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For fourteen years I worked as a volunteer librarian at a local Genealogy Library. During that time I managed to accumulate enough knowledge to assist my own research and that of others. Nevertheless, I consider that knowledge to be nothing more than the tip of the iceberg. Based upon that limited knowledge together with personal experiences and the experiences of others I offer the following hints for those who are anxious to trace their roots.

Getting Started

Find a good size box and start throwing in everything containing family related information which you can locate from your own family plus copies from relatives. This would include family photos, family bibles, birth & marriage certificates, obituaries, wills, apprenticeship indentures, family related newspaper articles, etc. Begin by making a pedigree chart with the youngest member of the family as number one on the chart, then place the parents, grandparents, etc. as far back as you have information. Remember when placing individuals on a pedigree chart that even numbers are male while odd numbers are female except for the first individual on the chart which can be male or female. Take each couple on the pedigree chart and make a family group sheet which lists all of the children of that couple (further down this page you will find PDF files for printing blank pedigree charts and family group sheets - download these files and you can print your own blank charts). Continue as far back as you have information for. When you trace your lines back as far as you can, it is time to do new research to extend them further.

Sources of Information for Genealogical Research:
(At this time, most of the information below applies to England)

  1. Living Relatives
  2. LDS Family History Libraries
  3. Civil Registration
  4. Parish Registers
  5. Census Records
  6. Probate Records (Wills)
  7. Obituaries
  8. Military Records
  9. Newspapers
  10. Miscellaneous

All of the above links should be active within the next two weeks.

  • Bibliography
  • Useful addresses

  • To get you started, download these PDF
    files which you can use to print blank charts:

    pedigree chart - click and hold down the mouse button on the link at left
    then select Save this Link as...

    family group - click and hold down the mouse button on the link at left
    then select Save this Link as...

    In order to print these charts, you will first need to obtain the
    Adobe Acrobat freeware package:

    Click here to download Acrobat Reader

    You may have trouble opening the file by double clicking the icon.
    It is best to boot Acrobat, then go to Open... in the File menu.

    Genealogy links

    To obtain more information on the PAF software which was used to
    generate the blank charts, please phone: 1-801-240-2584. This software
    is available for Macintosh or PC computers and will create linked
    families and pedigrees. It includes GEDCOM software which can be used
    to transmit genealogical data to other family members who have the same
    or other GEDCOM based software.

    Please note: this is a private genealogy web page and is not affiliated
    with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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