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Bonjour, Hola
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About Me

My name is Dorsa and I am a Computer Engineering student at the University of Alberta. But that’s not all that I am, in my free time, I dance, I solve puzzles and do photography.

Extra curricular activities

I lead with example and was proud to organize events and lobby for students in front of the faculty. Throughout my volunteering, I organized hiking events, tutoring sessions that had 300 students, and was able to add new courses to be eligible for engineering students to take.

Engineering Students' Society

Started out as an Academic Events Coordinator, however the year after I was able to be elected as the team leader for the Department of Service while ensuring the creation and maintenance and quality of ESS. Developed and introduced new initiatives in informal relaxation events, mentorship programs, intramural sports, peer assisted study sessions, and community volunteer teams. I was in charge of group of 12 leaders which together we were able to organize successful events.

Iranian Students' Association

A cultural group where through my position I promoted and represented ISAUA and acted as an ISAUA liaison to the SU and GSA in coordination with the President. Acted as a point of contact with the external organizations. As part of my reponsibilities I was also in charge of introducing new financial resources for the group. I was able to gather 3000 dollars by getting sponsors for our events.


My favourite pictures

I have taken the following pictures during my trips and I spent many hours editting them. I hope you enjoy.


Anza Borrego Desert
Malibu Beach
Point Mugu beach

Holly Wood
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