This interactive online course is an introduction to the exciting new field of Science and Religion with a special emphasis on the modern origins debate. Participants will examine various approaches to the relationship between science and religion and then construct THEIR personal points of view.    
  • No residency requirement.
• Small class size: maximum of 20 students.
  • In the first four months, students will complete an introductory Science & Religion course. This course is listed as CHRTC 350: Science & Religion in the University of Alberta course callendar.
• 25 hours of online lectures
• 15 hours online webinars (one every two weeks)
• Topics include: definitions of religion, definitions of science, models relating science and religion, intelligent design in nature, Galileo affair, geology & Noah’s flood, Darwin’s religious beliefs, evolution vs. creation debate, Interpretations of Genesis 1-11, and the problem of evil.
       12 written assignments amounting to a total of 10,000 words
  • In the second four months, students will focus on projects of their choice..
• Possible topics: historical figures in science & religion and the origins debate, interpretations of passages from Genesis 1-11, original sin & evolution, historicity of Adam & Eve, evolutionary psychology & Christianity, evolution and theodicy, education & origins, intelligent design and evolution.
      5000 word paper (or two 2500 word papers)
      1 hour online audio-slide presentation (or three 20 minute presentations)
  • None. Just interest in the topic!
• Acceptance is based on an online interview with Professor Lamoureux.
  Contact Professor Lamoureux at:    
  Computer Requirements  
  • A computer with a video camera, a microphone and speakers.
• We will be using ADOBE CONNECT. To see if your computer meets the requirements Click Here.
  Syllabus & Schedule  
  Starting January 2015 TBA       
  Course Materials for Phase I  
  All course materials are online and FREE to download. Click the Gray Boxes at the top of this page.    
  Class Audio-Slides   25 hours of online lectures in power point slides  
  Class Notes 200 pages of notes that follow the audio-slides  
  Class Handouts 100 pages of diagrams used in the audio-slides  
  University of Alberta Bookstore      
  Prepared course packs of the Notes and Handoutss can be order from the University of Alberta Bookstore.  
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