Photo use

I retain the copyright to all of the photos on all of my web pages with the exception of the photos on the genealogy page which were taken by other photographers (I wasn't alive when they were taken). If you are a student wanting to use any of my photos for a report or term paper or the like - please go ahead with my blessing, although I would appreciate a photo credit in small type. If you wish to have a one time use of one of my photos for a non-commercial newsletter, etc. - feel free, although again, I would appreciate a photo credit. Any multiple use of my photos or any commercial use will require my written consent and you should contact me through my e-mail address with the details. I would ask that any use of my photos are in the context of good taste. Downloads of my photos at higher resolutions may be possible although there would be a charge for this.

If you make use of my photos and if you can afford to, I would ask that you consider making a donation to one of your favourite or one of my favourite charities.