Melmoth, Story Structure

1 John Melmoth visits dying uncle. Finds MS, reads:      
28   Stanton pursued by Melmoth    
59 J. Melmoth sees shipwreck; arrival of Moncada.      
68   Spaniard's Tale: Moncada incarcerated in convent, Inquisition. Escapes to Adonijah, reads MS:    

Tale of Indians: Imalee, visited by Melmoth.

3 years later in Spain; Isadora marries Melmoth

399     Father, Don Francisco hears: Tale of Guzman's family, Walbergs
434     Don Francisco meets Melmoth, hears:  
444       The Lover's Tale: Elinor and John Sandel

Melmoth relates Don Francisco's own tale to him


505     Isadora's tale continued  
534 Moncada concludes. Melmoth appears; his death.      


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Document prepared October 30th, 2000