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CSPS The 5th Annual Symposium, June 13 -15, 2002, Banff, Alberta

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The Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences is approaching its 5th birthday; a young society built on strong traditions of scientific excellence and technical innovation in Canada. We will celebrate our birthday with our 5th Annual Symposium in June 2002. The theme of the meeting is New Technologies in Drug Discovery and Development; a fitting title. The location is Banff, Alberta, Canada. A fitting location indeed, since it was at the University of Alberta where CSPS was born and it is the continued support of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Alberta which ensures that CSPS and its official Journal can "live" their web based existence.

The Annual Symposium should be truly exciting. The program committee is hard at work identifying and inviting outstanding scientists to speak on a variety of interesting and forward looking topics. We are asking our invited speakers to focus on really current science, to talk about what we do today and what we maybe doing in the future to advance the discovery and development of new therapies. There will be sessions dealing with the concepts of genomics and proteomics as they apply to drug discovery and we will talk about immunological and chemical approaches also. This will be followed by a session on new and emerging technologies in drug delivery and the use of imaging techniques in drug development. Last, but not least we plan to have a session on the challenges facing scientists working in the area of biotechnology drug development. As part of our poster session we will showcase nine undergraduate students, one from each of the nine Canadian schools of pharmacy. These students are recipients of the Merck Company Foundation Summer Research Studentship award and they will be at the meeting presenting the results of their work.

It is an exciting program! As president of CSPS and one of the session chairs I look forward to this meeting with eager anticipation. I know the presentations will be stimulating and the conference locale is superb. I hope we will be rewarded by strong attendance and active participation by the membership of CSPS and by scientists engaged in pharmaceutical sciences across the Continent.

See you in Banff in June 2002.

Elizabeth B. Vadas, Ph.D.
President, Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences


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