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J Pharm Pharmaceut Sci ( 4(3)  September-December, 2001

ISSN: 1482-1826

Editor: Fakhreddin Jamali

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CSPS - The 5th Annual Symposium, June 13-15, Banff, Alberta

Assessing the plasma pharmacokinetics, tissue distribution, excretion and effects on cholesterol pharmacokinetics of a novel hydrophilic compound, FM-VP4, following administration to rats.

Inhibition of human CYP3A4 activity by grapefruit flavonoids, furanacoumarins and related compounds.

Assessing plasma lipid levels, body weight, and hepatic and renal toxicity following chronic oral administration of a water soluble phytostanol compound, FM-VP4, to gerbils.

Guar gum as a carrier for colon specific delivery; influence of metronidazole and tinidazole on in vitro release of albendazole from guar gum matrix tablets.

High performance liquid chromatography of mebudipine: application to pharmacokinetic study.

Novel therapeutic approaches for  uveitis and retinitis.

Pharmacologic interventions in nuclear medicine assessment of cardiac perfusion.

High-performance liquid chromatographic assay of amiodarone in rat plasma.

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