DSAA 2016 Call for IEEE CIS Student and Researcher Travel Grants

Travel Grants

The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE CIS) will offer a limited number of Travel Grants at DSAA’2016 for who are presenting one or more papers at IEEE CIS-sponsored conference DSAA2016. One application system will be used for both students and professionals.

Requirements for Students

Requirements for Professionals from Developing Countries

Important Dates:


  1. Browse to the http://ieee.fluidsurveys.com/surveys/dongbin/ieee-dsaa-2016/
  2. Follow the instructions and fill all the personal data in the “User Profile”
  3. By using the online form, choose the corresponding file for each requirement.
  4. Please confirm that you have uploaded all the documents correctly. Finally press “Submit” to complete your application!

Travel Grants Information:

Important Notes:

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Xin Wang (dsaa16awards@gmail.com).

For more details:

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