Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
A Publication of the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences
Société canadienne des sciences pharmaceutiques

J Pharm Pharmaceut Sci ( 1 (1) January - April, 1998

ISSN: 1482-1826

Editor: Fakhreddin Jamali

In This Issue:

  • Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences: A Medium of Scientific Communication for the 21st Century
  • Buccal Mucosa as a Route for Systemic Drug Delivery: A Review
  • Bioequivalence and Interchangeability of Narrow Therapeutic Index Drugs

  • A Simple and Efficient Method for Radiolabeling of Preformed Liposomes

  • Isolation and Pharmacological Characterization of Microsomal Human Liver Flumazenil Carboxylesterase

  • The Calcium Channel Blocker Controversy - A Caution to Physicians and Pharmacists

  • Racemic Drugs: Racemic Mixture, Racemic Compound, or Pseudoracemate

  • CSPS Symposia Proceedings: Pharmaceutical Research and Development in Canada, Bioequivalence Issues

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