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Romantic Travellers (Winter 2005): Listings of presentations
Links are provided when a presentation is available as a website.

Feb 10 Khagan, Anne, Luke Appropriating Nature
Feb 10 Bethany, Sarah Nature as Woman
Feb 15 Matt, Ainsley, Heather The Sublime (requires Active content enabled)
Feb 17 Cindy, Renate, Jasmina Radcliffe's Udolpho: The meaning of landscape
Feb 17 Nicole, Tina, Allison Goethe's Germanness in Italy
Mar 24 Khagan, Anne, Luke Three views of Chamonix
Mar 29 Bethany, Sarah Byron's Swiss Tour
Mar 31 Matt, Ainsley, Heather Frankenstein, Nature, and Shelley
Apr 7 Nicole, Tina, Allison The Shelleys in Chamonix
Apr 12 Cindy, Renate, Jasmina Lady Morgan and the Shelleys in Italy

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