Bunyan and the dissenting tradition:
Sixth International Conference of the International John Bunyan Society
Keele University, 26-8 July, 2010Monday 26th July

2.15 Welcome and announcements (CBA 1.99)
2.30 Plenary lecture: Prof. Isabel Rivers (QMUL) 'The Pilgrim's Progress in the evangelical revival' CBA1.100 (Chair: Tamsin Spargo, Liverpool John Moores)
4 Tea

4.30-6 Panels
1. Variations on The Pilgrim’s Progress CBA1.99 (Chair: Anne Dunan-Page, Provence)
Nathalie Colle-Bak (Nancy-2) ‘Dissenting images? Illustrating The Pilgrim’s Progress in the late seventeenth-century’
Shannon Murray (Prince Edward Island, Canada) “About a man that left his family, it didn't say why”: Variations on The Pilgrim’s Progress for Children
Andreea Mingiuc ("Al.I.Cuza" University, Iasi, Romania) ‘Mary Rowlandson’s Captivity Narrative – a Bunyanesque Journey Towards Redemption’

2. Rhetoric and Allegory CBA1.100 (Chair: Michael Davies, Liverpool)
David Parry (Christ’s College, Cambridge) 'The Fun of the Fair and the Language of Canaan: Conversion Rhetoric in John Bunyan, Ben Jonson and William Perkins'
Daniel Runyon (Spring Arbor), ‘Lessons on Allegory in Luther's Galatians Commentary: A Tutorial for Bunyan’
Nicholas Seager (Keele) 'Orthodox Protestantism and Narrative
Allegory: Bunyan to Defoe’

6.30 Dinner in Comus
7.45-9 Round table on teaching Bunyan CBA1.99
Nigel Smith (Princeton, chair), Dan Runyon (Spring Arbor), Peter Hinds (Plymouth), Maxine Hancock (Regent College, Vancouver) and others

Tuesday 27th July
9-10.30 Panels

3. The Pilgrim’s Progress (Chair: Vera Camden, Kent State) CBA1.99
Susan Rauch (Texas State at San Marcos) ‘Christiana: The Reincarnation of Margery and Bridget? Discerning authorship and characterization in The Pilgrim’s Progress: Book Two’
Ken Simpson (Thompson Rivers University) 'The Agnostic Pilgrim and National Music: Ralph Vaughan Williams's Adaptation of The Pilgrim's Progress'

4. Restoration politics (chair: David Appleby, Nottingham) CBA1.100
Peter Hinds (Plymouth) ‘Roger L’Estrange and the informers’
Galen Johnson (John Brown) “Private Conscience and Public Citizenship in The Life and Death of Mr. Badman”
Barry Hall (Northumbria) ‘Legitimacy, Conflict, and Grace Abounding’
10.30 Coffee
11-12.30 Plenary lecture: Professor John Coffey (Leicester) ‘Bunyan and Violence’ (chair: Neil Keeble, Stirling) CBA1.100

1 Lunch in Comus restaurant

2-3.30 Panels

5. Dissent & Society (chair: Nick Seager, Keele) CBA1.99
Amanda Pullan (St John’s, Cambridge) 'Moderate Dissent and Conformity and the language of 'duty' in the works published by Brabazon Aylmer, 1671-1714.'
Anne Page (Aix-en-Provence) ‘Bunyan’s heritage in the early 1700s: Charles Doe and new evidence from the archives’
Alison Searle (Anglia Ruskin) '...making...ready to go meet their Bridegroom': Marriage in John Bunyan's The Life and Death of Mr Badman and Anne Wentworth (1660-1680)

6. The Early Modern Bible (chair TBA) CBA1.100
W.R. Owens (Open University), ‘Bible reading practices in early modern England’
Jeremy Schildt (Royal Holloway) ‘Reading the Bible in seventeenth-century England: a nonconformist case-study’
Iain Taylor (Royal Holloway), ‘Man of Despair? Bunyan, Bible commentaries and the Unpardonable Sin’3.30 Tea

4-5 Panels

7. Bunyan and ageing (Chair: David Gay, Alberta) CBA1.99
Arlette Zinck (King’s University College, Edmonton) ‘Bunyan’s Heroic View of Aging: Recovering a Puritan Assessment of Elder Years
Maxine Hancock (Regent College, Vancouver) ‘Consolation, Admonition and Self-analysis: Richard Baxter’s Pastoral and Personal reframing of Aging’

8. Bunyan & Russia (Chair TBA) CBA1.100
Gennady Kosyakov (Omsk) ‘Bunyan in Russian Literature’
Petr Kozdrin (Omsk) ‘Bunyan and Pushkin’

5-5.45 Business meeting of the Society and discussion of the future of Bunyan Studies (CBA1.100)

6.30 Wine reception in the Great Hall, Keele Hall; launch of Cambridge Companion to Bunyan and presentation of Richard Greaves award (Chair of judges: Galen Johnson; Recipient: David Appleby, for Black Bartholomew’s Day).
Followed by special conference dinner in the Old Library, Keele Hall

Wednesday 28th July

9.15 -10.45 Panels

Panel 9: CBA1.099 (chair TBA)
Vera Camden (Kent State) ‘The Unbearable Inner Light: John Bunyan’s Controversy with the Quakers’
Michael Davies (Liverpool) 'The Wilderness of the Word: Bunyan and the Book in Christian's Hand'
Rachel Adcock (Loughborough) ‘The wise Virgin-subject of this ensuing Relation’: Deborah Huish’s spiritual experiences and millenarian views in the 1650s

Panel 10: CBA1.100 (chair: Ken Simpson, Thompson Rivers)
David Gay (Alberta) ‘“What the soul doth apprehend”: Bunyan and the Phenomenology of Prayer’
Christopher Garrett (Oklahoma City) ‘The Devotional Steady Seller: Divine Breathings and the Resolve Genre of Meditational Writing’
Mary Ann Lund (Leicester) ‘Tormenting time: Physical Affliction in Bunyan’

10.45 Coffee

11.15 Final Plenary: CBA1.99
Prof. Lori Branch (Iowa) ‘Bunyan Studies: A Case for Post-secular Criticism’ (Chair: Nigel Smith, Princeton)