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  ZOOM Flip Classroom Format  
  The COVID-19 PANDEMIC does allow for in class discussions between students and instructors. However, thanks to the ZOOM conferencing platform, we will be able to meet online. Every week students listen to about 1.5 hours of audio-slide lectures online, and then once a week they come to class for lecture summaries and class discussions.  
  Course Description      
  Are science and religion at war? Or is a peaceful relationship possible? Topics include:  Models for Relating Science and Religion,  Scientific Evidence for Evolution, Intelligent Design in Nature,  Galileo’s Religious Beliefs, Darwin’s Religious Beliefs, Interpretations of the Biblical Creation Accounts in Genesis 1-3,  and the Modern “Evolution” vs. “Creation” Debate.  
  None. Just interest in the topic!  
  4 Assignments & 1 Personal Reflection  
  # 1 (750 words): Letter to Denis Lamoureux (1981) 15%
  # 2 (1000 words): Your Model of Religion & Science 20%
  # 3 (1250 words): Letter to Richard Dawkins 30%
  # 4 (1250 words): Letter to Ken Ham 30%
  Personal Reflection 5%
  The 4 Assignments
  Syllabus & Schedule      
  Fall 2020 Section A1 Tuesday (12:30 to 1:50 PM)
  Winter 2021 Section B1 Tuesday (12:30 to 1:50 PM)
  Syllabus TBA
  Schedule TBA
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