DSAA 2016 Next Generation Data Scientist Award

The 2016 IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA’2016) will offer several Next Generation Data Scientist (NGDS) Awards to full-time research students and early-career researchers who have just got doctorate degrees within five years to the application (ECR for short).

One of critical challenges facing the era of data science lies in the significant gap between the increasing data scientist job requirements and the limited availability of qualified data scientists. The purpose of offering this NGDS award is to encourage young talents to conduct foundational research and applied innovation work in Data Science and Advanced Analytics.

The NGDS awards will be sponsored by some of DSAA’2016 sponsors. Each NGDS awardee will receive USD400.

All full-time students and ECR with the acceptance of long-presentation papers at DSAA ’2016 are encouraged to apply.

How to submit an application

Submission deadline: September 18, 2016

  1. All applications should be sent to dsaa16awards@gmail.com
  2. Please the subject line should be “ NGDS + Applicant’s Last Name, First Name + paper id”.
  3. Please attach a document called “Description.pdf” (in PDF) in your application including the following information:
    • Title, authors and track of long-presentation paper at DSAA’2016
    • Applicant’s institute, research interests and accomplishment
    • Why do you think you are a next-generation data scientist?
    • What is your career plan in data science?
  4. Registration confirmation received from DSAA’2016
  5. Certificate showing Student/ECR staff ID and full time study/working status
  6. A “Recommendation Letter” from the student's supervising professor or ECR’s Head of Department on university letterhead that the student/ECR is the major contributor to the paper and approximately what was the student/ECR's contribution in percent to the paper. Please include for each paper title, the ID number as given by the conference organizers and all co-authors’ names. In the event that the student/ECR is the sole author of the paper, no letter is needed.

All documents should be in PDF and attached to the email. Late submissions, or documents in other formats will not be accepted.

All questions should be addressed to Dr. Xin Wang (dsaa16awards@gmail.com).

DSAA 2016