CSPS Award of Leadership in Canadian Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2002

This years award was bestowed upon Dr. Julia Levy, Executive Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board, QLT Inc., and Dr. David H. Dolphin, Vice-President, Technology Development, QLT Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They were selected based on the scientific innovation and technical leadership represented by the discovery and development of a unique treatment for age related wet macular degeneration. Both have demonstrated leadership in advancing pharmaceutical research and development in Canada.

Priority for selection is given to:

  • Leadership in activities aimed at advancing Canadian pharmaceutical sciences.

  • Activities that bring recognition to Canada as an important place to carry out pharmaceutical research and development.

  • Discoveries or significant advances in pharmaceutical sciences that identify Canada as its place of origin.

The award will be presented at the CSPS 5th Annual Symposium on June 13-15, 2002, in Banff, Alberta, Canada.