The Spiderman Soundtrack

December 2000

I guess an update is overdue, and I apologize for not doing it sooner, and to the people who have e-mailed me that have waited a long time for a response. The truth is that I have news, none of it is good, and it isn't fun passing on bad news.

In a nutshell: both our bass player Charles and Bob Harris passed away this year. With this I've officially given up on my quest to have this music released (unless a miracle happens). The quest was picked up by another group of Spidey fans led by a guy named Kevin Gaunt, but they haven't much luck either (they've spoken to Ray Ellis and Bob's widow Darlene and neither of them knew of the whereabouts of any tapes, and Ray says that there is no sheet music either). As if this wasn't bad enough, thieves broke into the Harris' New York home last year and vandalized the place, which also might affect any chance of finding the tapes.

If I get any more news on the Spidey Cues, I'll be sure to post it here (but I'm not very hopeful). I would still like to urge people to keep filling the Rhino Handmade suggestion box for a release (who knows -- maybe they can locate the tapes). A few Spidey fans have also requested that I mention Crippled Dick Hot Wax as a possible label for the Spidey stuff. They are a German label that specializes in weird 60's/70's soundtrack music:

February 2000

In the process of licencing the Spiderman Cues for our CD, Mole City began a dialog (through our bass player Charles) with the copyright holders of this music -- Mr. Ray Ellis the composer, and Mr. Bob Harris (the guy who wrote the theme song, and also the boss of the project).

The first question we asked was the natural one: "Does a good quality recording of this music exist?" The answer is no ... and yes! There are no commercially available recordings of this music ... but Bob Harris believes that he has the master tapes in New York. Bob splits his time between homes in California and New York, and at the time we were getting our CD together he was in California for the winter, expecting to return to New York in the spring.

Sadly,almost two years have past and Bob still hasn't returned to New York. Our plan had been to try to get a hold of these masters with the intention of producing our own commercial recording of this music. For a while Charles was calling Bob once every few months, but the journey to New York kept getting postponed, and our dialog with Bob has since withered and grown cold.

In a nutshell: we have given up trying to produce a CD of this music ourselves. Besides not having deep pockets, we just don't have the time, patience, marketing saavy, or the means of production to make such a project fly (or, perhaps more appropriately, swing).

But we haven't completely given up hope -- and here's where you can help. Rhino records has a sublabel called Rhino Handmade. This sublabel produces limited edition runs of obscure music. They also have a suggestion box on their web page, where web surfers can recommend music that they would like Rhino Handmade to produce. We have suggested the Spidey soundtrack through this page, but we believe that this request would be taken more seriously if we could show Rhino that a demand for this music existed. As a last hope to get a commercial release of this music that we all profusely dig, Mole City would like to urge you to visit the Rhino site at

and suggest that they produce the 1960's Spiderman Soundtrack. Who knows ... if enough people ask for it, we might soon be transported back to the time when New York had a red and black and pink and yellow sky, when people below the Earth's surfaces stole our banks, and when Dementia Five wasn't just for Rocket Robin Hood ... transported by the music we all loved to hear each Saturday morning as kids.

Thanks in advance for your support,
Mole City

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