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In 2007 I was on Steve Paikin’s show The Agenda (TV Ontario). A clip was taken from that show, and then shown to Richard Dawkins the following year. He was asked to comment on my views, and indeed he does.
The person sitting with Steve Paikin is Jim Brown, a philosopher at the University of Toronto. He had just said that sensible people don’t believe in God. As you will see, I was a little irritated and I open by responding to his comment.
My reference to “Jerry” is Jerry Coyne of the University of Chicago. He is just like Dawkins, a very aggressive atheist. In fact, he makes a number of disparaging remarks against me and my book I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution (2009) on his blog. I doubt he read the book. Check out his blog and my response: #27 & #28 (13 May 09).
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