for review in the print Canadian Journal of Sociology should be addressed to: Nico Stehr, Canadian Journal of Sociology, Department of Sociology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2H4. Manuscripts may also be send on e-mail to
Books for Review in the print Canadian Journal of Sociology should be addressed to Nico Stehr, Canadian Journal of Sociology, Department of Sociology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2H4

Notes for Contributors

The Canadian Journal of Sociology/Cahiers canadiens de sociologie  will charge a processing fee equivalent to the cost of an individual subscription for each manuscript submitted. This fee will be waived for those already subscribing to CJS. 

1.Preparation of manuscripts: Manuscripts in French or English should be submitted on a diskette and in quadruplicate hard copy on standard size, white typing paper. Please attach a separate cover page to each copy giving authorship and institutional affiliation.
a. All copy including footnotes and references should be typed double-spaced.
b. Footnotes, references and tables should be typed on separate pages.
c. Each table should be typed on a separate page with appropriate location reference in the text of the manuscript.
d. A contributor should also supply an abstract in English or French of approximately 100-150 words each. If a manuscript is accepted for publication, the author will be asked to submit abstracts in both English and French. Due to the increasing cost of postage, manuscripts will no longer be returned to the authors.
e. Please send us four  hard copies of the manuscript and a disk copy. We will not process a manuscript unless we have received four copies plus the disk copy of it.

2. References and quotations in text:
a. All references in the text should refer to the last name of the author or authors (if more than two, use et al.), year of publication, and, in the case of citations, pagination, enclosed in a single pair of parentheses, e.g., (Clark, 1974: 23).
b. If the author's name is used in the text, follow it with the year of publication (in the case of translations or new editions, the year of the original publication in square brackets is desirable) and pagination if necessary, e.g., Kuhn (1962: 12) observes....
c. More than one reference to the same author and year should be distinguished by letters attached to the year of publication, e.g., (Fischer, 1973a: 113).
d. A number of references in the text or in the footnotes may be enclosed within a single pair of parentheses, separated by semi-colons, e.g., (Kuhn, 1962: 12; Fischer, 1973a: 113).
e. Quotations in the text should be enclosed in quotation marks. Extensive quotations should be indented in the text without quotation marks.

3. References and footnotes: a. List all references with full publication information and without any abbreviations, alphabetically. Where more than one reference is given for an author, they should be arranged by year, from earliest to most recent.
Milner, Henry
1990       Sweden: Social Democracy in Practice.  Oxford: Oxford University Press.
House, J. Douglas
1975       Organizations without formalization: the case of a real estate agency. Canadian Journal          of Sociology  1(1): 1-12.
b. References within footnotes should be typed following the format used for the text itself.

4.Proofs: Proofs are sent to the author, who should return them as soon as possible. Misprints should be corrected. Costs for other alterations which are requested by the contributor at the proof stage may be charged to the contributor. M anuscripts are accepted subject to non-substantive editing.

Submission of a manuscript to a professional journal clearly implies commitment to publish in that journal. The competition for journal space requires a great deal of time and effort on the part of editorial readers whose main compensation for this service is the opportunity to read papers prior to publication and the gratification associated with discharge of a professional obligation. For these reasons, the Canadian Journal of Sociology/Cahiers canadiens de sociologie  regards submission of a manuscript to a professional journal while that paper is u nder review by another journal as unacceptable.

If you have questions or wish further information about submissions, click here to e-mail the CJS 

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