Index to text and graphic files

Romanticism: The CD-ROM

David S. Miall


For graphics of landscape, history, etc., see under name of country, e.g., Britain, France

Prints and paintings from the Romantic period are usually shown with place name and the name of the artist (e.g.: Bath, from the Claverton Road: J. C. Nattes); photographs are listed by place name only. In the index to the CD this difference is colour-coded.

Six example graphics are included in the index below. Note that these are reduced in size and inferior in quality to those available on the CD.


Abernethy, J., Physiological Lectures (1817)
AFRICA: Graphics
       Benowm: a view of Ali's tent: Mungo Park
       Bridge over the Black River: Mungo Park
       Kamalia: Mungo Park
Aiken, A., on the Snowdon area (1796)
        Tepelene: E. Lear
Alcock, Mary: texts
Aldini, G., An Account of the Late Improvements in Galvanism (1803)
Ali Pasha, portrait: C. R. Cockerill
Alison, A., Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste (1790)
Antinomianism (1824)
Arctic and climatic change (1817)
ART INDEX to prints and paintings
Austen, Jane
       Northanger Abbey: reviews
       Bath and Bristol map (1804)


Baillie, Joanna: texts
Barbauld, Anna Letitia
       On Gothic terror (1775)
       On Radcliffe (1810)
Barrett, Elizabeth
Barrington, D., The Possibility of Exploring the North Pole (1781)
Bartram, W., Travels through North and South Carolina . . . (1792)
Beckford, William
       Vathek: reviews
       Vathek: summary
       House at Fonthill Abbey, Wiltshire
Beddoes, Thomas
       Considerations on . . . Factitious Airs (1795)
       Essay on the Public Merits of Mr. Pitt (1797)
       Notice of some Observations . . . at the Pneumatic Institution (1799)
       Essay on Consumption (1799)
       Hygëia (1802-03)
Beddoes, Thomas Lovell: texts
Bell, A., An Experiment in Education, made at . . . Madras (1797)
Betham, Mary Matilda
Bibliographic Guides to Gothic Fiction
Blake, William: texts
Bleuler, L, Picturesque Voyage down the Rhine (1821-c.1845)
Bloomfield, Robert: texts
Bonnycastle, J., An Introduction to Astronomy (1796)
Bourrit, M. T., A Journey to the Glaciers in the Dutchy of Savoy (1775)
Bowles, Caroline Ann: texts
Bowles, William Lisle
Brayley, E. W., Bethlehem Hospital, London (1825)
       Plan of Hospital
Britain (map): places of importance

BRITAIN: Graphics. Main areas include: Devon, Lake District, London, Scotland, Somerset, Wales.

       Bath, Beechen Cliff and Avon: T. H. Shepherd
       Bath, from the Claverton Road: J. C. Nattes
               [see on right]
       Bath, Hot Baths and Infirmary: T. H. Shepherd
       Bath, Lansdown Tower: T. H. Shepherd
       Bath, Literary Institution and Cathedral: T. H. Shepherd
       Bath, Milsom Street
       Bath, Royal Crescent
       Bath, Queen Square: Anon.
       Bath, Sydney Gardens: W. Williams
       Bisham Abbey, near Marlow: J. Farington
       Blenheim: J. Farington
       Blenheim: S. Ireland
       Brighton Pavilion: Anon.
       Bristol, from the Bath Road: W. Westall
       Bristol, Avon and Docks: W. H. Bartlett
       Bristol: unimproved and improved: H. Repton
       Bristol, Redcliffe Church: W. H. Bartlett
       Bristol during the riots of 1831: P. Dawson
       Bodiam Castle
       Burley, Rutlandshire: unimproved and improved: H. Repton
       Cambridge, from the Ely Road: W. Westall
       Cambridge, Jesus College: W. Westall
       Cambridge, Pembroke Hall: F. Mackenzie
       Cambridge, St. John's College, from Fisher's Lane: W. Westall
       Cambridge, St. John's College, from the gardens: F. Mackenzie
       Cambridge, St. John's College, second court: W. Westall
       Carlisle: W. Westall
       Chepstow: P. Sandby
       Chepstow: W. Gilpin
       Clivedon, near Marlow: J. Farington
       Colebrook Dale, Iron Works: P. J. de Loutherbourg
       Culham, Thames valley: J. Farington
         Lynmouth: W. Daniell
         Otter, River, south of Ottery St Mary
         Ottery St Mary Church
         Valley of the Rocks, Lynton: G. Townsend
         Valley of the Rocks, Lynton
       Dover, the harbour: W. Westall
       Eton: W. Westall
       Eton, Great Court: W. Westall
       Field Place, Horsham: Shelley's birthplace
       Field Place, the pond
       Frome House, view: unimproved and improved: H. Repton
       Goodrich Castle: W. Gilpin
       Goodrich Castle: S. Ireland
       Harrow Church and School: W. Westall
       Harrow School Room: A. Pugin
       Isle of Wight, Shanklin Chine: W. H. Bartlett
       Isle of Wight, Shanklin Chine: W. H. Bartlett
       Isle of Wight, Shanklin Chapel and Farm: G. Brannon
       Lake District:
         Aira Force, by Ullswater
         Ambleside: T. H. Fielding
         Bassenthwaite Lake: T. H. Fielding
         Blea Tarn: T. Allom
         Blea Tarn
         Blea Tarn house
         Borrowdale: T. Allom
         Borrowdale: J. B. Pyne
         Borrowdale, Yew Trees
         Bowder Stone, Borrowdale
         Bowness on Windermere: T. Allom
         Brothers Water: J. B. Pyne
         Brothers Water: J. Walton
         Brothers Water
         Brougham Castle: T. H. Fielding
         Brougham Castle: T. H. Fielding
         Brougham Castle: J. M. W. Turner
               [see on right]
         Brougham Castle, gateway
         Brougham Castle, from the east
         Brougham Castle, with Eamont River
         Buttermere: T. Allom
         Buttermere: J. B. Pyne
         Buttermere: J. Walton
         Calder Abbey: T. H. Fielding
         Cartmel Priory
         Cartmel: grave of William Taylor
         Castlerigg Stone Circle
         Cockermouth: J. Farington
         Cockermouth: T. Allom
         Cockermouth Castle: T. H. Fielding
         Cockermouth: River Derwent
         Cockermouth: Wordsworth House
         Colthouse, Ann Tyson's house
         Colthouse, the brook
         Coniston Water Head: W Green
         Coniston Water: J. Walton
         Copper mine, Coniston: T. H. Fielding
         Crosthwaite churchyard
         Crosthwaite Church
         Crummock Water: T. Allom
         Crummock Water: T. H. Fielding
         Crummock Water
         Deepdale: T. H. Fielding
         Derwent Water: T. H. Fielding
         Derwent Water (probably): W. Gilpin
         Derwent Water: W. Green
         Derwent Water and Lodore Falls: J. Farington
         Derwent Water, Bassenthwaite, and Skiddaw: G. Pickering
         Derwent Water and Saddleback
         Derwent Water and Skiddaw
         Dungeon Ghyll: T. Allom
         Dungeon Ghyll: waterfall
         Dungeon Ghyll, with sheep
         Dunmail Raise: T. Allom
         Eamont Bridge, near Penrith: T. Allom
         Easedale: Sour Milk Gill waterfall
         Easedale Tarn
         Ennerdale Water: T. H. Fielding
         Esthwaite: T. H. Fielding
         Eskdale, view towards Scafell: G. Pickering
         Eusemere, Ullswater
         Eusemere house
         Far Sawrey
         Far Sawrey (near), road from Windermere Ferry
         Fell Foot house
         Fell Foot, Little Langdale
         Furness Abbey
         Furness Abbey: T. H. Fielding
         Furness Abbey
         Grasmere from Loughrigg Fell: G. Pickering
         Grasmere: J. Farington
         Grasmere: T. H. Fielding
         Grasmere: W. Green
               [see on right]
         Grasmere: anon
         Grasmere church and Helm Crag: J. Walton
         Grasmere: Allan Bank
         Grasmere churchyard
         Grasmere churchyard, Wordsworth graves
         Grasmere: Dove Cottage
         Grasmere: "Emma's Dell"
         Grasmere: house of George and Sarah Green
         Grasmere: Glow-worm Rock
         Grasmere: John's Grove
         Grasmere lake
         Grasmere: Loughrigg Terrace
         Grasmere: Mary Point
         Grasmere: the Rectory
         Grasmere: Sara Point
         Grasmere: the Wishing Gate
         Greenhead Gill
         Greta Hall and Keswick Bridge: W. Westall
         Greta Hall
         Grisedale: T. H. Fielding
         Hawkshead and Esthwaite Water: J. Farington
         Hawkshead, Ann Tyson's House
         Hawkshead Church
         Hawkshead Grammar School
         Hawkshead Grammar School, classroom
         Hawkshead (near), above Outgate
         Hawswater: T. Allom
         Hawswater: W. Green
         Hawswater: T. H. Fielding
         Honister Pass
         Kendal: W. Westall
         Kendal, from the castle: T. Allom
         Keswick: W. Westall
         Keswick Vale: J. B. Pyne
         Kirkstone Pass: T. H. Fielding
         Kirkstone Spring: T. H. Fielding
         Kirkstone Pass, view towards Brothers Water
         Langdale Pikes, view south-east: T. Allom
         Langdale Pikes, view west: T. Allom
         Langdale: view east
         Langdale: view west
         Lodore Fall: T. H. Fielding
         Lodore Fall: T. Allom
         Lodore Fall
         Loweswater: T. H. Fielding
         Lowther Castle: anon
         Lowther Castle: J. P. Neale
         Nab Cottage, by Rydal Water
         Patterdale: J. Walton
         Penrith: T. Fielding
         Penrith, Arnison's
         Penrith, Robin Hood's Inn
         Penrith Castle: T. H. Fielding
         Penrith Castle
         Penrith Beacon
         Piel Castle: W. Daniell
         Piel Castle
         Rydal Hall: G. Pickering
         Rydal, lower falls: J. Farington
         Rydal, lower falls: G. Pickering
         Rydal Water (probably): W. Gilpin
         Rydal Water: W. Green
         Rydal Water: J. Walton
         Rydal Water from White Moss Common: J. Farington
         Rydal Water from White Moss Common: J. Walton
         Rydal Water, from Wordsworths' Summer House: Englehart?
         Rydal Hall
         Rydal Lower Falls
         Rydal Lower Falls and viewing hut
         Rydal Mount
         Rydal Mount, summer house
         Rydal Water from White Moss Common
         Rydal Water, east shore
         Rydal Water, view east
         Saddleback: T. H. Fielding
         Scale Force: T. H. Fielding
         Scale Force: T. Allom
         Scales Tarn: T. H. Fielding
         Skelwith Bridge: T. Allom
         Skelwith Force: T. H. Fielding
         Skelwith Force
         Skiddaw from Lodore Fall: J. Walton
         Skiddaw near Castle Crag: W. Green
         Skiddaw and Saddleback from Bolton Moor: C. Stanfield
         St. John's Vale: T. H. Fielding
         Stickle Tarn: T. H. Fielding
         Stock Ghyll Force: J. Walton
         Sty Head: T. H. Fielding
         Sty Head Tarn: T. H. Fielding
         Sty Head Tarn
         Ullswater: T. Allom
         Ullswater: T. H. Fielding
         Ullswater: W. Green
         Ullswater: J. Wilkinson
         Ullswater Head, view south
         Ullswater: Place Fell
         Ullswater, view south
         Ullswater, by Pooley Bridge
         Wastdale Head and Scafell Pike: T. Allom
         Wast Water: T. H. Fielding
         Windermere, Ferry: J. Walton
         Windermere, the islands
         Windermere, view north from ferry crossing
         Windermere from above Troutbeck: J. Walton
         Windermere from near Troutbeck
         Windermere from Loughrigg Fell: G. Pickering
         Windermere from Rydal Park: G. Pickering
         Windermere from Troutbeck Lane: T. H. Fielding
         Windermere Head: T. H. Fielding
         Windermere, Low Wood Inn: T. H. Fielding
         Windermere, Lowwood Hotel
         Windermere, the Station: J. Walton
         Windy Brow, near Keswick
         Wyburn Water (Thirlmere): T. H. Fielding
         Yewdale Crags: T. H. Fielding
       Lancaster Castle: T. Allom
       Llandogar, R. Wye: S. Ireland
       London (include suburbs):
         Bartholomew Fair: T. Rowlandson & A. Pugin
         Bookshop: T. Rowlandson
         British Museum, a gallery: H. Alken
         Caen Wood (Kenwood), Hampstead: J. Grieg
         Christ's Hospital Grammar School: F. Mackenzie
         Christ's Hospital School, the Cloisters
         Christ's Hospital School, the Hall: A. Pugin
         Christ's Hospital School, the Hall: T. Rowlandson & A. Pugin
         Christ's Hospital School, the New Hall: T. H. Shepherd
         Covent Garden Theatre, interior: T. Rowlandson
         Drury Lane Theatre: Anon.
         Drury Lane Theatre, interior: H. Alken
         Drury Lane Theatre, the lobby: H. Alken
         Hampstead, Branch Hill: W. Westall
         Highgate, view of London: C. Marshall
         Highgate, Coleridge's study (Gillman's house): G. Scharf
         House of Commons: T. Rowlandson & A. Pugin
         Italian Opera House, Haymarket: T. H. Shepherd
         Keats House, Hampstead
         London, view from Lambeth: J. Farington
         London, view from Richmond Park: J. Farington
         Newgate, Old Bailey: T. H. Shepherd
         Old Bailey: T. Rowlandson & A. Pugin
         Old Well Walk, Hampstead
         Polygon, Somers Town
         Royal Institution Library: T. Rowlandson & A. Pugin
         St. Pancras Church
         Vale of Health, Hampstead Heath
         Waterloo Bridge: T. H. Shepherd
         Well Walk, Hampstead
         Westminster Hall, the Coronation Banquet, 1821: H. Alken
       Marlow, Thames valley: J. Farington
       Marlow, Thames valley: J. Farington
       Marlow, the Shelleys' house in 1817
       Matlock Bath: J. D. Harding
       Newstead Abbey: J. P. Neale
       Newstead Abbey: Anon
       Newstead Abbey, west front
       Newstead Abbey, east front
       Newstead Abey, stables
       New-Weir, River Wye: W. Gilpin
       Oxford: W. Westall
       Oxford, Broad Street: J. Farington
       Oxford, from New College tower: W. Westall
       Oxford, High Street: J. Farington
       Oxford, University and Queen's Colleges: A. Pugin
       Oxford, University College hall: A. Pugin
       Richmond Hill, view of Thames: W. Westall
       Rochester Castle, interior
         Abbotsford: T. Allom
         Ayr: W. H. Bartlett
         Ben Awe and Loch Etive: T. Allom
         Edinburgh, the Old Town from Princes Street: T. H. Shepherd
         Edinburgh, the Old Town: T. H. Shepherd
         Fingal's Cave, Isle of Staffa: W. Daniell
         Glencoe from near Ballachulish: W. Daniell
         Loch Katrine: T. Allom
         Loch Leven: T. Allom
         Loch Long: T. Allom
         Salisbury Crags near Edinburgh: W. Westall
         Skye: Loch Coriusk: W. Daniell
         Skye: Loch Scavaig: W. Daniell
       Solway Firth: W. Bartlett
         Alfoxton House
         Alfoxton, garden and hill to the south
         Alfoxton: view from the garden
         Alfoxton Glen: the waterfall
         Alfoxton Glen, Mare's Pool
         Armed Man, Quantock Hills
         Ash Farm, near Porlock
         Bincombe, Quantock Hills
         Bincombe cottage, Quantock Hills
         Bridgwater, the old stone bridge: J. Chubb
         Bridgwater, the Iron Bridge: J. Buchler
         Bridgwater, the Iron Bridge
         Bridgwater, High Street: J. Chubb
         Bridgwater, centre and market: J. Buchler
         Bridgwater, market place
         Bridgwater, from the River Parrett: J. Chubb
         Castle of Comfort Inn
         Cheddar Gorge: W. H. Bartlett
         Clevedon: J. W. Brett
         Coleridge Cottage, in Coleridge's time and now
         Coleridge Cottage c. 1890
         Coleridge Cottage, the Parlour
         Copper mine, near Nether Stowey
         Culbone: Miss Sweeting
         Hodder's Combe, the Quantock Hills
         Kilve beach
         Kilve Church
         Minehead and Dunster Castle: J. M. W. Turner
         Nether Stowey, centre
         Nether Stowey, cross and market: J. Buchler
         Nether Stowey, Tom Poole's house
         Porlock: J. Richards
         Quantock Hills: a thorn
         Quantock Hills: Hare Knap
         Quantock Hills: view towards Minehead
         Walford's Gibbett: view east towards Mendip Hills
         Walford's Gibbett: view towards Bristol Channel
         Watchet: J. M. W. Turner
         Woodlands, near Holford
       Stonehenge: Anon.
       Stonehenge: Anon.
               [see on right]
       Stony Middleton, Derbyshire
       Strawberry Hill, Twickenham: J. Farington
       Strawberry Hill, Twickenham: Marlow
       Tintern Abbey, overview: W. Gilpin
       Tintern Abbey and R. Wye: S. Ireland
       Tintern Abbey and R. Wye
       Tintern Abbey, front: W. Gilpin
       intern Abbey: P. J. de Loutherbourg
       Tintern Abbey, interior: S. Ireland
       Tintern Abbey, the Nave
       Tintern Abbey, Wye Valley
        Afon Glaslyn, with the Cnucht: E. Pugh
        Melen y Nant, near Snowdon: P. J. de Loutherbourg
        Snowdon, from the east: T. Compton
        Snowdon, from the north-east: P. J. de Loutherbourg
        Snowdon, view from above Capel Curig: E. Pugh
        Snowdon, view from the north-east: E. Pugh
        Snowdon: view from near Capel Curig
        Snowdon: north-east from summit
        Snowdon: north from summit
        Snowdon: north-west from summit
        Tan yr Allt, Tremadoc, Wales
        Tan yr Allt
       Wentworth, Yorkshire: unimproved and improved: H. Repton
       Windsor Castle: J. B. Pyne
       Windsor Castle and Eton: J. Farington
       Windsor Park near Bishopsgate
       Wye River, near Brockweir
       Yorkshire common: unimproved and improved: H. Repton

Britton, J., The Diorama, London (1825)
       The Diorama: plan; Front elevation
Bruce, J., Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile (1790)
Brydone, P., A Tour through Sicily and Malta (1774)
Burke, Edmund
       On the Sublime and Beautiful (1757)
       Reflections on the French Revolution (1790)
       Reflections on the French Revolution: early reviews (1790-91)
       Speech on the French Revolution (1790)
       Two Letters on a Regicide Peace (1796)
Burns, Robert
Bury, Charlotte
Byron, George Gordon, Lord
       Geographic chronology
       Byron's Greece: Map
       Byron's Switzerland: Map
       Portrait (after Phillips)
       Swiss Tour, September 1816


Calmet, A., The Phantom World [on vampires] (1746)
Carbonnière, Raymond de: on Glaciers (1781)
Cartwright, H., Letters on Female Education (1777)
Chapone, H., Letters on the Improvement of the Mind (1774)
Chamonix: see under France and Shelleys
Chronology: 1780-1834
Chubb, John: self-portrait
Clare, John: texts
Clarkson, Thomas
       An Essay on the Slavery and Commerce of the Human Species (1786)
       The History of the . . . Abolition of the Slave Trade (1808)
          Calabar: map of Nigeria, Cameroon (1794)
          Iron instruments used on slave ships
          Typical slave ship, 1780s (diagram)
       Substance of the Evidence on the Slave-Trade (1789)
Coleridge, Hartley: texts
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
       Coleridge and Wordsworth in Somerset
       Geographic Chronology
       Letters from the Harz Mountains (1799)
       Visit to Germany with Wordsworth, 1798-99
Condorcet, A.-N., Outlines of an Historical View of the Progress of the Human Mind (1795)
Constable, John: texts
Cook, James
       A Voyage to the South Pole (1777)
         James Cook (frontispiece): W. Hodges
         Chart of passage towards the South Pole
         The Ice Islands: W. Hodges
       A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean (1784)
Cooper, T., Some Information Respecting America (1794)
Cowper, William: texts
Coxe, W., Sketches of ... Swisserland (1779)
Crabbe, George: texts
Crantz, D., The History of Greenland (1767)


Dacre, Charlotte
       Zofloya: reviews
Dampier, W., A New Voyage round the World (1709)
Darley, George: texts
Darwin, E., on Spontaneous Generation (1802, 1803)
Davy, Humphry
       A Discourse on Chemistry (1802)
Declaration of the Rights of Man (1789)
De Quincey, Thomas: texts
Diagrams to Represent Understanding: Projects
Dyer, George: texts


Eden, W., Principles of Penal Law (1771)
Edgeworth, M. & R. L., Essays on Practical Education (1798)
Elgin Marbles, British Museum
        Centaur and Lapith
        Heifer led to slaughter
        Horse of Selene
Enfield, William (The Enquirer)
        "Is Verse Essential to Poetry?" (1796)
        On Sensibility (1796)
Engelbach, L., Naples and the Campagna Felice (1815)
England: map, places of importance to the Romantic writers
Eustace, J. C., A Tour Through Italy (1813)


Female Revolutionary Plutarch (1808)
Fenwick, E., Secresy: reviews
Ferriar, J., An Essay towards a Theory of Apparitions (1813)
Flora at Play with Cupid: Emma Crewe
Flower garden: H. Repton
Forsyth, J., Remarks on Antiquities, Arts, and Letters . . . in Italy (1813)

FRANCE: Graphics. Main areas include Chamonix, Paris, Pyrenées.
       Anglure, on the Seine
       Bar-sur-Seine, overview
       Blois: centre
       Blois: west
       Chambord Chateau: north front
       Chambord Chateau: south front
         Averon, the Source: Carl Hackert
         Averon, the Source: W. H. Bartlett
         Bossons Glacier
         Bossons Glacier: M. T. Bourrit
         Cascade de l'Arpenaz, near Sallanches
         Cascade de l'Arpenaz, near Sallanches, near view
         Chamonix area: Map
         Chamonix, Hôtel de Londres: J. Dubois
         Chamonix Valley, entrance: F. G. Lardy
               [see on right]
         Chamonix with Mer de Glace: Jean-Phillippe Linck
         Cluses, Arve Valley: W. H. Bartlett
         Col du Balme, looking towards Mont Blanc
         Col du Balme, looking towards Mont Blanc
         Col du Balme, looking towards Mont Blanc: W. H. Bartlett
         Col du Balme, looking towards Mont Blanc: Gabriel Charton
         Mer de Glace from Montanvert
         Mer de Glace: Aiguille le Verte
         Mer de Glace: Carl Hackert
         Mer de Glace: Thomas Muller
         Mer de Glace: W. H. Bartlett
         Mer de Glace from le Chapeau: J. A. Linck
         Mont Blanc from Chamonix: W. H. Bartlett
         Mont Blanc range, from La Flégère: J. Dubois
         Mont Blanc from Sallenches: Adam
         Servoz, approaching Chamonix: G. Charton
         St. Gervais, approaching Chamonix: G. Charton
         St. Martin, with view of Mont Blanc: G. Charton
         St. Martin
       Chartreuse Massif
       Grande Chartreuse, the approach road: G. Cooke
       Grande Charteuse, the approach road
       Grande Charteuse, overview: G. Cooke
       Grande Chartreuse, La Correrie
       Grande Chartreuse, The Monastery
       Grande Chartreuse, The Monastery entrance
       Grande Chartreuse, The Monastery
       Loire, near Orléans (Chateau Ménars)
       Loiret, near Orléans: Deroy
       Loiret, near Orléans
       Lyon, Old Bridge
       Meillerie, on the French shore of Lake Geneva
       Mont Cenis Pass, the ascent: W. Brockedon
       Mont Cenis Pass, Fort l'Esseillon: C. Reiss
       Mont Cenis Pass, Fort l'Esseillon
       Mont Cenis Pass, Lanslebourg
       Mont Cenis Pass, the Lake at the summit
       Mont Cenis Pass, descent (Italian side)
       Mont Cenis Pass, descent (Italian side) showing old galleries
       Mont Cenis route, River Arc
       Morre, above Besançon
       Nuits-St. George
       Orléans Cathedral
       Orléans, rue Bourgogne
       Orléans, rue du Poirier
         Ile St. Louis: J. C. Nattes
         Notre Dame: J. Gendell and A. Pugin
         Place de la Concorde: J. C. Nattes
         The Louvre: A. Pugin
         Circque de la Vallée du Lys: E. Ciceri
         Garonne River, near Jaunac
         Hunting the Izard: T. Allom
         Le Pont du Roi: E. Ciceri
         St. Béat: E. Ciceri
       Rouen: J. Gendell
       Rural Dance in the South of France: T. Rowlandson
       St. Seine-l'Abbaye
       Trévoux, on the Saône
       Versailles, the entrance: J. C. Nattes
       Bastille: the attack on, July 14 1789: H. Godin
       Lyon: the Seige of October 1793
       Lyon: the massacre of December 14, 1793

Frend, W., Peace and Union (1793)


Geneva, Chamonix, and Martigny (1817)
Gerard, A., An Essay on Taste (1759)
GERMANY: Graphics:
       Andernach: J. L. Bleuler
       Bacharach: J. L. Bleuler
       Bacharach: W. L. Leitch
       Bacharach, view from the Rhine
       Bacharach, view of the Rhine from Stahleck Castle
       Biberich Castle, on the Rhine: J. L. Bleuler
       Bingen, view of Mäuseturm: J. L. Bleuler
       Bingen, view of Rudesheim: J. L. Bleuler
       Bonn: J. L. Bleuler
       Boppart: J. L. Bleuler
       Bornhofen Kloster: J. L. Bleuler
       Breisach, on the Rhine: J. L. Bleuler
       Breisach Munster, on the Rhine
       Coblenz and Ehrenbreitstein: J. L. Bleuler
       Cologne: J. L. Bleuler
       Drachenfels Castle, by the Rhine
       Dusseldorf: J. L. Bleuler
       Einhornhöhle, Harz Mountains
       Ehrenbreitstein Castle, opposite Koblenz
       Emmerich: J. L. Bleuler
       Godesberg Castle: J. L. Bleuler
       Goslar: L. Rohbock
       Goslar, Breitstrasse
       Göttingen University
       Göttingen, Burg Strasse
       Göttingen, Weender Strasse
       Göttingen, on the Rampart
       Hamerstein near Andernach: J. L. Bleuler
       Kaub, Die Pfalz: J. L. Bleuler
       Loreley: J. L. Bleuler
       Loreley: L. Lange
       Loreley, on the Rhine
       Mainz: J. L. Bleuler
       Mannheim: J. L. Bleuler
       Marksburg Castle: J. L. Bleuler
       Neuwied: J. L. Bleuler
       Nonnenweth and Castle Drachenfels: J. L. Bleuler
       Oberwesel: J. L. Bleuler
       Oder Teich Cataract, Harz Mountains
       Oder Teich lake, Harz Mountains
       Rauschenbach valley, Harz Mountains
       Rheinstein Castle: J. L. Bleuler
       Ruine Scharzfels, Harz Mountains
       St. Andreasberg, Harz: L. Rohbock
       St. Goarshausen: J. L. Bleuler
       St. Goar: J. L. Bleuler
       Speyer: J. L. Bleuler
       Stolzenfels Castle: J. L. Bleuler
       Stolzenfels, the Rhine near: J. L. Bleuler
       Strasbourg from Kehl: J. L. Bleuler
       Wernigerode, Harz: L. Richter

Gibraltar: C. Bentley
Gibraltar: H. Bibby
Gibraltar from the sea: C. Bentley
Gillray, James
Napoleon leaving Egypt. 1799
Tales of Wonder! 1802
Gilpin, William
       Observations on the River Wye (1800)
       Observations on Picturesque Beauty (1792)
       Lake District scene
Godwin, William
       Caleb Williams: reviews
       Caleb Williams: summary
       Cursory Strictures: review
       Mandeville: reviews
       Legal Cases Cited in Godwin's defence of Caleb Williams
       Memoirs of Wollstonecraft (1798): reviews
       St. Leon: reviews
       St. Leon: summary
       Portrait (after Lawrence)
       Portrait (Maclise)
Goldsmith, Lewis: see Female Revolutionary Plutarch (1808)
Gray, Thomas
       On The Grande Chartreuse, Geneva, and Mont Cenis (1739)
       Journal of travels in the Lake District (1775)

GREECE, graphics
        Ancient Corinth: W. H. Bartlett
        Ancient Corinth
        Arta: E. Lear
        Arta, the Fortress
        Athens: W. L. Leitch
        Athens: Anon.
        Athens: Wolfensberger
        Athens, Capuchin Monastery: J. Stuart
        Cephalonia, approaching Argostoli
        Dodoni, the theatre
        Erechtheion, Athens: J. Stuart
        Fountain of Arethusa, Ithaca
        Hadrian's Arch, Athens: J. Stuart
        Ioannina: W. L. Leitch
        Ioannina, from the island in the lake: C. R. Cockerill
        Ioannina, Nicolo Argryi's house: C. R. Cockerill
        Marathon, grave mound
        Metaxata, Byron's house
        Metaxata, view from rear of Byron's house
        Missolonghi, Byron's house: W. Purser
        Missolonghi, statue of Byron
        Monument of Lysikrates, Athens: Wolfensberger
        Nafplion: Wolfensberger
        Nafplion, from the Palamidi Fortress
        Nicopolis: E. Lear
        Odeon, beneath the Acropolis, Athens
        Parga: E. Lear
        Parga, the coast nearby
        Parthenon, Athens: J. Stuart
        Parthenon, Athens
        Sounion, Temple of Poseidon
        Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens: J. Stuart
        Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens
        Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens
        Theseion, Athens
        Theseion, Athens: J. Stuart
        Theseion, Athens
        Vathi, Island of Ithaca
        Zitsa, the monastery
        Zitsa, view north-west

Gregory, J., A Father's Legacy to His Daughters (1774)
Grosley, P. J., New Observations on Italy (1769)
Gothic Authors: Chronology of Selected Titles
Gothic Fiction, number of publications per year (graph)
Group work: Approaches and methods


Hakewill, J., A Picturesque Tour of Italy (1820)
Hamilton, Memoirs of Lady (1835)
Hamilton, Sir William
       Campi Flegræi and Supplement (1776; 1779)
       Observations on Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna, and Other Volcanoes (1772)
          Vesuvius, eruption of 1767: Plate I, Plate II
Haydon, Benjamin Robert: texts
Hays, M., Appeal to the Men of Great Britain in Behalf of Women (1798)
Hazlitt, William
       Preface to an Abridgement of Tucker's Light of Nature (1807)
Hearn, S., A Journey . . . to the Northern Ocean (1795)
Hemans, Felicia: texts
Heron, R., Observations Made in a Journey through the Western Counties of Scotland (1793)
Hoare, R. C., A Classical Tour through Italy and Sicily (1819)
Hogarth, William
       The Execution of Thomas Idle; detail
Hogg, James
       Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner: reviews
       Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner: summary

HOLLAND, Graphics
        Arnheim: J. L. Bleuler
        Katwijk: J. L. Bleuler
        Leiden: J. L. Bleuler
        Rotterdam: J. L. Bleuler
        Scheveningen: J. L. Bleuler
        Utrecht: J. L. Bleuler

Hood, Thomas: texts
Hoole, Barbara: texts
Howard, J., State of the Prisons in England and Wales (1780)
Hungerford Case (1536)
Hunt, L., Lord Byron and Some of His Contemporaries (1828)
Hutchinson, W., An Excursion to the Lakes in Westmoreland and Cumberland (1776)


Ideas and Contrasts: Projects
Ireland, The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte (1828)

ITALY: Graphics. Main areas include: Naples region, Pompeii, Rome

       Arquè Petrarca, Euganean Hills
       Bagni di Lucca (general view)
       Bagni di Lucca: Casa Bertini
       Bagni di Pisa (general view, of Terme)
       Bagni di Pisa, Shelleys' house
       Bagni di Pisa: memorial tablet to Shelley
       Casa Magni: Shelley's boat, the Don Juan
       Chiavenna: J. J. Meyer
       Domaso, Lake Como
       Este: entrance to I Cappucini
       Este: view west from hillside above Shelleys' house
       Etna, from Catania: P. Fabris
       Etna: eruption of 1787
       Euganean Hills, the interior at San Giorgio
       Florence, and the River Arno
       Florence: memorial tablet on Shelley's house
       Florence: Palazzo Marini, Shelley's residence
       Florence: The Uffizi Gallery
       Florence and Fiesole: W. H. Bartlett
       Lago Maggiore, Borromean Islands: G. Lory
       Lago Maggiore, Borromean Islands: J. J. Wetzel
       Lago Maggiore, Isola Giovanni: J. J. Wetzel
       Lago Maggiore, Isola Superiore
       Lago Maggiore, Stresa: J. J. Wetzel
       Lake Como: Bellagio: J. J. Wetzel
       Lake Como, Gravedona
       Lake Como, Villa Pliniana: J. J. Wetzel
       Lerici, Casa Magni by San Terenzo
       Lerici, San Terenzo, bay of La Spezia
       Milan: G. Lory
       Naples region
        Avernus, Lake, near Naples: P. Fabris
        Avernus, Lake, near Naples
        Baia Bay, near Naples: W. H. Bartlett
        Baia Bay, near Naples
        Bay of Naples: P. Fabris
        Cuma: Cave of the Sybil, near Naples
        Elysian Fields, from Cape Miseno: W. L. Leitch (monochrome)
        Elysian Fields, from Cape Miseno: W. L. Leitch (colour)
        Naples, night scene with Vesuvius
        Naples, from Posillipo: P Fabris
        Naples, from the west: W. H. Bartlett
        Naples, looking west: P. Fabris
        Naples, the Villa Royal
        Naples, street scene
        Naples Bay: view to Cape Miseno and Ischia: P. Fabris
        Pozzuoli and Bay of Baia: P. Fabris
        Pozzuoli, Bay of, near Naples: C. Reiss
        Solfatara, near Naples: P. Fabris
        Solfatara, near Naples
        Vesuvius, eruption of October 20 1767: P. Fabris
        Vesuvius, eruption of December 1760-January 1761: P. Fabris
        Vesuvius, eruption of August 8-9 1799: P. Fabris
        Vesuvius, night view of lava flow: P. Fabris
        Vesuvius, view near summit: P. Fabris
       Palermo, with Monte Pellegrino: H. Fenn
       Pisa, the Arno
       Pisa: Palazzo Lanfranchi
       Pisa: Palazzo Lanfranchi and Tre Palazzi di Chiesa
       Pisa: Tre Palazzo di Chiesa, Shelley's last Pisa house
          Frieze of Mars, from the Temple of Venus
          Frieze of a faun and a bacchant (no longer in Pompeii)
          Forum: Wolfensburger
          Forum, with Temple of Jove
          House of the Vetti: Detail of a frieze
          House of the Vetti: freizes
          Necropolis, beyond the Porta di Nocera
          Temple of Isis being uncovered: P. Fabris
          Temple of Isis
          Temple of Venus
          Theatre: Wolfensberger
          Two theatres
          Via dell'Abbondanza
          Villa dei Misteri: frieze
          Arch of Constantine
          Arch of Titus, general view
          Arch of Titus, detail of winged figures of Victory
          Arch of Titus, frieze of sack of Jerus alem
          Arch of Titus, frieze of Titus with winged Victory
          Capitol: W. B. Cooke
          Colosseum, exterior view, c. 1830
          Colosseum, exterior, 1818: E. F. Batty
          Colosseum, interior
          Dancing Maenad, Palazzo dei Conservatori
          Forum, view from Capitoline Hill, 1818: Turner and Hakewill
          Forum, view from edge of Capitoline Hill
          Forum, view towards Capitoline Hill, 1820: Turner and Hakewill
          Forum, view of west end
          Laocoön, Vatican Museum
          Palatine Hill, palace of Septimius Severus, 1819: Hakewill
          Palatine Hill, view from Forum
          Pantheon, exterior, c. 1830
          Pantheon, interior: W. H. Bartlett
          Piazza di Spagna, c. 1840
          Protestant Cemetary and view of Rome, 1819: Turner and Hakewill
          Shelley at the Baths of Caracalla: Joseph Severn
          St. Peter's and the Vatican
          Temple of Saturn
       Sicily: Map for Brydone and Swinburne
       Terni: Falls
       Val Vedro, below Gondo: W. H. Bartlett
       Val d'Ossolo: W. H. Bartlett
       Venice, Grand Canal from the Rialto
       Venice, the Lido: C. Stanfield
       Venice: the Rialto
       Venice: Palazzo Mocenigo, Byron's house
       Venice: Palazzo Mocenigo, courtyard at rear


Jebb, J., Thoughts on the Construction and Polity of Prisons (1786): see Lofft
Jeffrey, Francis
       On the Lake School of Poetry (1802)


Edmund Kean, portrait: G. Clint
Keats, John
        Geographical Chronology
        Walking Tour to the North, 1818
Knight, R. P., An Analytical Inquiry into the Principles of Taste (1808)


Lake District
Lamb, Charles: texts
Lamb, Lady Caroline: texts
Lamb, Mary: texts
Landon, Letitia Elizabeth: texts
Landor, Walter Savage: texts
Lee, S., The Recess: reviews
Lewis, Matthew
        The Monk: reviews
        The Monk: summary
Lloyd, Charles: texts
Lockhart, John Gibson: texts
Lofft, C., On Capital Punishment; with an Abstract of Penal Statutes (1786)
Louvet, J.-B., Narrative of the Dangers to which I have been exposed (1795)


Macaulay Graham, C. M., Letters on Education (1790)
Mackintosh, James BR>       Texts BR>       Vindiciæ Gallicæ (1791)

MAPS (from Romantic period only)
       Africa: Liberia and Sierra Leone, 1844
       Africa: Nigeria, Cameroon, 1794
       Africa: the upper Nile, 1830, showing Bruce's travels
       Africa: West, 1805
       Africa: West, 1830, showing Park's travels
       Bath: city centre
       Bath and Bristol, 1804
       Cumberland (part), 1804
       Edinburgh, 1844
       France -- Italy: Mont Cenis Pass, 1794
       France -- Italy: Mont Cenis Pass, Brockedon, 1827
       France: Eastern Pyrenées, 1797
       Germany: Harz Mountains, 1797
       Germany: the Middle Rhine, 1794
       Grasmere and Rydal, 1789
       Hampstead and Highgate, 1805
       Italy, central (locations of Radcliffe's The Italian)
       Italy: Naples Bay, 1776; and guide to locations
       Italy: Naples, 1844
       Italy: Pompeii, 1844
       Lancashire, 1789
       Lake District, 1787
       London and Middlesex, 1805
       London and Westminster, 1805
       Nether Stowey, Somerset: detail from Balch map, c. 1755
       Paris Centre, 1791
       Paris Centre: East, 1791
       Paris Centre: West, 1791
       Rome, 1830 For details from this map see Shelley at Rome
       Sicily (locations for Brydone and Swinburne)
       Somerset (part), 1831 For other maps see Coleridge and Wordsworth in Somerset
       Surinam / Dutch Guiana, 1807
       Switzerland, Byron's Swiss tour of 1816 in part
       Switzerland, Geneva: city state, 1799
       Switzerland, Lake Geneva, 1801
       Switzerland, Upper Reuss and Levantine Valleys, 1801
       Switzerland: St. Gotthard Pass, 1827
       Terra del Fuego, from James Cook, Voyage to the South Pole (1777)
       Twickenham and Richmond, 1805
       USA: eastern states, 1794
       USA: south-east, 1817 For other maps see Bartram's Travels
       West Indies, 1715
       Westmoreland (part), 1811

Martens, F., Voyage into Spitzbergen and Greenland (1671)
       Plate A
       Plate B (left)
       Plate B (right)
Martin, J., The Paradise Lost of Milton (1827)
Martyn, T., Sketch of a Tour through Swisserland (1787)
Mathias, T. J., The Pursuits of Literature (1798)
       Review of Mathias, Critical Review (1798)
Maturin, Charles
       Melmoth the Wanderer: reviews
       Melmoth the Wanderer: summary
       On Novel-Writing
Mill, John Stuart: texts
Millingen, J., Memoirs of the Affairs of Greece [on Byron] (1831)
Moir, J., Female Tuition (1784)
Moore, John
       A View of Society and Manners in France, Switzerland, and Germany (1780)
       Zeluco: reviews
Moore, Thomas: texts
More, Hannah
       Strictures on Female Education (1799)
Morgan, Lady, Italy (1821)


Napoleon on his charger: G. Cruikshank
Napoleon at the battle of Roveredo: G. Cruikshank
Napoleon crossing the Alps at Mount St. Bernard: G. Cruikshank
Napoleon's victory at the battle of Marengo: G. Cruikshank
Napoleon the Great, in his coronation robes: G. Cruikshank
Napoleon's retreat from Moscow: G. Cruikshank
Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo: G. Cruikshank
Norton, Caroline: texts


Opie, Amelia: texts
Oswald, J., The Cry of Nature (1791)
Owenson, Sydney
       Italy (as Lady Morgan)


Paine, Thomas: texts
Park, M., Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa (1799)
Peacock, T. L., Nightmare Abbey: Reviews
Phantasmagoriana, review (1818)
Picturesque Tour of the English Lakes (1821)
       -- Title Page
Piozzi, H. L., Observations and Reflections [on] France, Italy (1789)
Piranesi, Carceri d'Inventione
Polidori, John William
        The Vampyre: reviews
        The Vampyre: summary
Polwhele, R., The Unsex'd Females (1798)
Poole, Thomas
       "John Walford" (1797)
       On Coleridge and Pantisocracy [1794-98]
Preternatural in Fiction (1818)
Price, Richard: texts
Priestley, J., Letters to the Right Honourable Edmund Burke (1791)
Proctor, Bryan Walter
Project display reports
Project report and display
Project reports on Shelley
Pugh, E., Cambria Depicta (1816)


Radcliffe, Ann
       Barbauld on Radcliffe (1810)
       Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne: summary
       Italian, The: summary
       Italian, The: map of locations
       Italian: views of locations
       A Journey Made in the Summer of 1794 (1795)
       A Journey: review, Critical Quarterly (1795)
       Mysteries of Udolpho: summary
       Mysteries of Udolpho: views of locations
       Obituary notice (1823)
       On the Supernatural in Poetry (1826)
       Reviews of Fiction
       Romance of the Forest: summary
       Sicilian Romance: summary
       Scott on Radcliffe (1824)
       A Retrospective View of Radcliffe (1824)
Ramesses II, British Museum
Reading Novels and Romances: Letters and Articles in the Journals
Reeve, Clara
       Plans of Education (1792)
       The Old English Baron: review
       The Old English Baron: summary
Repton, H., Observations on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening (1805)
Research for a project: Resources and strategies
Robinson, Mary: texts
Roche, Regina Maria
        Clermont: review


Sandford, Mrs H., Thomas Poole and His Friends (1888)
Saussure, H. de, on ascents of Mont Blanc, 1785-87
Scott, Sir Walter
       On Radcliffe (1824)
       On the Supernatural in Fiction (1827)
Sensibility, On (1796)
Seward, Anna: texts
Sharp, S., Letters from Italy (1766)
Shelley, Mary
       Frankenstein: reviews
       Frankenstein: some background documents
       Frankenstein: summary
Shelley, Percy Bysshe
       Geographic chronology
          From Pompeii
          From Rome
       Reviews of fiction: Zastrozzi (1810), St. Irvyne (1811)
Shelleys, Mary and Percy Bysshe
       By the Thames, 1815-1817
       In Italy, 1: Spring 1818 to Summer 1819
       In Italy, 2: Summer 1819 to Summer 1822
       On Chamonix: from History of a Six Week's Tour (1817)
       Visits to Switzerland, 1814 and 1816
Shelvocke, G., A Voyage Round the World (1726)
Siddons, H., Terror and Horror (1822)
Siddons, Mrs, portrait: G. H. Harlowe
Slave Trade, Debate on a Motion for Abolition (1791)
Smith, Charlotte
       The Old Manor House: reviews
Smith, S., The Peter Plymley Letters (1807-08)
Southey, Robert: texts
Spallanzani, Abbe Lazarro
        Travels in the Two Sicilies (1798)
            Plate 1: Etna and Catania
            Plate 2: Summit of Mount Etna
Spanish Inquisition (1826)
Structure Diagram, Emma: Projects
Students examining project reports
Sublime, the: Web diagram
Starke, Mariana, Travels in Europe between the years 1824 and 1828 (1828)
Stedman, J. G., Narrative of a Five Years' Expedition (1796)
Swinburne, H., Travels in the Two Sicilies (1785)

       Airolo: Anon.
       Altdorf: H. Thomann
       Altstätten: J. L. Bleuler
       Appenzell, the main square
       Appenzell, view over the town
       Arbon, Lake Constance: J. L. Bleuler
       Avenches, the Roman amphitheatre
       Avenches, the Roman temple
       Basel: J. L. Bleuler
       Basel: C. de Mechel
       Bellinzona: J. J. Meyer
       Bex: J. A. Linck
       Bouveret, Lake Geneva: G. Lory
       Brienzersee: J. J. Wetzel
       Brienzersee, from Iseltwald
       Brig, with the ascent of the Simplon: W. H. Bartlett
       Brunnen, Lake Lucerne: N. M. J. Chapuy
       Brunnen, Lake Lucerne: J. J. Wetzel
       Brunnen, Lake Lucerne
       Chillon, Castle Dungeon
       Chillon, Castle Gallows
       Chillon, the Castle
       Chillon, the Castle: C. Daumerlang
       Chillon, the Castle: J. J. Wetzel
       Clarens and east end of Lake Geneva
       Chur: J. L. Bleuler
       Constance, Lake: B. Foster
       Constance, Lake and town: J. L. Bleuler
       Constance, Lake, entrance of Rhine: J. L. Bleuler
       Constance, Lake, Meynau Island: J. L. Bleuler
       Constance, Lake, near Arbon: J. L. Bleuler
       Constance, Lake, Reichenau Island: J. L. Bleuler
       Constance, Lake, near Güttingen
       Coppet, Chateau of Madame de Staël: J. Deriaz
       Dent de Jaman
       Devil's Bridge, near Andermatt: after Chatelet
       Diessenhofen and convent: J. L. Bleuler
       Diodati, Villa at Cologny, Lake Geneva: Alexandre Calame
       Diodati, Villa, and Lord Byron: Anon.
       Diodati, Villa at Cologny
       Disentis, Vorderrhein near to: J. L. Bleuler
       Disentis, Vorderrhein below: J. L. Bleuler
       Domleschg valley: J. L. Bleuler
       Eiger, from above Kleine Scheidegg
       Einsiedeln: G. L. Lory
       Einsiedeln, the Kloster
       Erlach, old town, overlooking Bielersee and St. Petersinsel
       Flüelen, Urnersee: Corrodi
       Flüelen, Urnersee: M. G. Lory
       Flüelen, view south towards St. Gottard Pass
       Faido, Levantine Valley: H. Keller
       Faido, Levantine Valley
       Fribourg: W. H. Bartlett
       Geneva area: Map
       Geneva -- Chamonix Sketch Map
       Geneva: J-P. Linck
       Geneva: J. L. Bleuler
       Geneva, Lake (from east shore)
       Geneva, Lake (from east shore): G. Charton
       Gersau, Lake Lucerne: J. J. Wetzel
       Glarus: H. Thomann
       Golfe d'Alpnach, Lake Lucerne: J. J. Wetzel
       Gondo Ravine, looking down and up
       Gondo ravine, the gallery: W. H. Bartlett
       Gondo ravine, near Gondo: W. Brockedon
       Gondo, the Spittal: H. Keller
       Gondo, the Spittal
       Grindelwald, upper glacier
       Grindelwald, view across valley
       Grindelwald, view east from Grosse Scheidegg
       Grindelwald, with lower and upper glaciers: W. H. Bartlett
       Grindelwald, view from Kleine Scheidegg
       Gurtnellen and Wassen: F. X. Triner
       Hinterrhein: L. Bleuler
       Hinterrhein and Rhinewald Glacier: J. J. Meyer
       Hinterrhein, near Nufenen
       Hospental, St. Gotthard route: J. Triner
       Hospental, St. Gotthard route
       Ilanz, Vorderrhein at: J. L. Bleuler
       Ill-Rhine junction: J. L. Bleuler
       Jungfrau and Wengeralp: J. L. Bleuler
       Kesswil, Lake Constance: old house
       Kesswil, sunset over Lake Constance
       Lago Maggiore, Madonna del Sasso: J. J. Meyer
       Laufenburg: J. L. Bleuler
       Laufenburg, on the Rhine: B. Foster
       Laufenburg, on the Rhine
       Lauterbrunnen, with Staubbachfall: J. L. Bleuler
       Lauterbrunnen, with Staubbachfall
       Lauterbrunnen Valley, from Wengen: W. H. Bartlett
       Lauterbrunnen, from below Wengen
       Levantine Valley, from St. Gotthard
       Locarno: J. J. Wetzel
       Lucerne: J. J. Aschmann
       Lucerne: H. Thomann
       Lucerne: J. J. Wetzel
       Lucerne: W. H. Bartlett
       Lugano: J. J. Wetzel
       Lukmanier Pass: J. L. Bleuler
       Lungernsee: J. J. Wetzel
       Lütschine, river below Grindelwald
       Mesocco Valley: W. H. Bartlett
       Mesocco Valley: J. J. Meyer
       Middle Rhine, source: J. L. Bleuler
       Morat (Murten): B. A. Duncker
       Mumpf, on the Rhine
       Nyon, Lake Geneva: C. Hackert
       Pfäfers, view of Rhine Valley from: J. L. Bleuler
       Pissevache Cascade, The Valais: C. Frommel & H. Winkles
       Pissevache Cascade, The Valais: Anon.
       Reichenau: J. L. Bleuler
       Reichenau: J. J. Meyer
       Reichenbach Falls: W. H. Bartlett
       Reichenbach Falls
       Reuss River near Lucerne: B. A. Dunker
       Reuss Valley below Andermatt: the old road
       Reuss and Levantine Valleys: Map
       Rhäzüns Hinterrhein valley: J. L. Bleuler
       Rhäzüns, Hinterrhein valley: J. J. Meyer
       Rheinau convent: J. L. Bleuler
       Rheineck, Lake Constance: J. L. Bleuler
       Rheinfelden: J. L. Bleuler
       Rheinwald Glacier: J. L. Bleuler
       Rhine Falls from below Laufen Castle
       Rhine Falls, Laufen near Schaffhausen
       Rhine Falls, opposite Laufen Castle
       Rhine Falls, below Laufen Castle (version 1): J. L. Bleuler
       Rhine Falls, below Laufen Castle (version 2): J. L. Bleuler
       Rhine Falls by moonlight: J. L. Bleuler
       Rhine Falls, near Schaffhausen: L. Rohbock
       Rhine Falls, near Schaffhausen: B. Foster
       Rhine Falls, view of Laufen Castle: W. H. Bartlett
       Rhine: the three sources of the Upper Rhine
       Richterswil, Lake Zurich: J. J. Wetzel
       Roffla, Rhine falls, Hinterrhein: J. L. Bleuler
       Roffla, Rhine falls, Hinterrhein: J. J. Meyer
       Rütli, Urnersee: J. H. Bleuler
       Rütli, Urnersee: D. A. Schmid
       San Bernadino Pass, summit
       San Bernadino Pass, summit: C. Huber
       Sargans, view of Rhine Valley from: J. L. Bleuler
       Sargans, view of Rhine Valley towards: J. L. Bleuler
       Sarnersee: J. J. Wetzel
       Schaffhausen: J. L. Bleuler
       Schaffhausen: B. Foster
       Secheron, Hotel d'Angleterre: Bourjot
       Silberhorn, from above Kleine Scheidegg
       Simplon Pass, the Alter Spital: H. Keller
       Simplon Pass, the Alter Spital
       Simplon Pass, view from the summit looking south
       Simplon Pass, Laggina, with bridge and path to Feerberg
       Sion, the Valais: G. Lory
       Splügen: J. L. Bleuler
       Splügen, Hinterrhein Valley: L. Bleuler
       Splügen, Hinterrhein Valley: J. J. Meyer
       Splügen, Hinterrhein Valley
       St. Gingolph, Lake Geneva: G. Lory
       St. Gingolph, Lake Geneva: J. J. Wetzel
               [see on right]
       St. Gingolph, Lake Geneva
       St. Gotthard Hospice and village
       St. Maurice: N. Sprunglin
       Staubbachfall, Lauterbrunnen
       Stein-am-Rhein: J. L. Bleuler
       Tell's Chapel, Lake of Uri: E. Hochdanz
       Tell's Chapel, Lake of Uri: W. H. Bartlett
       Tell's Chapel, Lake of Uri: L. Bleuler
       Tell's Chapel: mural of Tell's escape
       Tete Noire, near Trient: W. H. Bartlett
       Thun and lake: L. Bleuler
       Thun, view near: J. J. Wetzel
       Thun, Castle Schadau
       Thun Lake, view from Castle Schadau
       Thun Lake, view from Neuhaus
       Thusis, gallery near to: J. L. Bleuler
       Toma, Lake, source of Vorderrhein: J. L. Bleuler
       Trun, Vorderrhein at: J. L. Bleuler
       Trient Valley, above Martigny
       Tschamut, junction of sources of Vorderrhein: J. L. Bleuler
       Unspunnen Castle, near Interlaken
       Unspunnen Castle, view towards mountains
       Urnerloch, near Andermatt: J. J. Meyer
       Urner Loch, Devil's Bridge: C. Wolff
       Urnersee, from near Brunnen
       Urnersee, from Flüelen
       Urnersee from Seedorf: G. L. Lory
       Urseren, Vale of: J. U. Schellenberg
       Urseren, Vale of
       Vaduz (Liechtenstein): J. L. Bleuler
       Valais, from Leuk: F. Schmied
       Vevey: Anon.
       Vevey: J. L. Aberli
       Vevey: J. J. Wetzel
       Vevey: Rousseau's house
       Via Mala: W. H. Bartlett
       Via Mala: J. L. Bleuler
       Via Mala: K. Fehr
       Via Mala: J. J. Meyer
       Via Mala
       Wallenstadt and Walensee: J. J. Wetzel
       Wassen, Reuss valley: H. Jenny
       Weissenburg, Simmental
       Werdenberg: J. L. Bleuler
       Wimmis, the Chateau
       Yverdon, main square
       Zillis, Vorderrhein: J. L. Bleuler
       Zurich, view south: J. L. Bleuler
       Zurich, and Lake Zurich: J. J. Wetzel


Taylor, John: texts
Tennyson, Alfred Lord: texts
Thelwall, John
        Defence, intended for delivery at the Treason Trial (1795)
        The Rights of Nature, against the Usurpations of Establishments (1796)
        The Phenomena of the Wye, during the Winter of 1797-8
        Tighe, Mary: texts
        Tintern Abbey and the Wye Valley
Treason Trials of 1794 (1795)
Trimmer, S., A Comparative View of the New Plan of Education promulgated by Mr. Joseph Lancaster (1805)
Trotter, T., An Essay on Drunkenness (1804)


Volney, Comte de
       The Ruins of Empires (1796)
       Frontispiece to The Ruins of Empires (1796)


Walpole, Horace
       Castle of Otranto: reviews
       Castle of Otranto: summary
       House at Strawberry Hill: Marlow
       House at Strawberry Hill: Farington
Warner, R., A Walk Through Wales, in August 1797 (1801)
Warton, Thomas: texts
Waterloo, Battle of
       Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo: G. Cruikshank
       View from Mont St. Jean: T. H. Horne
       Plains of Waterloo: T. Cooper
West, T., Guide to the Lakes (1789)
Whately, T., Observations on Modern Gardening (1770)
Williams, Helen Maria
       Letters from France (1790)
       Letters from France (1792, 1793)
       Letters from France (1794, 1795)
       Letters from France: early reviews (1790-95)
       Narrative of the Events which have taken place in France (1816)
       Tour in Switzerland (1798)
       Wilson, John: texts
Windham, W., An Account of the Glacieres or Ice Alps in Savoy (1744)
Wollstonecraft, Mary
       Memoirs of Wollstonecraft by Godwin (1798): reviews
       Thoughts on the Education of Daughters (1787)
       Vindication of the Rights of Men (1790)
Woodhouse, Richard: texts
Wordsworth, Dorothy: texts
Wordsworth, William
       Coleridge and Wordsworth in Somerset
       Geographic Chronology
       Lyrical Ballads, title page (1798)
       The Prelude (1805)
       Visit to Revolutionary France, 1791-92
       Walking Tour in 1790: France
       Walking Tour in 1790: Switzerland
       Walking Tour in 1790: The Rhine
       Wordsworth and Coleridge: Visit to Germany, 1798-99
       Portrait (dressed for rain)
Wright, F., Views of Society and Manners in America (1821)
Wu, Duncan, Editorial, etc., to Romanticism: An Anthology


Yearsley, Ann: texts
Young, E., Conjectures on Original Composition (1759)

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