Elements of an ethics review, Hero

The main elements are summarized below. Statements are required in response to each of the following requests for information:

  1. Conflict of interest
  2. Provide a lay summary of research, < 300 words
  3. Provide a description of your research proposal, background, scope, methods, procedures, etc., < 1000 words
  4. Assessment of risks associated with research, if any; how these will be managed and mitigated
  5. How you will manage if an individual is distressed
  6. Describe any potential benefits of the research to participants
  7. Describe scholarly benefits
  8. Participant information
  9. Recruitment of participants: who, how, where
  10. How informed consent will be obtained
  11. Research methods, procedures, description, and copies of documents
  12. Handling of data, ensuring privacy, etc., data identifiers, retention of data
  13. Attached documents required: informed consent; briefing; debriefing; alternate assignment; etc.:

In planning your empirical study for Engl 694, I will require a statement that addresses the relevant issues as numbered above. In addition, you will be expected to provide draft copies of the documents to be used in the study, such as the consent form, briefing, etc., in addition to the empirical materials (texts, questionnaires, etc.). I have to approve these documents before you recruit participants and carry out the study. 

Note that REB approval for the empirical studies in Engl 694 has been granted. The study ID is Pro00026494 (October 25 2011).

David S. Miall
January 15th 2012

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