Commentaries -- Romantic Travel


Ainsley Boe, On Nature as Female
Tina Bounds, Travels Abroad: Goethe in Personal Perspective
Matt Chapelsky, Travel Writing: Romantics to Newspaper
Cindy Chopoidalo, Radcliffe and Wordsworth: Nature, Travel, and Memory
Bethany Ensslin, The Personification of Nature and Connections with Women in Goethe's Italian Journey
Sarah Herback, Women Travel Writers
Luke Inberg, Symmetry and Deformity in Radcliffe's The Mysteries of Udolpho
Renate Kahlke, The 'Natural' Feminine in Romanticism: A Commentary
Heather Mah, Male and Female Travelers
Allison McNaughton, Spirituality and Nature
Jasmina Odor, Exclusionary aesthetics and the treatment of the lower class in Radcliffe's The Mysteries of Udolpho
Khagan Parker, Goethe's Magical Philosophy and Possession of Nature
Anne Privett, Engaging with Man, Engaging with Nature: A Commentary on the Travel Writing of Pierre Jean Grosley and Ramond de Carbonnières
Nicole Tesorio, The Allure of Nature

Ainsley Boe, Travel as a Solitary Pursuit -- according to Hazlitt
Tina Bounds, Morbid Thoughts in the Dark of the Night: Life, Death, and Frankenstein
Matt Chapelsky, Natural Descriptions After Trauma
Cindy Chopoidalo, Some Thoughts on Millennial Themes in The Prelude and Mont Blanc
Bethany Ensslin, Glaciers
Sarah Herback, Byron's Depression Reflected in Manfred
Luke Inberg, Going Somewhere: The Romance of Travel
Renate Kahlke, Frankenstein: A Warning Against Masculine Individualistic Freedom
Heather Mah, The Usage of Landscape in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Allison McNaughton, Imagination, Perception and the Experience of Nature
Jasmina Odor, Comparisons between two travel accounts, Helen Maria Williams' A Tour in Switzerland and Lady Morgan's Italy
Khagan Parker, Remembering the Sublime: Travels Through the Rhineland
Anne Privett, Doors to the Invisible World: Towards an Understanding of the Romantic Imagination -- Ramond, Wordsworth and Shelley
Nicole Tesorio, Comparing and Contrasting the Sublime

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