Dr. Oberg has supervised over 100 students in BEd and MLIS practica as well as developing and/or teaching many courses, including:

Teacher-Librarianship by Distance Learning Program

Dr. Oberg is the Faculty Advisor, with Dr. Jennifer Branch, for the Teacher-Librarianship by Distance Learning Program. Online distance learning courses in teacher-librarianship may be taken as part of MEd, MLIS and Diploma programs or as part of continuing professional education. The program is supported by the Department of Elementary Education and the School of Library and Information Studies. The courses are designed to involve educators in learning activities, within their professional work context, that will assist them in dealing with real problems that face them in their work situations. In today's information environment, educators need skills in the selection and organization of information in all formats, skills in using information networks, and skills in the evaluation and use of information. Teachers' use of technology in their own learning helps them to use technologies in their teaching. The tl-dl program helps to make education in teacher-librarianship available to students in the “anytime, any place” learning mode that best suits their needs.