Most Christians assume that God revealed basic scientific facts about nature in the Bible. Known as “scientific concordism” or simply “concordism,” it attempts to align and harmonize modern science and Scripture. This presentation examines a number of biblical passages dealing with the natural world. It proposes that the Holy Spirit accommodated in the revelatory process and allowed the use of an incidental ancient understanding of nature (ie, an ancient science) as an incidental vessel to deliver inerrant Spiritual Truths.

  1. Introductory Principles Lecture 28 mins Handout  
  2. Ancient Geography/Geology Lecture 24 mins Handout  
  3. Ancient Astronomy Lecture 27 mins Handout  
  4. Ancient Biology Lecture 35 mins Handout  
  5. Conclusions & Implications Lecture 29 mins Handout  
  An introduction to the ancient science in Scripture also appears in my book I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution (2009). Click Here    
  High School & Sunday School Edition of "The Bible & Ancient Science"  
  1. Introduction & Basic Concepts Lecture 13 mins Handout  
  2. Ancient Geography/Geology Lecture 11 mins   For all 5 episodes
  3. Ancient Astronomy Lecture 14 mins    
  4. Ancient Biology Lecture 20 mins    
  5. Conclusions Lecture 6 mins    
  Other Supplemental Lectures  
  The Bible & Sources Forth Coming
  The Bible & Genealogies Click Here
  Supplemental Reading  
  Evolutionary Creation  
  This 12-page paper is an introduction to evolutionary creation. It proposes a Christian view of origins that rejects the false dichotomy
of choosing between atheistic evolution and creation in 6 literal days 6000 yrs ago. Click Here
  Coming to Terms with Evolution: A Personal Story  
  My story of struggling with biological evolution and Christian faith appears in a chapter from my book
Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution (2008). Click Here
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