Current Openings:

I am always looking for highly motivated MSc and PhD applicants interested in information retrieval, natural language processing, and linked open data. Before you contact me, please note that admission into our thesis-based programs are decided by a committee that looks at GPA, breadth of knowledge in Computing Science, letters of recommendation, and proficiency in English. Here are instructions on how to apply.

Note to grad school applicants

Please note that I cannot admit you into the program: all applications are reviewed by a committee that decides on admission after reviewing all applications. I can only express my support for your application to that committee, and will only do so if I believe you are qualified and interested.

If you want me to support your application, send me a personalized email describing your (1) proficiency with Java, bash, Python, and C; (2) level of attention to detail; (3) ability to manage time; (4) familiarity and interest in artificial intelligence, information retrieval, or databases. Also, please read one of my papers or the papers cited therein, and tell me something you find interesting. If you are applying for our PhD program, tell me what would like to study further, and why. Also, please copy/paste this note on your email: I have read your note, and I am not mass-emailing you.

Openings for visitors, undergraduates, and high-school interns

I occasionally supervise international visiting students, both at the undergraduate and at the graduate level, as well as local high school students, on specific projects that are related to the research of my current graduate students.

If you are not in Canada, please consult UAlberta International for details on the programs offered by the University of Alberta. I can only supervise you through such programs.

If you are a local high-school student with a strong passion for CS, please consult the Ross and Verna Tate High School Internship Program.

Recent Students