Laurence, "The Loons" (1970)

First published in A Bird in the House, 1970

narrator: not limited omniscient, which would allow insight into other minds; but participant, albeit reflective, showing emergence over time of empathy with others, especially Piquette (albeit inconsequential)


Cultural conflict:



The Metis. See this page for an account of their history.

Pauline Johnson (p. 199). Writer and poet (1861-1913), born of native father and English mother. The lines "West Wind, blow from your prairie nest" are from the first verse of her poem "The Song My Paddle Sings," one of her best known pieces. For a biography see this page.

Margaret Laurence page: short biography; another. Manawaka, the fictional town in several of Laurence's works is based on Neepawa, Manitoba.

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