Census records

Census records for England are available after the lapse of 100 years. They occur at 10 year intervals and the first available census for England is the 1841 census. Its use for genealogists is somewhat limited by the fact that it only indicates whether or not the individuals were born in the same county. The 1851 and following census records indicate the exact birth place of each individual listed. The relationship of each individual to the head of the house is indicated as is each person's age. By subtracting the age from the year of the census, the approximate year of birth of each individual may be calculated. The age which appears on the census record depends on the honesty of the person interviewed by the census taker. I recall one lady who was listed as being younger in the following census than she was in the previous one! The big value of census records is the obtaining of a lot of information on a whole family in one record.

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