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Welcome + General Info

face of cyrus I recently completed my doctoral work at the University of Alberta. I am now a post-doc at the University of Tübingen, and my new up-to-date web page is located there.

What's New

Sept 24th, 2012: Began to move the content of this site over to my new web site.
July 18th, 2011: Added new paper to the recent publications.
March 28th, 2011: Updated CV. Added another a video to the My Talks section.
Sept 20th, 2010: Added a video to the My Talks section.
May 18th, 2010: Linked to published version of latest article.
Mar 11th, 2010: Added articles and Articles in Press.
Jan 11th, 2010: Changed page font and color scheme.
Dec 8, 2009: Changed Page design completely.
Dec 6, 2009: Added "My Albertan Lexicon". Fixed links to HidDEx download.
Aug 1, 2008: Added Photography section.
June 26, 2007: Fixed errors in realtime weather info.
May 20, 2007: Updated CV.
Dec 22nd, 2006: Added the realtime weather info to the left sidebar.
Oct 28th, 2006: I just converted this site to use javascript and Ajax. If you find it is not working for you, please let me know!

My Research

Research Interests:

During my time at the University of Alberta, I investigated how the HAL model can help us understand lexical semantic memory, and lexical semantic processes. Towards the end of my program I worked on models of n-gram processing.

For more information on the HAL model called HiDEx, and to download software such as HiDEx, or corpora, please visit the Westbury Lab website.

For up-to-date info about my current research projects, please visit my new web site.


CV: An up-to-date version of my CV is located at my new web site in Tübingen.

I was a Teaching Assistant

Current TA Duties:


Past TA Duties:


My Talks (with Video)

Videos of my talks.
These have moved to the new site.

My Albertan Lexicon

My Albertan Lexicon

Version 0.02, Dec 6th, 2009

I have been living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada since 2003, and have been married to an Albertan since 1998. This experience has given me some exposure to the Albertan language. I have been asked my many people to share my lexical knowledge, and so I have decided to create this little web page. Please send comments and suggestions to me at: (just click it! I promise that it will work!).

In semi-alphabetical order:

  • bunny-hug: hooded sweatshirt (used mostly near the SK border)
  • chesterfield: strangely, this is a piece of furniture.
  • for
  • cougar: predatory denizen of the local bar scene (female, aged 38+)
  • the double-double: a drink with two creams and two sugars.
  • elastic: a plain old rubber band.
  • give her: (aka Giv'er) A phrase that is very broad in usage, but can be summed up as "doing something without restraint".
    1. When you hit the QEII, just giv'er. You'll be in Calgary for supper.
  • Git 'r done: finish something off.
  • glove box: glove compartment
  • gonch: Male undergarments.
  • ginch: See Gonch.
  • gitch: See Gonch (used mostly in SK)
  • gotch: See Gonch (used mostly in SK)
  • gong show: any situation that is disorganized and chaotic.
    1. It was a total gong show at the Registry today.
  • hydro: non-hydroelectrically produced electricity. (Does that make any sense?)
  • homo milk: nothing to do with homosexuality or the milk consumed by homosexuals.
  • keener: Someone who is overly studious and participatory.
  • kitty-corner: Diagonally accross from.
    1. The bank? It's kitty-corner from the Timmie's.
  • vehicle: Replaces "car", "SUV", "truck" and "van".
  • to phone: to call on the telephone (as opposed to "to call".)
  • skidoo: death trap.
  • A suck: Someone who is overly sweet and accomodating. Someone who constantly trying to make a good impression. Also, someone who behaves in a needy manner.
    1. My brother is such a little suck. He is always begging us for rides.
  • timmie's: Nickname for a popular chain by the name of Tim Horton's.
  • tranche: a piece (of pie, for example)
  • to write (a test): To take a test.
  • You betcha!: You're welcome.

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Current Weather Conditions at the University of Alberta ("Th'colder, th'better!")   Courtesy of the Dept. of EAS.