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Books and Monographs

1974 D. Lubell, The Fakhurian: a late Palaeolithic industry from Upper Egypt. The Geological Survey of Egypt, Special Paper No. 58, 193 pp. (Published version of PhD dissertation).

1975 D. Lubell, J.-L. Ballais, A. Gautier, F.A. Hassan, A. Close, C. Chippindale, J. Elmendorf & G. Aumassip, Prehistoric cultural ecology of Capsian escargotières I: preliminary results of an interdisciplinary investigation in the Chéria-Télidjène region 1972-73. Libyca 23: 44-121.

1977 T.C. Losey, J.R. Vickers, J. Douglas, G. Gerhart, G. Prager, H. Pyzczyk & D. Lubell, Historic Sites Service Occasional Paper No. 2: Archaeological investigations Fort Victoria, 1974. Edmonton: Historic Sites Service, Alberta Culture Historical Resources Division.

1982-3 D. Lubell, A. Gautier, E.T. Leventhal, M. Thompson, H.P. Schwarcz & M. Skinner, Prehistoric cultural ecology of Capsian escargotières II: report on investigations conducted during 1976 in the Bahiret Télidjène, Tébessa Wilaya, Algeria. Libyca 30/31: 59-142.

1988 J.R.F. Bower & D. Lubell (eds.), Prehistoric Cultures and Environments in the Late Quaternary of Africa. Cambridge Monographs in Afican Archaeology 26, British Archaeological Reports, International Series 405.

Chapters and encyclopaedia articles

1984 D. Lubell, Paleoenvironments and Epi-Paleolithic economies in the Maghreb (ca. 20,000 to 5000 B.P.). In, J.D. Clark & S.A. Brandt (eds.), From Hunters to Farmers: The Causes and Consequences of Food Production in Africa. Berkeley, University of California Press, pp. 41-56.

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1992 M. Jackes & D. Lubell, The Early Neolithic human remains from Gruta do Caldeirão. In, J. Zilhão (ed.), Gruta do Caldeirão - O Neolítico Antigo, Trabalhos de Arqueologia 6, pp. 259-295. Lisboa: Instituto Português do Património Cultural.

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1999 D. Lubell & S. Berry. Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene Maghreb. eHRAF Collection of Archaeology.

2001 D. Lubell. Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene Maghreb. In, P.N. Peregrine & M. Ember (eds.) Encyclopedia of Prehistory, Volume 1: Africa. New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, pp. 129-149.

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Articles in journals and serials

1976 D. Lubell, F.A. Hassan, A. Gautier & J.-L. Ballais, The Capsian escargotières. Science 191: 910-920.

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1995 M. Mussi, D. Lubell, A. Arnoldus-Huyzendveld, S. Agostini, S. Coubray. Holocene land snail exploitation in the highlands of Central Italy and Eastern Algeria: a comparison. Préhistoire Européenne 7: 169-189.

1997a M. Jackes, D. Lubell & C. Meiklejohn. Healthy but mortal: human biology and the first farmers of Western Europe. Antiquity 71 (273): 639-658. Supplementary material and data files are available at

1997b M. Jackes, D. Lubell & C. Meiklejohn. On physical anthropological aspects of the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the Iberian Peninsula. Current Anthropology 38: 839-846.

1999 C.M. Haverkort & D. Lubell. Cutmarks on Capsian human remains: implications for Maghreb Holocene social organization and palaeoeconomy. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 9(3): 147-169.

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2001 Jackes, M., R. Sherburne, D. Lubell, C. Barker & M. Wayman. Destruction of microstructure in archaeological bone: a case study from Portugal. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 11: 415-432.

Papers in Conference Proceedings

1976 D. Lubell, The seasonal factor in Egyptian prehistory: a case example and several hypotheses. Proceedings of the 7th Panafrican Congress on Prehistory and the Study of the Quaternary (Addis Ababa), pp. 111- 126.

1984 D. Lubell, The Capsian palaeoeconomy (Abstract). Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on the Origin and Early Development of Food-Producing Cultures in North-Eastern Africa. Poznan, Polish Academy of Sciences, pp. 453-455.

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1988 D. Lubell & M. Jackes, Portuguese Mesolithic-Neolithic subsistence and settlement. Rivista di Antropologia (Supplemento) LXVI: 231-248.

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2002 Jackes, M., M. Roksandic, C. Meiklejohn & D. Lubell The demography of the Djerdap Mesolithic/Neolithic transition. In C. Bonsall, V. Boroneant & I. Radovanovic (eds.), The Iron Gates in Prehistory: new perspectives. Oxford: Archaeopress (in press).

2003 F. Bamforth, M. Jackes & D. Lubell. Mesolithic-Neolithic population relationships in Portugal: the evidence from ancient mitochondrial DNA. In, K. Knutsson, L. Larsson, D. Loeffler & A. Åkerlund (eds.) Mesolithic on the Move: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on the Mesolithic in Europe, Stockholm 2000, pp. 581-587 Oxford: Oxbow Books.

2004a. D. Lubell. Prehistoric edible land snails in the circum-Mediterranean: the archaeological evidence. In, J-J. Brugal & J. Desse (eds.), Petits Animaux et Sociétés Humaines. Du Complément Alimentaire Aux Ressources Utilitaires. XXIVe rencontres internationales d'archéologie et d'histoire d'Antibes, pp. 77-98. Antibes: Éditions APDCA.

2004b. D. Lubell. Are land snails a signature for the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition? In, M. Budja (ed.), Neolithic Studies 11. Documenta Praehistorica XXXI: 1-24.

2005. D. Lubell, M. Jackes, P. Sheppard, P. Rowley-Conwy. The Mesolithic-Neolithic in the Alentejo: archaeological investigations, 1984-1986. Forthcoming in the Proceedings of the IV Congresso de Arqueologia Peninsular, Faro, September 2004.

Short reports and articles

1977 D. Lubell, Prehistoric cultural ecology of Capsian escargotières: preliminary report of the 1976 field season. Nyame Akuma 10: 64-70.

1978 D. Lubell, Report of the 1978 season in Algeria. Nyame Akuma 13: 4-5.

1984 D. Lubell, The Mesolithic-Neolithic transition as seen from southern Portugal: preliminary report on the 1984 field season. Mesolithic Miscellany 5: 7-11.

1986 C. Meiklejohn, M. Jackes & D. Lubell, Radiocarbon dating of human skeletal material from two sites in Portugal. Mesolithic Miscellany 7: 4-6.

1987a J. Zilhão & D. Lubell, Concheiro de Pandeiro. Informação Arqueológica 8: 45-46.

1987b J. Zilhão & D. Lubell, Concheiro do Pinhal do Fonte. Informação Arqueológica 8: 55.

1988 M. Jackes & D. Lubell, Skeletal biology research in Portugal. Physical Anthropology News 7(1):13.

1993 S. Agostini, D. Lubell, M. Mussi & D. Zampetti, Grotta di Pozzo (Com. di Lecce nei Marsi, Prov. de L'Aquila). Rivista di Scienze Preistoriche XLV:266-267. (pub. 1996)

1995 D. Lubell & M. Mussi, Upper Palaeolithic to Neolithic in Abruzzo: preliminary data from the 1989-1994 field seasons. Old World Archaeology Newsletter XVIII (2): 31-37.

2000 A. Arnaiz-Villena & D. Lubell (on behalf of J. Alonso-García, V. Cabrera, J.L. Escacena, M. Jackes, C. Meiklejohn, P. del Moral, P. Rowley-Conwy, M. Ruhlen and A. Sánchez-Mazas). Prehistoric Iberia: genetics, anthropology and linguistics. Current Anthropology 41(4): 636-638.

Work in progress

D. Lubell, P. Sheppard (Auckland), M. Jackes, W.R. Farrand (Michigan), C.T. Shay (Manitoba) & C. D'Andrea (Simon Fraser). Final report on research conducted in Algeria between 1973 and 1978. Monograph.

D. Lubell, M. Jackes & C. Meiklejohn. Inventory of Mesolithic and Neolithic human skeletal collections held at the Serviços Geológicos de Portugal, Lisboa. Monograph.

D. Lubell, M. Tarabulski & M. Jackes. “The 1930 Logan Museum Expedition to Algeria”. This will be a book incorporating the diaries of American students (including Sol Tax and Lauriston Ward) taken on this first-ever overseas archaeological field school, comparing the situation to our own work with students in Algeria in the 1970s (Lubell & Jackes), and using archival materials including still and motion photography rediscovered by Tarabulski and now curated at Beloit College, the University of Minnesota, and the Smithsonian Institution.

D. Lubell. Manuscript tentatively titled “Food for thought: land snails in circum-Mediterranean prehistory and the transition to agricultural economies”. Preliminary versions of some of the data and discussion will be published in 2004 (see above under Conference Proceedings).

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