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  I Love Jesus and I Accept Evolution (2009)
  This 170 page book is a popular version of my 500 page Evolutionary Creation (see below). It includes basic scientific evidence for evolution and deals with how to interpret the opening chapters of the Bible.
  Chapter 3.  Ancient Science in the Bible  
  The key to reading statements about the natural world in the Bible is to recognize they reflect an ancient understanding of nature; or stated another way, the science-of-the-day.  
  Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution (2008)    
A conservative Christian view of evolution. Includes a biblical understanding of intelligent design, a detailed interpretation of Genesis 1-11, and a Christian view of human evolution.
  Chapter 9.  Coming to Terms with Evolution: A Personal Story  
  My personal story of moving from atheism to young earth creationism and finally to evolutionary creation.  
  Darwinism Defeated? Johnson-Lamoureux Debate on Biological Origins (1999)
  My debate with the father of the Intelligent Design Movement, lawyer Phillip E. Johnson. Includes papers by ID theorists Michael Behe Stephen Meyer and evolutionists Michael Denton and Keith Miller.  
  Evolutionary Creation: Moving Beyond the 'Evolution' vs 'Creation' Debate (2010)
  This 12 page paper is an introduction to evolutionary creation. It proposes a Christian view of origins rejects the false dichotomy of choosing between atheistic evolution and six day creation.  
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  Was Adam a Real Person? (2011)
  The most challenging issue in the origins controversy is human origins. Was there really a man in history who corresponds to the biblical figure Adam? And if not, does this impact Christian faith?  
  Darwinian Theological Insights: Toward an Intellectually Fulfilled Christian Theism  
  de3 Part 1. Divine Creative Action & Intelligent Design (2012)  
  de3 Part 2. Evolutionary Theodicy & Evolutionary Psychology (2012)  
Richard Dawkins claims "Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist." I argue that a careful reading of Darwin's works offers insights to develop an intellectually fulfilled Christian theism.
  Lessons from the Heavens: On Scripture, Science & Inerrancy (2008)
Few Christians are aware that Bible features an ancient understanding of the structure of the universe. This paper explores the implications of this ancient astronomy for the notion of biblical inerrancy.
  A Black Box or a Black Hole? A Response to Michael Behe (1999)
Michael Behe is the most important intelligent design theorist in the world today. In a remarkable admission, he reveals to me in this paper that his "official position" on origins is "agnostic."
  Philosophy vs. Science (1981)
This is my first publication and it reveals that I was a very commitment young earth creationist some thirty years ago.