Romantic Travellers: Summary

Overall thesis: emergence of modern self (unanchored, self-conscious, relativized, autonomous, progressive; landscape as mirror, especially foreign landscape)


Picturesque: proportion, coherence, contrast, wilderness; prototypes of nature; romantic objects (e.g., gypsies; furnaces), naturalizing of ruins; class implications; ecological implications

Sublime (waterfalls, ravines, mountains, glaciers, etc.): self-disorientation; universalizing, timelessness; singularity (Burke vs. Kant)


Gothic fiction

Women writing landscape: dramatic, anthropomorphic, affective, people-focus

Science and sublime: conflation of interests (Goethe; Spallanzani)

Ecological implications: picturesque/sublime = intrinsic properties, relationships of nature (Gilpin on nature's laws; "Power in likeness of the Arve"; etc.; Emerson's nature symbolic)

Travelling vs. touring; influence of prior travel books; disappointment, conventionalization; progress

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Document created April 14th 2005