Coleridge: Mariner Timeline

1772 Oct 21Samuel Taylor Coleridge born, at Ottery St Mary, Devon
1781 Oct 4 father John Coleridge dies (see STC's letter)
1782 JulyColeridge sent to Christ's Hospital Preparatory School, Hertford
1782 Septo Christ's Hospital School, London
1791 Septo Cambridge, Jesus College
1797 Jan 1Coleridges move to Nether Stowey
1797 Nov 12-20?walk of Coleridge and Wordsworth to Watchet and Dulverton: The Ancient Mariner begun, probably at Watchet
1798 Mar 23The Ancient Mariner is finished in first draft, read by Coleridge to the Wordsworths at Alfoxton
1798 Marchplan for Lyrical Ballads volume with Wordsworth is initiated
1798 Sept 16 Coleridge sails to Germany with William and Dorothy Wordsworth and John Chester
(Coleridge away nine months)
1798 Sept 18Lyrical Ballads published with first version of The Ancient Mariner
1801 Jan 25?publication of Lyrical Ballads (1800), 2nd edition, with revised version of The Ancient Mariner, subtitled "A Poet's Reverie" [to discussion]
1804 Apr 9sails to Malta (away two years). See Notebook entry
1817 Jul:Sibylline Leaves published, which includes a version of The Ancient Mariner with the Gloss for the first time.
1834 July 25
death of Coleridge at Highgate

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