8.30 - 9. 45: plenary session: Pathfoot Lecture Theatre

chair: Neil Keeble (University of Stirling)

Nigel Smith (Keble College, Oxford): "Enthusiasm and Enlightenment:

Diet in and after the English Revolution"



9.15 - 10.30 parallel sessions Pathfoot Seminar Rooms

GROUP A: Milton and Miltonic Connexions Pathfoot Room C1

chair: H. Neville Davies (University of Birmingham)

David Gay (University of Alberta): "'Argument Blasphemous': Blasphemy and Dissent in Paradise Lost"

Nancy Rosenfeld (University of Haifa): "'I will have my end accomplished': Milton's Satan meets Bunyan's Tempter"

GROUP B: Richard Baxter Pathfoot Room C2

chair: Roger Pooley (University of Keele)

Oliver Berghof (University of California at Irvine): "The Rhetoric of Self- Denial in Richard Baxter"

Sharon Achinstein (Northwestern University): "Richard Baxter in Weber's Protestant Work Ethic: Fact or Fiction?"

11.00 - 1.00 : parallel sessions Pathfoot Seminar Rooms

GROUP A: Narrative, Authority and Theory Pathfoot Room D1

chair: Thomas Luxon (Dartmouth College)

Stuart Sim (University of Sunderland): "Bunyan's Possible Worlds"

Tamsin Spargo (Liverpool John Moores University): "Bunyan's Abounding, or the Name of the Author"

Gary Day (De Montfort University): "The Pilgrim's Progress: Theory and the Tradition"

GROUP B: Re-readings and Intertextualities Pathfoot Room C1

chair: Ted Underwood (University of Minnesota)

Carol Acree Cavalier (Cornell University): "An Eighteenth-century Evangelical Reading of Bunyan's Genius and Imagination"

Madeleine Urion (University of Alberta): 'The Common Ground of Pilgrimage: C.S. Lewis, John Bunyan and the Realisation of Grace in Troubled Times"

Isobel Hofmeyr (University of the Witwatersrand): "The Holy War in the Congo: Bunyan, the Baptists and the Bakongo Prophets"

GROUP C: Grace Abounding Pathfoot Room C2

chair: Bob Owens (Open University)

Kay Stevenson (University of Essex): "'As soon as ever the words came in': Grace Abounding and Other Seventeenth-Century Autobiographies"

Vera Camden (Kent State University): ëRepetition and Revelation: Hebrews 12:16,17 in Grace Aboundingí

Katsuhiro Engetsu (Doshisha University): "The Absent Heart of the Matter in Grace Abounding"

2.00 - 4.00 parallel sessions Pathfoot Seminar Rooms

GROUP A: Radicalisms Pathfoot Room D1

chair: Nigel Smith (Keble College, Oxford)

Jane Baston (Penn State University): "Speaking, Interpreting, Performing: the Place of Female Radicalism in Fifth Monarchism"

Catie Gill (University of Loughborough): "Individuality and Collectivity in the Quaker Womenís Petition against Tithes (1659)"

Noam Flinker (University of Haifa): "Biblical conflation of the Spiritual and the Sexual: Bunyan and the Ranters"

GROUP B: The Holy War Pathfoot Room C1

chair: David Gay (University of Alberta)

Arlette Zinck (The King's University College): "From Preaching to Prophecy: the Stylistic and Structural Strategies of John Bunyanís The Holy War"

Crawford Gribben (University of Strathclyde): "Bunyan's Holy War and the Eschatological Self"

Robert Collmer (Baylor University): "Francis Bacon, John Bunyan - and Delia Bacon! - on Holy War"

GROUP C: Constructions of Youth Pathfoot Room C2

chair: Neil Keeble (University of Stirling)

Shannon Murray (University of Prince Edward Island): "From Lightening Bolts to Lanthorns': Bunyan's Construction of Audience in A Book for Boys and Girls"

Anne Dunan (Universite Paul Valery): "The Life and Death of Mr. Badman as 'a Compassionate Counsel to All Young Men'? Bunyan and the Nonconformist Writings on Youth"

Mary Trim (University of Loughborough): "Children in the Holy War of Seventeenth-Century England"

4.30- 5.45 plenary session: Pathfoot Lecture Theatre

chair: Vera Camden (Kent State University)

Elaine Hobby (University of Loughborough): "'Sitting at a door in the sun': Women Radicals in Bunyan's England"

6.00 - 6.40 dramatic presentation Pathfoot Lecture Theatre

John and Robina Drakeford (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary): "John Bunyan, Immortal Dreamer, Preacher and Family Man"

EVENING: Ceilidh in Stirling Guildhall



9.15 - 10.30 plenary session:Pathfoot Lecture Theatre

chair: Bob Owens (Open University)

William Lamont (University of Sussex): "Bunyan and Baxter: Magistracy and the Millennium"

AFTERNOON: Excursions to Edinburgh and Loch Lomond

8.30 - 9.30 illustrated talk:Pathfoot Lecture Theatre

chair: Neil Keeble (University of Stirling)

Vivienne Evans (Bedfordshire Heartlands Tourism Association):

"In John Bunyan's Bedfordshire Today"



9.15 - 10.30 parallel sessions Pathfoot Seminar Rooms

GROUP A: Preaching Pathfoot Room C1

chair: David Bebbington (University of Stirling)

James Rigney (Hughes Hall, Cambridge): "Voices of the Civil Dead: the Farewell Sermons of the London Ministers, 1662-1663"

Jameela Lares (University of Southern Mississippi): "Preaching in 1676: Officium concionatoris and the Survival of Puritan Preaching"

GROUP B: Bibliography and Publishing History Pathfoot Room C2

chair: Stuart Sim (University of Sunderland)

Beth Lynch (New Hall, Cambridge): "Mr. Smirke and Mr. Filth: a Bibliographic Account of Nonconformist Printing"

Bob Owens (Open University): "Reading the Bibliographical Codes: Bunyan's Publication in Folio"

11.00 - 1.00 parallel sessions Pathfoot Seminar Rooms

GROUP A: Narrative and Gender Pathfoot Room D1

chair: Vera Camden (Kent State University)

Susan Cook (Oklahoma State University): "Writing Lives: John Bunyan, Agnes Beaumont and Nonconformist Narrative"

Margaret Breen (University of Connecticut): "The Lesbian Pilgrimage into 'the Desert of the Heart'"

GROUP B The Pilgrim's Progress Pathfoot Room C1

chair: Arlette Zinck (Kingís University College)

Maxine Hancock (Regent College, Vancouver): "The Structure and Fundamental Narrative Strategy of The Pilgrim's Progress: the Happy Marriage of Folklore and Theology"

Karl Steel (Western Washington University): "'See if thou canst interpret it to me': Bunyan's Coercive Marginalia"

Michael Davies (University of Leicester): "Stout and Valiant Champions for God: the Radical Reformation of Romance in Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress"

GROUP C: Practical Theology: Ministry, Pathfoot Room C2

Liturgy and Devotion

chair: David Gay (University of Alberta)

Robert Archer (formerly of Spurgeon's College): "Bunyan and Nonconformist Itinerancy"

Ken Simpson (University College of the Cariboo): "Bunyan and the Hymn Singing Controversy"

U. Milo Kaufmann (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): "'A Heavenly Peace in Time of War': Bunyan's Realised Eschatology"

2.00 - 4.00 parallel sessions Pathfoot Seminar Rooms

GROUP A States of the Nation Pathfoot Room D1

chair: Joad Raymond (University of Aberdeen)

H. Neville Davies (University of Birmingham): "A Kind of Hermitryî: the Final Years of Thomas St. Nicholas"

Victor Skretkowicz (University of Dundee): "A Continuity of Rhetoric: Philhellenism and the Commonwealth Sidneys"

David Norbrook (Magdalen College, Oxford): "The Legacies of Lucy Hutchinson"

GROUP B: Controversial Divinity and Divines Pathfoot Room C1

chair: Stuart Sim (University of Sunderland)

Sylvia Brown (University of Alberta): "The Presbyterian Lash: Zachary Crofton and the Discipline of Dissent, 1657, 1662"

David Walker (University of Sunderland): "An Intertextual Reading of The Doctrine of the Law and Grace Unfolded"

Kate Narveson (Mount St. Mary's College): "New Skins for Old Wineî: John Owen's Refigured Anti-Rationalism"

GROUP B Mr. Badman Pathfoot Room C2

chair: Ted Underwood (University of Michigan)

Roger Pooley (University of Keele): "Mr. Badman and Seventeenth- Century Discourses of Atheism"

Peter Marbais (Kent State University): "The Body in Bunyan's The Life and Death of Mr. Badman"

David Hawkes (Lehigh University): ëOne-Dimensional Man: Fetishism and the Market in Mr. Badmaní

4.30 - 5.45 plenary session: Pathfoot Lecture Theatre

chair: Roger Pooley (University of Keele)

Thomas Corns (University of Wales, Bangor): "Bunyan, Milton and the Diversity of Radical Protestant Writing"

EVENING: Banquet in Abbeycraig Restaurant, Stirling Management Centre