journal of Forecasting

· Journal of the Korean Statistical Society

· Journal of Machine Learning Research

· Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods

· Journal of Multivariate Analysis

· Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine

· Journal of Nonparametric Statistics

· Journal of Official Statistics

· Journal of Quality Technology


· Journal of Quantitative Criminology

· Journal of the Royal Statistical Society : Series A (Statistics in Society)

· Journal of the Royal Statistical Society : Series B (Methodological)

· Journal of the Royal Statistical Society : Series C (Applied Statistics)

· Journal of the Royal Statistical Society : Series D (The Statistician)

· Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation

· Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference

· Journal of Statistical Research

· Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice

· Journal of Statistical Software

· Journal of Statistics Education

· Journal of Time Series Analysis

·  Journal of Theoretical Probability


· Law, Probability & Risk

· Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics

· Lifetime Data Analysis

· Linear Algebra and its Applications


· Markov Processes and Related Fields 

· Mathematical Population Studies

· The Mathematical Scientist

· Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability

· Metrika

· Metron

· Multivariate Behavioral Research


· Naval Research Logistics


· The Open Statistics & Probability Journal

· Open Systems and Information Dynamics

· Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics


· Pakistan Journal of Statistics

· Pattern Recognition

· Pharmaceutical Statistics

· Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics

· Probability and Mathematical Statistics

· Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences

· Probability Surveys

· Probability Theory and Related Fields

· Psychometrika


· Quality and Quantity

· Quality Engineering

· Quality Technology and Quantitative Management


· R Journal

· The Review of Economics and Statistics

· Revstat Statisical Journal


· Sankhya

· Scandinavian Actuarial Journal

· Scandinavian Journal of Statistics

· Sequential Analysis

· Sociological Methodology

· SORT-Statistics and Operations Research Transactions

· Spatial Statistics

· Stata Journal

· Statistical Analysis and Data Mining 

· Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment

· Statistica Neerlandica

· Statistica Sinica


· Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology

· Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes

· Statistical Methodology

· Statistical Methods and Applications

· Statistical Methods in Medical Research

· Statistical Modelling

· Statistical Papers

· Statistical Science


· Statistics

· Statistics and Computing

· Statistics and Risk Modeling

· Statistics and Probability Letters

· Statistics Education Research Journal

· Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research

· Statistics in Biosciences

· Statistics in Medicine

· Statistics and Operations Research Transactions

· Statistics Surveys


· Stochastic Analysis and Applications

· Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment

· Stochastic Models

· Stochastic Processes and their Applications

· Stochastics

· Stochastics and Dynamics 

· Studies in Applied Mathematics

· Survey Methodology


· Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications

· Technometrics

· Teaching Statistics

· Test

· Theory and Decision

· Theory of Probability and Its Applications

· Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics 

· Top

· Transactions on Machine Learning and Data Mining