Call for Papers

25th Annual Conference of the Political Economy of the World-System Section

Virginia Tech University
Blacksburg, USA
April 19-21, 2001

The Conference Theme is
"The World-System in the 21st Century"

Selected papers must reflect the conference theme, and they must encompass an international or global level of analysis. Priority will be given to those papers which are grounded in the world-system perspective in some way. Virginia Tech University will subsidize the lodging and some meals for most paper presenters. Selected papers from the conference will be published in the annual series edited through Greenwood Press.

Paper proposals are invited about any of these topics:

1. Crises at the Periphery and Semiperiphery (e.g., the debt crisis, future warfare)
2. Crises Facing the World's Women and Children
3. Crises of 21st Century Cities
4. Ecological Crises and Environmental Racism
5. Effective Strategies for Antisystemic Movements and Political Praxis in the 21st Century
6. The Future of the Nation-State and World Governance
7. The Future of Socialist, Communist, and Post-Communist Regions
8. The Future of the World's Indigenous Peoples
9. International Labor Solidarity Movements
10. The Political Economy of World Health
11. The Political Economy of the World-System in the 21st Century [i.e., How will the political economy of the 21st century world-system differ from the past? How is the current phase of "globalization" different from earlier transformations?]
12. Population Crises, Immigration, and Refugees
13. Racism, Ethnic Conflict and Ethnonationalism in the 21st Century
14. Structures of Knowledge, Science and Technology in the 21st Century

The deadline for submission of papers or detailed abstracts is December 5, 2000.
Include mailing address and e-mail address with your submission.
Please submit materials to:

Prof. Wilma A. Dunaway,
Department of Sociology
Virginia Tech University
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0137, USA

Consult the conference website for updated information.