J Pharm Pharmaceut Sci (www.ualberta.ca/~csps) 6(1)  January - April 2003

ISSN: 1482-1826

Editor: Fakhreddin Jamali

In This Issue:

Drug release characteristics of lipid based benzoporphyrin derivative.

Experimental estimation of the role of P-glycoprotein in the pharmacokinetic behaviour of telithromycin, a novel ketolide, in comparison with roxithromycin and other macrolides using the Caco-2.

A preliminary investigation of chitosan film as dressing for punch biopsy wounds in rats.

Co-encapsulation of two plasmids in chitosan microspheres as a non-viral gene delivery vehicle.

Pharmaceutical approaches to colon targeted drug delivery systems.

Cost-savings from subsidized pro-active pharmacist interventions.

Development of liposomal polyene antibiotics: an historical perspective.

Farnesol for aerosol inhalation: nebulization and activity against human lung cancer cells.

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