Consuls of the Roman Republic

Below is a list of the consuls of the Roman Republic from its foundation until the battle of Actium in 31 B.C. There were normally two consuls elected for each year. If during that year a consul resigned from office or died, a "suffect" (replacement) consul was elected in his place. During various years of the first two centuries of the Republic, colleges (boards) of varying numbers of "military tribunes with consular power" were elected in place of consuls. The tradition also records (falsely--see below) four years when only dictators were chosen in place of consuls and another five years when no magistrates at all are preserved ("anarchy"). The list normally gives the "ordinary" (regular) two consuls, and any other magistrates are clearly indicated as such. In the case of men who held repeated consulships, the number of the given term of office is indicated by a Roman numeral after their name.

In the first column appears the date B.C. as calculated according to the "Varronian" list of consuls. The second column lists the date since the establishment of the Republic ("A libertate constituta" in Latin, or A.L.C.). The year since the foundation of Rome ("Ab urbe condita" or A.U.C.), which is often given in this context, was calculated on the basis of the year given for the establishment of the Republic, and for this reason, the A.U.C. date is generally meaningless. Furthermore, in terms of comparing the various lists of magistrates preserved from antiquity, usually the crucial point of comparison is what date since the establishment of the Republic is ascribed by any given list to the various colleges of magistrates. The next two columns provide the consuls for the year (for colleges of more than two the additional magistrates follow immediately below).

The system presented here is the so-called Varronian system worked out in the late first century B.C. Before 300 B.C., it is manifestly incorrect, but this system is generally used in modern accounts and provides a fixed basis against which other traditions for the early period can be assessed.

From the year 300 B.C. on, the dates and names of the list are accurate. Before that date, there were various lists in antiquity, that are in overall agreement. However, for a few years alternative magistrates are listed. More worryingly, years were at times inserted into the lists to bring them into line with various preconceived notions of chronology. An example of this is the five years (374-371 B.C.) of anarchy (lit., "lack of magistrates") and the four years in which only dictators are listed (333, 324, 309, 301 B.C.). For these years some early list had only one year for the anarchy, but in reaching from the year corresponding to 300 B.C. back to the Gallic sack of Rome, whose date in Greek history was "known," that list had only 81 colleges whereas the Greek chronology indicated that 85 years were needed. One solution was to add in four more years of anarchy, another to make up the four dictator years, which do not appear in various reliable lists. Apart from the question of the legitimacy of the Greek dating of the sack, which seems to be at variance with the Roman data itself, the Varronian dates were thrown off by four years through the inclusion both of these desperate attempts to bring the list into conformity with the Greek dating of the sack. Various Greek sources suggest that on the basis of a list of Roman magistrates known to them the Republic was actually founded in the year 507 B.C., but since that list is not known and its accuracy indeterminate, there is no way to assess the accuracy of this date or to understand why exactly the Varronian list runs two years longer for the period between the sack of Rome and the establishment of the Republic. Nevertheless, on the basis of internal examination of the list and of the external correlation of the events surrounding the establishment with known events in Greek history it can be said with some confidence, that the establishment of the Republic did taken place in the last decade of the sixth century B.C., and that the date ascribed to any given college in the list below is off by only a few years--provided the college did exist!

For more detail on the accuracy of the early lists, see my discussion of Early Roman Chronology.

(My thanks to Debra L. Nousek for the initial typing of this list.)

Consuls/Magistrates of the Roman Republic

Year B.C. Year
Consul one Consul two
509 1 L. Iunius Brutus L. Tarquinius Collatinus
Suffect consuls:
P. Valerius Poplicola I Sp. Lucretius Tricipitinus
M. Horatius Pulvillus I
508 2 P. Valerius Poplicola II T. Lucretius Tricipitinus I
507 3 P. Valerius Poplicola III M. Horatius Pulvillus II
506 4 Sp. Larcius Rufus (Flavus?) I? T. Herminius Aquilinus
505 5 M. Valerius (Volusus?) P. Postumius Tubertus I
504 6 P. Valerius Poplicola IV T. Lucretius Tricipitinus II
503 7 Agrippa Menenius Lanatus P. Postumius Tubertus II
502 8 Opiter Verginius Tricostus Sp. Cassius Vecellinus I
501 9 Postumius Cominus Auruncus I T. Larcius Flavus (Rufus?) I
500 10 Ser. Sulpicius Camerinus Cornutus M'. Tullius Longus
499 11 T. Aebutius Helva C. (P.?) Veturius Geminus Cicurinus
498 12 Q. Cloelius Siculus T. Larcius Flavus (or Rufus) II
497 13 A. Sempronius Atratinus I M. Minucius Augurinus I
496 14 A. Postumius Albus T. Verginius Tricostus Caeliomontanus
495 15 Ap. Claudius Sabinus Inregillensis P. Servilius Priscus Structus
494 16 A. Verginius Tricostus Caeliomontanus T. Veturius Geminus Cicurinus
493 17 Postumius Cominus Auruncus II Sp. Cassius Vecellinus II
492 18 T. Geganius Macerinus P. Minucius Augurinus
491 19 M. Minucius Augurinus II A. Sempronius Atratinus II
490 20 Q. Sulpicius Camerinus Cornutus Sp. Larcius Flavus (or Rufus) I
489 21 C. Iulius Iullus P. Pinarius Mamertinus Rufus
488 22 Sp. Nautius Rutilus Sex. Furius Medullinus? Fusus?
487 23 T. Sicinus Sabinus ? C. Aquillius Tuscus ?
486 24 Sp. Cassius Vicellinus III Proculus Verginius Tricostus Rutilus
485 25 Ser. Cornelius Maluginensis Q. Fabius Vibulanus I
484 26 L. Aemilius Mamercus I K. Fabius Vibulanus I
483 27 M. Fabius Vibulanus I L. Valerius Potitus I
482 28 Q. Fabius Vibulanus II C. Iulius Iullus
481 29 K. Fabius Vibulanus II Sp. Furius Fusus
480 30 M. Fabius Vibulanus Cn. Manlius Cincinnatus
479 31 K. Fabius Vibulanus II T. Verginius Tricostus Rutilus
478 32 L. Aemilius Mamercus II C. Servilius Ahala
Suffect consul:
(Opet. Verginius?) Esquilinus
477 33 C. (or M.?) Horatius Pulvillus I T. Menenius Lanatus
476 34 A. Verginius Tricostus Rutilus Sp.(or Ser.) Servilius Structus
475 35 P. Valerius Poplicola I C. Nautius Rutilus I
474 36 L. Furius Medullinus A. Manlius Vulso
473 37 L. Aemilius Mamercus III Vopiscus Iulius Iullus OR
Opet. Verginius
472 38 L. Pinarius Mamercinus Rufus P. Furius Medullinus Fusus
471 39 Ap. Claudius Crassinus Inregillensis Sabinus I T. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus I
470 40 L. Valerius Potitus II Ti. Aemilius Mamercus I
469 41 T. Numicius Priscus A. Verginius Caeliomontanus
468 42 T. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus II Q. Servilius Structus Priscus I
467 43 Ti. Aemilius Mamercus II Q. Fabius Vibulanus I
466 44 Q. Servilius Priscus II Sp. Postumius Albinus Regillensis
465 45 Q. Fabius Vibulanus II T. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus III
464 46 A. Postumius Albinus Regillensis Sp. Furius Medullinus Fusus
463 47 P. Servilius Priscus L. Aebutius Helva
462 48 L. Lucretius Tricipitinus T. Veturius Geminus Cicurinus
461 49 P. Volumnius Amintinus Gallus Sp. Sulpicius Camerinus Cornutus
460 50 P. Valerius Poplicola II C. Claudius Inregillensis Sabinus
Suffect consul:
L. Quinctius Cincinnatus I(?)
459 51 Q. Fabius Vibulanus III L. Cornelius Maluginensis Uritinus
458 52 C. Nautius Rutilus II ----------------Carve[tus?] (uncertain)
457a 53 C. Horatius Pulvillus Q. Minucius Esquilinus
457b 53 L. Quinctius Cincinnatus II M. Fabius Vibulanus
456 54 M. Valerius Maximus Lactuca Sp. Verginius Tricostus Caeliomontanus
455 55 T. Romilius Rocus Vaticanus C. Veturius Cicurinus
454 56 Sp. Tarpeius Montanus Capitolinus A. Aeternius Varus Fontinalis
453 57 Sex. Quinctilius P. Curiatius Fistus Trigeminus
452 58 T. Menenius Lanatus P. Sestius Capitolinus Vaticanus
451 59 Ap. Claudius Crassus Inregillensis Sabinus II T. Genucius Augurinus
450 60 Decemviri
Ap. Claudius Crassus Inregillensis Sabinus M. Cornelius Maluginensis
M.? Sergius Esquilinus L. Minucius Esquilinus Augurinus
Q. Fabius Vibulanus Q. Poetelius Libo Visolus
T. Antonius Merenda K. Duillius Longus
Sp. Oppius Cornicen M'. Rabuleius
449 61 L. Valerius Potitus M. Horatius Barbatus
448 62 Lars (or Sp.) Hermenius Cortinesanus T. Verginius Tricostus Caeliomontanus
447 63 M. Geganius Macerinus II C. Iulius (Iullus?) I
446 64 T. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus IV Agrippa Furius Fusus
445 65 M. Genucius Augurinus C. (or Agrippa) Curtius Philo (or Chilo)
444 66 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
A. Sempronius Atratinus L. Atilius Luscus
T. Cloelius Siculus
443 67 M. Geganius Macerinus II T. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus V
442 68 M. Fabius Vibulanus Post. Aebutius Helva Cornicen
441 69 C. Furius Pacilus Fusus M'. Papirius Crassus
440 70 Proculus Geganius Macerinus T. Menenius Lanatus II OR
L. Menenius Lanatus
439 71 Agrippa Menenius Lanatus T. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus VI
438 72 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
Mam. Aemilius (Macerinus?) L. Quinctius Cincinnatus
L. (or C.) Iulius Iullus
437 73 M. Geganius Macerinus III L. Sergius Fidenas I
436 74 L. Papirius Crassus I? M. Cornelius Maluginensis
435 75 C. Iulius (Iullus?) II L. (or Proc.) Verginius Tricostus
434a 76 C. Iulius Iullus III L. (or Proc.) Verginius Tricostus II
434b 76 M. Manlius Capitolinus (Vulso?) Q. Sulpicius Camerinus Praetextatus
434c 76 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
Ser. Cornelius Cossus M. Manlius Capitolinus (Vulso?)
Q. Sulpicius Camerinus Praetextatus
433 77 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
M. Fabius Vibulanus M. Folius Flaccinator
L. Sergius Fidenas
432 78 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Pinarius Mamercinus L. Furius Medullinus
Sp. Postumius Albinus (Regellensis)
431 79 T. Quinctius Poenus Cincinnatus I C. (or Cn.) Iulius Mento
430 80 L. Papirius Crassus II L. Iulius Iullus
429 81 Hostus Lucretius Tricipitinus L. Sergius Fidenas II
428a 82 A. Cornelius Cossus T. Quinctius Poenus Cincinnatus II
428b 82 L. Quinctius (Cincinnatus ?) A. Sempronius (Atratinus)
427 83 C. Servilius Structus Ahala L. Papirius Mugillanus
426 84 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
T. Quinctius Poenus Cincinnatus C. Furius Pacilus Fusus
M. Postumius Albinus Regillensis A. Cornelius Cossus
425 86 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
A. Sempronius Atratinus L. Quinctius Cincinnatus
L. Furius Medullinus L. Horatius Barbatus
424 86 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
(Ap.) Claudius Crassus Sp. Nautius Rutilus
L. Sergius Fidenas Sex. Iulius Iullus
423 87 C. Sempronius Atratinus Q. Fabius Vibulanus
422 88 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Manlius Capitolinus Q. Antonius Merenda
L. Papirius Mugillanus
421 89 Cn. (or N.) Fabius Vibulanus T. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus
420 90 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Quinctius Cincinnatus OR T. Quinctius Poenus Cincinnatus
L. Furius Medullinus M. Manlius Vulso
A. Sempronius Atratinus
419 91 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
Agrippa Menenius Lanatus P. Lucretius Tricipitinus
Sp. Nautius Rutilus C. Servilius Axilla
418 92 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Sergius Fidenas M. Papirius Mugillanus
C. Servilius Axilla
417 93 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
T. Lucretius Tricipitinus Agrippa Menenius Lanatus
Sp. Veturius Crassus Cicurinus OR Sp. Rutilius Crassus
C. Servilius Axilla (or Structus)
416 94 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
A. Sempronius Atratinus M. Papirius Mugillanus
Q. Fabius Vibulanus Sp. Nautius Rutilus
415 95 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
P. Cornelius Cossus C. Valerius Potitus Volusus
N. (or M.) Fabius Vibulanus Q. Quinctius Cincinnatus
414 96 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
Cn. Cornelius Cossus L. Valerius Potitus
Q. Fabius Vibulanus P. Postumius Albinus Regillensis
413 97 A. (or M.?) Cornelius Cossus L. Furius Medullinus I
412 98 Q. Fabius Ambustus Vibulanus C. Furius Pacilus
411 99 M. Papirius Mugillanus (or Atratinus?) Sp. (or C.) Nautius Rutilus
410 100 M'. Aemilius Mamercinus C. Valerius Potitus Volusus
409 101 Cn. Cornelius Cossus L. Furius Medullinus II
408 102 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
C. Iulius Iullus P. Cornelius Cossus
C. Servilius Ahala
407 103 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Furius Medullinus C. Valerius Potitus Volusus
N. (or Cn.) Fabius Vibulanus C. Servilius Ahala
406 104 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
P. Cornelius Rutilus Cossus Cn. Cornelius Cossus
N. (or Cn.) Fabius Ambustus L. Valerius Potitus
405 105 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
T. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus Q. Quinctius Cincinnatus
C. Iulius Iullus A. Manlius Vulso Capitolinus
L. Furius Medullinus M'. Aemilius Mamercinus (or Mamercus)
404 106 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
C. Valerius Potitus Volusus M'. Sergius Fidenas
P. Cornelius Maluginensis Cn. Cornelius Cossus
K. Fabius Ambustus Sp. Nautius Rutilus
403 107 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
M'. Aemilius Mamercinus (or Mamercus) L. Valerius Potitus
Ap. Claudius Crassus Inregillensis M. Quinctilius Varus
L. Iulius Iullus M. Furius Fusus
? M. Postumius ? M. Furius Camillus
? M. Postumius Albinus Regillensis
402 108 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
C. Servilius Ahala Q. Servilius Fidenas
L. Verginius Tricostus Esquilinus Q. Sulpicius Camerinus Cornutus
A. Manlius Vulso Capitolinus M'. Sergius Fidenas
401 109 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Valerius Potitus M. Furius Camillus
M'. Aemilius Mamercinus (or Mamercus) Cn. Cornelius Cossus
K. Fabius Ambustus L. Iulius Iullus
400 110 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
P. Licinius Calvus Esquilinus P. Manlius Vulso
L. Titinius Pansa Saccus P. Maelius Capitolinus
Sp. Furius Medullinus L. Publilius Philo Vulscus
399 111 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
Cn. Genucius Augurinus L. Atilius Priscus
M. Pomponius Rufus C. Duillius Longus
M. Veturius Crassus Cicurinus Voler. Publilius Philo
398 112 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Valerius Potitus M. Valerius Lactucinus Maximus
M. Furius Camillus L. Furius Medullinus
Q. Servilius Fidenas Q. Sulpicius Camerinus Cornutus
397 113 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Iulius Iullus L. Furius Medullinus
L. Sergius Fidenas A. Postumius Albinus Regillensis
P. Cornelius Maluginensis A. Manlius Vulso Capitolinus
396 114 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Titinius Pansa Saccus P. Licinius Calvus Esquilinus
P. Maelius Capitolinus Q. Manlius Vulso Capitolinus ?
Cn. Genucius Augurinus L. Atilius Priscus
395 115 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
P. Cornelius Cossus P. Cornelius Scipio
K. Fabius Ambustus L. Furius Medullinus
Q. Servilius Fidenas M. Valerius Lactucinus Maximus
394 116 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
M. Furius Camillus L. Furius Medullinus
C. Aemilius Mamercinus L. Valerius Poplicola
Sp. Postumius Albinus Regillensis P. Cornelius (-----)
393 117 L. Valerius Potitus I P. (Ser.?) Cornelius Maluginensis
Suffect consuls:
L. Lucretius Tricipitinus Flavus Ser. Sulpicius Camerinus
392 118 L. Valerius Potitus II M. Manlius Capitolinus
391 119 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Lucretius Tricipitinus Flavus Ser. Sulpicius Camerinus
L. ( M.?) Aemilius Mamercinus L. Furius Medullinus
Agripp. Furius Fusus C. Aemilius Mamercinus
390 120 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
Q. Fabius Ambustus K. Fabius Ambustus
N. Fabius Ambustus Q. Sulpicius Longus
Q. Servilius Fidenas P. Cornelius Maluginensis
389 121 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Valerius Poplicola L. Verginius Tricostus
P. Cornelius (-----) A. Manlius Capitolinus
L. Aemilius Mamercinus L. Postumius Albinus Regillensis
388 122 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
T. Quinctius Cincinnatus Capitolinus Q. Servilius Fidenas
L. Iulius Iullus L. Aquillius Corvus
L. Lucretius Flavus Tricipitinus Ser. Sulpicius Rufus
387 123 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Papirius Cursor Cn. Sergius Fidenas Coxo
L. Aemilius Mamercinus Licinius Menenius Lanatus
L. Valerius Poplicola [uncertain]
386 124 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
M. Furius Camillus Ser. Cornelius Maluginensis
Q. Servilius Fidenas L. Quinctius Cincinnatus
L. Horatius Pulvillus P. Valerius Potitus Poplicola
385 125 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
A. Manlius (Capitolinus?) P. Cornelius (-----)
T. Quinctius Cincinnatus Capitolinus L. Quinctius Cincinnatus Capitolinus
L. Papirius Cursor Cn. Sergius Fidenas Coxo
384 126 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
Ser. Cornelius Maluginensis P. Valerius Potitus Poplicola
M. Furius Camillus Ser. Sulpicius Rufus
C. Papirius Crassus T. Quinctius Cincinnatus
383 127 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Valerius Poplicola A. Manlius Capitolinus
Ser. Sulpicius Rufus L. Lucretius Flavus Tricipitinus
L. Aemilius Mamercinus M. Trebonius
382 128 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
Sp. Papirius Crassus L. Papirius Mugillanus
Ser. Cornelius Maluginensis Q. Servilius Fidenas
C. Sulpicius Camerinus L. Aemilius Mamercinus
381 129 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
M. Furius Camillus A. Postumius Regillensis
L. Postumius Regillensis L. Furius Medullinus
L. Lucretius Tricipitinus Flavus M. Fabius Ambustus
380 130 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
(sources are confused here)
L. Valerius Poplicola P. Valerius Potitus Poplicola
Ser. Cornelius Maluginensis Licinus Menenius Lanatus
C. Sulpicius Peticus L. Aemilius Mamercinus
Cn. Sergius Fidenas Coxo Ti. Papirius Crassus
L. Papirius Mugillanus
379 131 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
P. Manlius Capitolinus C. Manlius (----)
L. Iulius Iullus C. Sextilius (---)
M. Albinius (---) L. Antistius (---)
P. Trebonius (---) C. Erenucius (?) (---)
378 132 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
Sp. (L.?) Furius (-----) Q. Servilius Fidenas
Licinus Menenius Lanatus P. Cloelius Siculus
M. Horatius (----) L. Geganius Macerinus
377 133 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Aemilius Mamercinus P. Valerius Potitus Poplicola
C. Veturius (Crassus Cicurinus ?) Ser. Sulpicius Rufus (OR Praetextatus)
L. Quinctius Cincinnatus C. Quinctius Cincinnatus
376 134 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Papirius (Mugillanus ?) Licinus Menenius Lanatus
Ser. Cornelius Maluginensis Ser. Sulpicius Praetextatus
375 135 No Curule Magistrates Elected (so-called "Anarchy Year")
374 136 No Curule Magistrates Elected (so-called "Anarchy Year")
373 137 No Curule Magistrates Elected (so-called "Anarchy Year")
372 138 No Curule Magistrates Elected (so-called "Anarchy Year")
371 139 No Curule Magistrates Elected (so-called "Anarchy Year")
370 140 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
L. Furius Medullinus A. Manlius Capitolinus
Ser. Sulpicius Praetextatus Ser. Cornelius Maluginensis
P. Valerius Potitus Poplicola C. Valerius Potitus
369 141 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
Q. Servilius Fidenas C. Veturius (Crassus Cicurinus ?)
A. Cornelius Cossus M. Cornelius Maluginensis
Q. Quinctius Cincinnatus M. Fabius Ambustus
368 142 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
T. Quinctius Cincinnatus Capitolinus Ser. Cornelius Maluginensis
Ser. Sulpicius Praetextatus Sp. Servilius Structus
L. Papirius Crassus L. Veturius Crassus Cicurinus
367 143 Military Tribunes with Consular Power
A. Cornelius Cossus M. Cornelius Maluginensis
M. Geganius Macerinus P. Manlius Capitolinus
L. Veturius Crassus Cicurinus P. Valerius Potitus Poplicola
366 144 L. Aemilius Mamercinus (Mamercus ?) I L. Sextius Sextinus Lateranus
365 145 L. Genucius Aventinensis I Q. Servilius Ahala I
364 146 C. Sulpicius Peticus I C. Licinus Stolo (Calvus ?)
363 147 Cn. Genucius Aventinensis L. Aemilius Mamercinus (Mamercus ?) II
362 148 Q. Servilius Ahala II L. Genucius Aventinensis II
361 149 C. Licinius Calvus (Stolo ?) C. Sulpicius Peticus II
360 150 M. Fabius Ambustus I C. Poetelius Libo Visolus (Balbus?) I
359 151 M. Popillius Laenas I Cn. Manlius Capitolinus Imperiosus I?
358 152 C. Fabius Ambustus C. Plautius Proculus
357 153 C. Marcius Rutilus I Cn. Manlius Capitolinus Imperiosus II?
356 154 M. Fabius Ambustus II M. Popillius Laenas II
355 155 C. Sulpicius Peticus III M. Valerius Poplicola I
354 156 M. Fabius Ambustus III T. Quinctius Poenus Capitolinus Crispinus I OR
M. Popilius (Laenas) II
353 157 C. Sulpicius Peticus IV M. Valerius Poplicola II
352 158 P. Valerius Poplicola C. Marcius Rutilius II
351 159 C. Sulpicius Peticus V T. Quinctius Poenus Capitolinus Crispinus II
350 160 M. Popillius Laenas II or III L. Cornelius Scipio
349a 161 L. Furius Camillus Ap. Claudius Crassus Inregillensis
349b 161 M. Aemilius T. Quinctius
348 162 M. Valerius Corvus I M. Popillius Laenas III or IV
347 163 C. Plautius Venno (Venox ?) I T. Manlius Imperiosus Torquatus I
346 164 M. Valerius Corvus II C. Poetelius Libo Visolus II
345 165 M. Fabius Dorsuo Ser. Sulpicius Camerinus Rufus
344 166 C. Marcius Rutilus III T. Manlius Imperiosus Torquatus II
343 167 M. Valerius Corvus III A. Cornelius Cossus Arvina I
342 168 Q. Servilius Ahala III C. Marcius Rutilus IV
341 169 C. Plautius Venno (Venox ?) II L. Aemilius Mamercinus Privernas I
340 170 T. Manlius Imperiosus Torquatus III P. Decius Mus
339 171 Ti. Aemilius Mamercinus Q. Publilius Philo I
338 172 L. Furius Camillus I C. Maenius
337 173 C. Sulpicius Longus I P. Aelius Paetus
336 178 L. Papirius Crassus I K. Duillius
335 175 M. Atilius Regulus Calenus M. Valerius Corvus IV
334 176 Sp. Postumius Albinus I T. Veturius Calvinus I
333 177 No consuls,
only Dictator :
P. Cornelius Rufinus
332 178 Cn. Domitius Calvinus A. Cornelius Cossus Arvina II
331 179 C. Valerius Potitus M. Claudius Marcellus
330 180 L. Papirius Crassus II L. Plautius Venno (Venox ?)
329 181 L. Aemilius Mamercinus Privernas II C. Plautius Decianus I?
328 182 C. Plautius Decianus II OR
P. Plautius Proculus
P. Cornelius Scapula OR
P. Cornelius Scipio Barbatus
327 183 L. Cornelius Lentulus Q. Publilius Philo II
326 184 C. Poetelius Libo Visolus III L. Papirius Cursor I
325 185 L. Furius Camillus II D. Iunius Brutus Scaeva
324 186 No consuls,
only Dictator :
L. Papirius Cursor
323 187 C. Sulpicius Longus II Q. Aulius Cerretanus I
322 188 Q. Fabius Maximus Rullianus I L. Fulvius Curvus
321 189 T. Veturius Calvinus II Sp. Postumius Albinus II
320 190 L. Papirius Cursor II Q. Publilius Philo III
319 191 L. Papirius Cursor III Q. Aulius Cerretanus
318 192 M. Folius Flaccinator L. Plautius Venno (Venox ?)
317 193 C. Iunius Bubulcus Brutus I Q. Aemilius Barbula I
316 194 Sp. Nautius Rutilus M. Popilius Laenas
315 195 L. Papirius Cursor IV Q. Publilius Philo IV
314 196 M. Poetelius Libo C. Sulpicius Longus III
313 197 L. Papirius Cursor V C. Iunius Bubulcus Brutus II
312 198 M. Valerius Maximus (Corvinus) I P. Decius Mus I
311 199 C. Iunius Bubulcus Brutus III Q. Aemilius Barbula II
310 200 Q. Fabius Maximus Rullianus II C. Marcius Rutilus (Censorinus)
309 201 No Consuls,
only Dictator :
L. Papirius Cursor
308 202 P. Decius Mus II Q. Fabius Maximus Rullianus III
307 203 Ap. Claudius Caecus I L. Volumnius Flamma Violens I
306 204 Q. Marcius Tremulus I P. Cornelius Arvina I
305 205 L. Postumius Megellus I Ti. Minucius Augurinus
304 206 P. Sempronius Sophus P. Sulpicius Saverrio
303 207 Ser. Cornelius Lentulus L. Genucius Aventinensis
302 208 M. Livius Denter M. Aemilius Paullus
301 209 No Consuls, only Dictator : M. Valerius Maximus Rullianus
300 210 M. Valerius Maximus Corvus V Q. Appuleius Pansa
299 211 M. Fulvius Paetinus T. Manlius Torquatus
Suffect consul:
M. Valerius Maximus Corvus VI
298 212 L. Cornelius Scipio Barbatus Cn. Fulvius Maximus Centumalus
297 213 Q. Fabius Maximus Rullianus IV P. Decius Mus III
296 214 L. Volumnius Flamma Violens II Ap. Claudius Caecus II
295 215 Q. Fabius Maximus Rullianus V P. Decius Mus IV
294 216 L. Postumius Megellus II M. Atilius Regulus
293 217 L. Papirius Cursor I Sp. Carvilius Maximus I
292 218 Q. Fabius Maximus Gurges I D. Iunius Brutus Scaeva
291 219 L. Postumius Megellus III C. Iunius Bubulcus Brutus I
290 220 P. Cornelius Rufinus I M'. Curius Dentatus I
289 221 M. Valerius Maximus Corvinus II Q. Caedicius Noctua
288 222 Q. Marcius Tremulus II P. Cornelius Arvina II
287 223 M. Claudius Marcellus C. Nautius Rutilus
286 224 M. Valerius Maximus (Potitus ?) C. Aelius Paetus
285 225 C. Claudius Canina I M. Aemilius Lepidus
284 226 C. Servilius Tucca L. Caecilius Metellus Denter
283 227 P. Cornelius Dolabella Cn. Domitius Calvinus Maximus
282 228 C. Fabricius Luscinus I Q. Aemilius Papus I
281 229 L. Aemilius Barbula Q. Marcius Philippus
280 230 P. Valerius Laevinus Ti. Coruncanius
279 231 P. Sulpicius Saverrio P. Decius Mus
278 232 C. Fabricius Luscinus II Q. Aemilius Papus II
277 233 P. Cornelius Rufinus II C. Iunius Bubulcus Brutus II
276 234 Q. Fabius Maximus Gurges II C. Genucius Clepsina I
275 235 M'. Curius Dentatus II L. Cornelius Lentulus Caudinus
274 236 M'. Curius Dentatus III Ser. Cornelius Merenda
273 237 C. Fabius Licinus C. Claudius Canina II
272 238 L. Papirius Cursor II Sp. Carvilius Maximus II
271 239 K. Quinctius Claudus L. Genucius Clepsina
270 240 C. Genucius Clepsina II Cn. Cornelius Blasio I
269 241 Q. Ogulnius Gallus C. Fabius Pictor
268 242 P. Sempronius Sophus Ap. Claudius Pussus
267 243 M. Atilius Regulus I L. Iulius Libo
266 244 D. Iunius Pera N. Fabius Pictor
265 245 Q. Fabius Maximus Gurges L. Mamilius Vitulus
264 246 Ap. Claudius Caudex M. Fulvius Flaccus
263 247 M'. Valerius Maximus Messala M'. Otacilius Crassus I
262 248 L. Postumius Megellus Q. Mamilius Vitulus
261 249 L. Valerius Flaccus T. Otacilius Crassus
260 250 Cn. Cornelius Scipio Asina I C. Duillius
259 251 L. Cornelius Scipio C. Aquillius Florus
258 252 A. Atilius Caiatinus I C. Sulpicius Paterculus
257 253 C. Atilius Regulus I Cn. Cornelius Blasio II
256 254 L. Manlius Vulso Longus I Q. Caedicius
255 255 Ser. Fulvius Paetinus Nobilor M. Aemilius Paullus
254 256 Cn. Cornelius Scipio Asina II A. Atilius Caiatinus II
253 257 Cn. Servilius Caepio C. Sempronius Blaesus I
252 258 C. Aurelius Cotta I P. Servilius Geminus I
251 259 L. Caecilius Metellus I C. Furius Pacilus
250 260 C. Atilius Regulus II L. Manlius Vulso Longus II
249 261 P. Claudius Pulcher L. Iunius Pullus
248 262 C. Aurelius Cotta II P. Servilius Geminus II
247 263 L. Caecilius Metellus II N. Fabius Buteo
246 264 M. Otacilius Crassus II M. Fabius Licinus
245 265 M. Fabius Buteo C. Atilius Bulbus I
244 266 A. Manlius Torquatus Atticus I C. Sempronius Blaesus II
243 267 C. Fundanius Fundulus C. Sulpicius Galus
242 268 C. Lutatius Catulus A. Postumius Albinus
241 269 A. Manlius Torquatus Atticus II Q. Lutatius Cerco
240 270 C. Claudius Centho M. Sempronius Tuditanus
239 271 C. Mamilius Turrinus Q. Valerius Falto
238 272 Ti. Sempronius Gracchus P. Valerius Falto
237 273 L. Cornelius Lentulus Caudinus Q. Fulvius Flaccus I
236 274 P. Cornelius Lentulus Caudinus C. Licinius Varus
235 275 T. Manlius Torquatus I C. Atilius Bulbus II
234 276 L. Postumius Albinus I Sp. Carvilius Maximus I
233 277 Q. Fabius Maximus Verrucosus I M'. Pomponius Matho
232 278 M. Aemilius Lepidus M. Publicius Malleolus
231 279 M. Pomponius Matho C. Papirius Maso
230 280 M. Aemilius Barbula M. Iunius Pera
229 281 L. Postumius Albinus II Cn. Fulvius Centumalus
228 282 Sp. Carvilius Maximus II Q. Fabius Maximus Verrucosus II
227 283 P. Valerius Flaccus M. Atilius Regulus I
226 284 M. Valerius Messalla L. Apustius Fullo
225 285 L. Aemilius Papus C. Atilius Regulus
224 286 T. Manlius Torquatus II Q. Fulvius Flaccus II
223 287 C. Flaminius I P. Furius Philus
222 282 M. Claudius Marcellus I Cn. Cornelius Scipio Calvus
221 189 P. Cornelius Scipio Asina M. Minucius Rufus
220a 290 M. Valerius Laevinus I Q. Mucius Scaevola
220b 290 C. Lutatius Catulus L. Veturius Philo
219 291 L. Aemilius Paullus I M. Livius Salinator I
218 292 P. Cornelius Scipio Ti. Sempronius Longus
217 293 Cn. Servilius Geminus C. Flaminius II
Suffect consul:
M. Atilius Regulus II
216 294 C. Terrentius Varro L. Aemilius Paullus II
215 295 L. Postumius Albinus III Ti. Sempronius Gracchus I
Suffect consuls:
M. Claudius Marcellus II Q. Fabius Maximus Verrucosus III
214 296 Q. Fabius Maximus Verrucosus IV M. Claudius Marcellus III
213 297 Q. Fabius Maximus Ti. Sempronius Gracchus II
212 298 Q. Fulvius Flaccus III Ap. Claudius Pulcher
211 299 Cn. Fulvius Centumalus Maximus P. Sulpicius Galba Maximus I
210 300 M. Claudius MarcellusIV M. Valerius Laevinus II?
209 301 Q. Fabius Maximus Verrucosus V Q. Fulvius Flaccus IV
208 302 M. Claudius Marcellus V T. Quinctius Crispinus
207 303 C. Claudius Nero M. Livius Salinator II
206 304 L. Veturius Philo Q. Caecilius Metellus
205 305 P. Cornelius Scipio (Africanus) I P. Licinius Crassus Dives
204 306 M. Cornelius Cethegus P. Sempronius Tuditanus
203 307 Cn. Servilius Caepio C. Servilius Geminus
202 308 M. Servilius Pulex Geminus Ti. Claudius Nero
201 309 Cn. Cornelius Lentulus P. Aelius Paetus
200 310 P. Sulpicius Galba II C. Aurelius Cotta
199 311 L. Cornelius Lentulus P. Villius Tappulus
198 312 Sex. Aelius Paetus T. Quinctius Flamininus
197 313 C. Cornelius Cethegus Q. Minucius Rufus
196 314 L. Furius Pupurio M. Claudius Marcellus
195 315 L. Valerius Flaccus M. Porcius Cato
194 316 P. Cornelius Scipio Africanus II Ti. Sempronius Longus
193 317 L. Cornelius Merula Q. Minucius Thermus
192 318 L. Quinctius Flamininus Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus
191 319 P. Cornelius Scipio Nasica M'. Acilius Glabrio
190 320 L. Cornelius Scipio Asiaticus C. Laelius
189 321 M. Fulvius Nobilior Cn. Manlius Vulso
188 322 M. Valerius Messalla C. Livius Salinator
187 323 M. Aemilius Lepidus I C. Flaminius
186 324 Sp. Postumius Albinus Q. Marcius Philippus I
185 325 Ap. Claudius Pulcher M. Sempronius Tuditanus
184 326 P. Claudius Pulcher L. Porcius Licinus
183 327 M. Claudius Marcellus Q. Fabius Labeo
182 328 Cn. Baebius Tamphilus L. Aemilius Paullus I
181 329 P. Cornelius Cethegus M. Baebius Tamphilus
180 330 A. Postumius Albinus C. Calpurnius Piso
Suffect consul:
Q. Fulvius Flaccus
179 331 Q. Fulvius Flaccus L. Manlius Acidinus Fulvianus
178 332 M. Iunius Brutus A. Manlius Vulso
177 333 C. Claudius Pulcher Ti. Sempronius Gracchus I
176 334 Cn. Cornelius Scipio Hispallus Q. Petillius Spurinus
175 335 P. Mucius Scaevola M. Aemilius Lepidus II
174 336 Sp. Postumius Albinus Paullulus Q. Mucius Scaevola
173 337 L. Postumius Albinus M. Popillius Laenas
172 338 C. Popillius Laenas I P. Aelius Ligus
171 339 P. Licinius Crassus C. Cassius Longinus
170 340 A. Hostilius Mancinus A. Atilius Serranus
169 341 Q. Marcius Philippus II Cn. Servius Caepio
168 342 L. Aemilius Paullus II C. Licinius Crassus
167 343 Q. Aelius Paetus M. Iunius Pennus
166 344 M. Claudius Marcellus I C. Sulpicius Galus
165 345 T. Manlius Torquatus Cn. Octavius
164 346 A. Manlius Torquatus Q. Cassius Longinus
163 347 Ti. Sempronius Gracchus II M'. Iuventius Thalna
162 348 P. Cornelius Scipio Nasica I C. Marcius Figulus I
Suffect consuls:
P. Cornelius Lentulus Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus
161 349 M. Valerius Messalla C. Fannius Strabo
160 350 L. Anicius Gallus M. Cornelius Cethegus
159 351 Cn. Cornelius Dolabella M. Fulvius Nobilior
158 352 M. Aemilius Lepidus C. Popillius Laenas
157 353 Sex. Iulius Caesar L. Aurelius Orestes
156 354 L. Cornelius Lentulus Lupus C. Marcius Figulus II
155 355 P. Cornelius Scipio Nasica II M. Claudius Marcellus II
154 356 Q. Opimius L. Postumius Albinus
153 357 Q. Fulvius Nobilior T. Annius Luscus
152 358 M. Claudius Marcellus III L. Valerius Flaccus
151 359 L. Licinius Lucullus A. Postumius Albinus
150 360 M'. Acilius Balbus
149 361 L. Marcius Censorinus M'. Manlius
148 362 Sp. Postumius Albinus Magnus L. Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus
147 363 P. Cornelius Scipio Africanus Aemilianus I C. Livius Drusus
146 364 Cn. Cornelius Lentulus L. Mummius
145 365 Q. Fabius Maximus Aemilianus L. Hostilius Mancinus
144 366 Ser. Sulpicius Galba L. Aurelius Cotta
143 367 Ap. Claudius Pulcher Q. Caecilius Metellus Macedonicus
142 368 L. Caecilius Metellus Calvus Q. Fabius Maximus Servilianus
141 369 Cn. Servilius Caepio Q. Pompeius
140 370 C. Laelius (Sapiens) Q. Servilius Caepio
139 371 Cn. Calpurnius Piso M. Popilius Laenas
138 372 P. Cornelius Scipio Nasica Serapio D. Iunius Brutus (Callaicus)
137 373 M. Aemilius Lepidus Porcina C. Hostilius Mancinus
136 374 L. Furius Philus Sex. Atilius Serranus
135 375 Ser. Fulvius Flaccus Q. Calpurnius Piso
134 376 P. Cornelius Scipio Africanus Aemilianus II C. Fulvius Flaccus
133 377 P. Mucius Scaevola L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi
132 378 P. Popilius Laenas P. Rupilius
131 379 P. Licinius Dives Crassus Mucianus L. Valerius Flaccus
130 380 L. Cornelius Lentulus M. Perperna
Suffect consul:
Ap. Claudius Nero
129 381 C. Sempronius Tuditanus M'. Aquillius
128 382 Cn. Octavius T. Annius Rufus
127 383 L. Cassius Longinus Ravilla L. Cornelius Cinna
126 384 M. Aemilius Lepidus L. Aurelius Orestes
125 385 M. Plautius Hypsaeus M. Fulvius Flaccus
124 386 C. Cassius Longinus C. Sextius Calvinus
123 387 Q. Caecilius Metellus (Baliaricus) T. Quinctius Flamininus
122 388 Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus C. Fannius
121 389 L. Opimius Q. Fabius Maximus (Allobrogicus)
120 390 P. Manilius C. Papirius Carbo
119 391 L. Caecilius Metellus (Delmaticus) L. Aurelius Cotta
118 392 M. Porcius Cato Q. Marcius Rex
117 393 L. Caecilius Metellus Diadematus Q. Mucius Scaevola (Augur)
116 394 C. Licinius Geta Q. Fabius Maximus Eburnus
115 395 M. Aemilius Scaurus M. Caecilius Metellus
114 396 M'. Acilius Balbus C. Porcius Cato
113 397 C. Caecilius Metellus Caprarius Cn. Papirius Carbo
112 398 M. Livius Drusus L. Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus
111 399 P. Cornelius Scipio Nasica Serapio L. Calpurnius Bestia
110 400 M. Minucius Rufus Sp. Postumius Albinus
109 401 Q. Caecilius Metellus (Numidicus) M. Iunius Silanus
108 402 Ser. Sulpicius Galba L. (or Q.?) Hortensius
107 L. Cassius Longinus C. Marius I
106 404 Q. Servilius Caepio C. Atilius Serranus
105 405 P. Rutilius Rufus Cn. Mallius Maximus
104 C. Marius II C. Flavius Fimbria
103 407 C. Marius III L. Aurelius Orestes
102 408 C. Marius IV Q. Lutatius Catulus
101 409 C. Marius V M'. Aquillius
100 410 C. Marius VI L. Valerius Flaccus
99 411 M. Antonius A. Postumius Albinus
98 412 Q. Caecilius Metellus Nepos T. Didius
97 413 Cn. Cornelius Lentulus P. Licinius Crassus
96 414 Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus C. Cassius Longinus
95 415 L. Licinius Crassus Q. Mucius Scaevola
94 416 C. Coelius Caldus L. Domitius Ahenobarbus
93 417 C. Valerius Flaccus M. Herennius
92 418 C. Claudius Pulcher M. Perperna
91 419 L. Marcius Philippus Sex. Iulius Caesar
90 420 L. Iulius Caesar P. Rutilius Lupus
89 421 Cn. Pompeius Strabo L. Porcius Cato
88 422 L. Cornelius Sulla (Felix) I Q. Pompeius Rufus
87 423 Cn. Octavius L. Cornelius Cinna I
86 424 L. Cornelius Cinna II C. Marius VII
Suffect consul:
L. Valerius Flaccus
85 425 L. Cornelius Cinna III Cn. Papirius Carbo I
84 426 Cn. Papirius Carbo II L. Cornelius Cinna IV
83 427 L. Cornelius Scipio Asiagenus C. Norbanus
82 428 C. Marius Cn. Papirius Carbo III
81 429 M. Tullius Decula Cn. Cornelius Dolabella
80 430 L. Cornelius Sulla Felix II Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius
79 431 P. Servilius Vatia (Isauricus) Ap. Claudius Pulcher
78 432 M. Aemilius Lepidus Q. Lutatius Catulus
77 433 D. Iunius Brutus Mam. Aemilius Lepidus Livianus
76 434 Cn. Octavius C. Scribonius Curio
75 435 L. Octavius C. Aurelius Cotta
74 436 L. Licinius Lucullus M. Aurelius Cotta
73 437 M. Terrentius Varro Lucullus C. Cassius Longinus
72 438 L. Gellius Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Clodianus
71 439 P. Cornelius Lentulus Sura Cn. Aufidius Orestes
70 440 Cn. Pompeius (Magnus) I M. Licinius Crassus I
69 441 Q. Hortensius Hortalus Q. Caecilius Metellus (Creticus)
68 442 L. Caecilius Metellus Q. Marcius Rex
67 443 C. Calpurnius Piso M'. Acilius Glabrio
66 444 M'. Aemilius Lepidus L. Volcatius Tullus
65 445 L. Aurelius Cotta L. Manlius Torquatus
64 446 L. Iulius Caesar C. Marcius Figulus
63 447 M. Tullius Cicero C. Antonius (Hibrida)
62 448 D. Iunius Silanus L. Licinius Murena
61 449 M. Pupius Piso Frugi Calpurnianus M. Valerius Messalla Niger
60 449 Q. Caecilius Metellus Celer L. Afranius
59 450 C. Iulius Caesar I M. Calpurnius Bibulus
58 452 L. Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus A. Gabinius
57 453 P. Cornelius Lentulus Spinther Q. Caecilius Metellus Nepos
56 453 Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus L. Marcius Philippus
55 455 Cn. Pompeius (Magnus) II M. Licinius Crassus Dives II
54 456 L. Domitius Ahenobarbus Ap. Claudius Pulcher
53 457 Cn. Domitius Calvinus I M. Valerius Messalla Rufus
52 458 Cn. Pompeius (Magnus) III Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius Scipio Nasica
51 459 Ser. Sulpicius Rufus M. Claudius Marcellus
50 460 L. Aemilius Lepidus Paullus C. Claudius Marcellus
49 461 C. Claudius Marcellus L. Cornelius Lentulus Crus
48 462 C. Iulius Caesar II P. Servilius Isauricus I
47 463 Q. Fufius Calenus P. Vatinius
46 464 C. Iulius Caesar III M. Aemilius Lepidus I
45 465 C. Iulius Caesar IV (sole cos. till Oct.)
Suffect consuls:
Q. Fabius Maximus C. Trebonius
C. Caninius Rubilus
44 466 C. Iulius Caesar V M. Antonius I
43 467 C. Vibius Pansa A. Hirtius
Suffect consuls:
C. Iulius Caesar (Octavianus) I Q. Pedius
C. Carrinas P. Ventidius Bassus
42 468 M. Aemilius Lepidus II L. Munatius Plancus
41 469 L. Antonius (Pietas) P. Servilius (Vatia) Isauricus II
40 470 Cn. Domitius Calvinus II C. Asinius Pollio
Suffect consuls:
L. Cornelius Balbus P. Canidius Crassus
39 471 L. Marcius Censorinus C. Calvisius Sabinus
Suffect consuls:
C. Cocceius Balbus P. Alfenus Varus
38 472 Ap. Claudius Pulcher C. Norbanus Flaccus
Suffect consuls:
L. Cornelius Lentulus C. Norbanus Flaccus
37 473 M. Vipsanius Agrippa L. Caninius Gallus
Suffect consul:
T. Statilius Taurus
36 474 L. Gellius Publicola M. Cocceius Nerva
Suffect consuls:
L. Nonius Asprenas - Marcius --
35 475 Sex. Pompeius L. Cornuficius
Suffect consuls:
P. Cornelius Scipio? T. Peducaeus
34 476 M. Antonius II L. Scribonius Libo
Suffect consuls:
L. Sempronius Atratinus Paullus Aemilius Lepidus
C. Memmius M. Herennius
33 477 Imp. Caesar (C. Iulius Caesar Octavianus) II L. Volcatius Tullus
Suffect consuls:
L. Antonius Paetus L. Flavius
C. Fonteius Capito M. Acilius Glabrio
L. Vinicius Q. Laronius
32 478 Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus C. Sosius
Suffect consuls:
L. Cornelius (Cinna) M. Valerius Messalla
31 479 M. Antonius III Imp. Caesar (C. Iulius Caesar Octavianus) III
Suffect consuls:
M. Valerius Messalla Corvinus M. Titius
Cn. Pompeius

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