J Pharm Pharmaceut Sci (www.ualberta.ca/~csps) 7(1)  January-April 2004

ISSN: 1482-1826

Editor: Fakhreddin Jamali

In This Issue:


Involvement of nitric oxide in fading of 5-Hydroxytryptamine-induced vasocontraction in rat isolated vena portae smooth muscle.

Effect of a lipoidic excipient on the absorption profile of compound UK81252 in dogs after oral administration.

Biliary excretion of irinotecan and its metabolites.

Definition of a novel atomic index for QSAR: the refractotopological state.

Systemic bone formation with weekly PTH administration in ovariectomized rats.

In vitro cytotoxicity studies of hydrogel pullulan nanoparticles prepared by aot/n-hexane micellar system.

Hepatic disposition of cyclosporine a in isolated perfused rat livers.

Assessment of enzymatic cleaning agents and disinfectants against bacterial biofilms.

Antinociceptive effects of peganum harmala L. alkaloid extract on mouse formalin test.

Studies on anti-diarrhoeal activity of calotropis gigantea r.br. in experimental animals.

Antinociceptive effects of the essential oil of dracocephalum kotschyi in the mouse writhing test.

Evaluation of anti-hyperglycemic activity of some novel monocyclic beta lactams.

Stability of sulfadiazine oral liquids prepared from tablets and powder.

Fluorometeric variable - temperature kinetics investigations of the transeterification reaction of procaine with aliphatic alcohols.


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