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Canadian First Nations

  • Treaty 8 Centennial Commemoration
  • Assembly of First Nations
  • The Canadian Indian
  • Canadian First Nations: NATIVE AMERICAN and INUIT
  • Stories and General Interest
  • Canada's SchoolNet
  • Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump/Blackfoot history
  • BC, NWC tribes
  • Woodland Natives --Cree, Metis, Anishinaabeg, Mohawk
  • Welcome to Creenet inc. The Internet for the North
  • Arctic Circle: The Crees of Northern Quebec
  • Ouje-Bougoumou
  • Wemindji
  • Innu Nation/Mamit Innuat WWW Site
  • The Village of First Nations
  • Aboriginal Super Information Hwy.
  • P.M.A. Syncrude Gallery of Aboriginal Culture
  • Dreamspeakers Festival - Aboriginal Filmakers, Performers and Artists
  • Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation
  • Woodland Cultural Centre

  • Inuit

  • Nunatsiaq Home Page
  • Welcome to
  • Welcome to Nunavut!
  • About Nunavut
  • Canada Welcomes Nunavut
  • The Nunavut Handbook
  • Soapstone Artists of Sanikiluaq

  • International

  • UN - Rights of Indigenous Populations
  • International Indian Treaty Council
  • Welcome to First - Nations

  • Other Tribes and History

  • Chief Arthur Manuel of the Shuswap Nation
  • Main Menu: Native American Indian (Everything)
  • American Indian Schools, Colleges, Tribes
  • Native American Home Pages
  • Native American Resources
  • Navajo Language Sample
  • Monacan Indian Nation
  • History of the Cherokee
  • A Guide to the Great Sioux Nation
  • Goathill
  • This Week in "American Indian" History by Phil Konstantin

  • Ancient Native Peoples

  • The Inca Trail and Macchu Picchu
  • Maya
  • Welcome to Maya Adventure!
  • Mayan Glyphs and Architecture

  • Activist Sites

  • Chiapas Alert Network Homepage
  • Aboriginal Rights Coalition - British Columbia
  • Voices from a Troubled Land
  • South and Meso American Indian Rights Center

  • Counseling

  • StarHawk Community Access Network

  • Genealogy

  • Sweetness' Native American Genealogy Links and Resources
  • Native American Genealogy Resources on the Internet
  • Genealogy

  • Native Art/Artists

  • Sandpainting
  • Bill's Aboriginal Links: Arts & Culture
  • Native Artists (Canadian)
  • Home Page INDART
  • Vision Quest Studios - The Art of Diana Stanley
  • Tony Abeyta Gallery
  • Native American Art Gallery, Ltd.
  • ArtNatAm - Native American Artists
  • Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development
  • Soapstone Arttists of Sanikiluaq
  • The Nunavut Handbook
  • Inuit Sea Goddess

  • Individual Pages

  • SheWolfInDreams
  • Crow White Horse

  • Media (Film, T.V., Music, Books, Magazines)

  • Current Issue of Native Peoples Magazine
  • Welcome to Aboriginal Voices
  • Dreamspeakers Festival - Aboriginal Filmakers, Performers and Artists
  • AIROS on-line
  • Canyon Records Productions
  • Inukshuk Productions Inuit Music
  • Silver Wave Records
  • Sounds of America Records Distributors
  • Twin Trails Books & Music

  • Sites and Links

  • Native American Resources on the Internet
  • Native American Resource Center
  • NativeNet
  • Tribal Voice
  • Aboriginal Youth Network
  • Aboriginal Super Information Hwy.
  • Abya Yala Net

  • The heavens snared the storm clouds with
    the rainbow; the sunshine smiled on the earth.
    May the heavens snare the war-clouds with the
    rainbow and bless the earth with the sublimity
    of eternal spiritual values in the brotherhood
    of men and bring everlasting peace on earth.
    Assiniboine Prayer for Peace

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